Articles on Web Analytics

Web analytics need help; therefore, we have created a repository of articles that can help you know about the topic in detail.

What to Measure Using Web Analytics?

What you measure is more important than how you measure. If your business objectives and key performance indicators don't map to the Web Analytics objectives, you would get lost in a maze of numbers and excel sheets.

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Web Analytics Advantages

There are lots of measures to your web site traffic data, and each of them can help you in different ways. Here's a list of information that can be obtained using the Web analytics tools.

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Identifying sessions from Web Server Log files

Creating sessions for your visitors is most important from the Web Analytics point of view in order to study clicks-paths and also visitor behavior. This article talks about the different ways to identify distinctive sessions from log file data.

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Search Analytics – What and why?

The search option in your website is a mine of information, only if you know how to read it and use properly. Understanding what visitors are searching for within your website is crucial to your website. This article talks about what Search Analytics is, and why is it required?

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Search Analytics Methodology

The right process for implementing Search Analytics can yield results for your Web Analytics campaign.

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Search Analytics tools

There is a lack of specific tools in the market to help you with Search Analytics, but the common Web Analytics tools can help you to a certain extent.

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A/B Testing – What and Why?

Website Testing is an integral part of Web Analytics. A/B testing is the most scientific way of arriving at an optimal web page. You can test the various elements in the page until you are sure of what works and what does not.

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A/B testing Methodology

Testing alternative options within a website can be done in different methods. The percentage of visitors viewing the different options, how they are taken to the different options are all decisions that needs to be taken.

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A/B Testing Tools

There are many popular tools currently available in the market for A/B testing and multi-variate testing. This article gives an overview of these different tools and the options that they provide.

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Website Traffic Tracking and Analysis - Basics

Discover more on how to you can make informed decisions, based on website statistics. Learn how information from website traffic tracking and analysis can increase website performance.

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Web Analytics Data Auditing

Web Analytics Data Auditing is the process of ensuring that the historical web traffic data that is already collected is accurate and error-free.

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Website optimization

Website optimization from analytics perspective is the best since it does not depend on the performance of some search engine bot, which follows an unknown algorithm.

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PPC Methodology

The first and the most important stage in a Pay Per Click advertising campaign is keyword selection, which are selected depending on their popularity and relevance to your website.

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Keyword Matching Options

Keyword matching helps you control how precise a user's query must be for your ad to show up.

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PPC Campaigns and Paid Search Marketing

Pay-per-Click Campaign or Paid Marketing involves paying money to PPC Search engines, to get your ad displayed for specific keywords.

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PPC Overview - Why Opt for It?

Read this article to learn all you should about PPC marketing, why PPC marketing should be outsourced, how can it benefit businesses, and more.

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Checkout the most commonly used terms in web analytics. View complete glossary.

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Web Analytics: FAQ

Find answers for all concerns on outsourcing Web Analytics services to India by having a look at the most frequently asked questions on web analytics.

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Click Fraud

Check out the most common FAQs on Click frauds in PPC Campaigns.

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