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HS Code Lookup Tool - Toriff

Are the scores of Harmonized System (HS) codes bothering you? Are you confused about the exact HS code to be assigned for your item? Or worse, are you worried by the frequent penalties due to incorrect HS code assignment? Then it's high time you leveraged the power of Toriff, a highly robust and easy to use HS code lookup system from Outsource2india that will fix all your tariff code lookup issues.

What is Toriff?

Toriff HS code lookup was created by O2I after an in-depth, exhaustive research into HS Codes. With prior experience working with various clients in the customs brokerage industry, we have gained sufficient knowledge about the importance, as well as the pain points of HS codes database.

A minor oversight in assigning HS codes can result in miscalculated custom duties as well as penalties, leading to significant tax penalties. With the help of Toriff, you will have access to world-class software which will streamline the arduous process of identifying and assigning HS codes for various commodities, and make use of its extremely handy dictionary feature.

Why Use Toriff HS Code Lookup software?

Toriff, a specialized HS Code Lookup Software from Outsource2india has been developed and fine-tuned by experienced professionals in the field of customs brokerage and HS Codes. As a result, Toriff serves not only as an expansive database, but also has the following value-added features -

  • Assigning the Right Codes

    With Toriff, assigning the correct globally harmonized system codes is made simpler and easier. Its smart features ensure that only the right HS code is assigned to the specific item, removing any chance of inconsistencies which normally occurs on manual assignments

  • Unique Dictionary Feature and Synonyms

    After thorough research on HS code search patterns, our team of experts came up with a unique dictionary feature which is capable of taking in a normally used human vocabulary and then coming up with the exact HS code terminology for that item. For instance, if you key in 'computer' our smart dictionary understands that you actually mean 'automatic data processing machine' in HS code terminology

  • Exhaustive Search History

    A complete history of previous searches and HS code selections is maintained by the software for validation by Expert Raters. It also further amplifies the searching function of the software, and fine tunes it especially for your business

  • Fine Filters

    This feature helps in further filtering the search criteria by prompting automated and related information that can help you in getting to the specific item and its HS code. For instance, if you search for 'cotton trousers' it will prompt for additional information like men's, children's, women's, etc. It also refines your search based on what you are most likely to select from the list of options based on your search keyword or phrase. These features ensure that the exact harmonized tariff code is looked up in the shortest possible way and time

  • Robust User Management Supporting Diverse Roles

    The Toriff HS code lookup software has inbuilt support for diverse chapters and categories based upon the nature of the business. This ensures that a client can is always presented with highly relevant codes, the administration of which can be directly controlled by the Admin, Rater and the Expert Rater. The Expert Rater can even make extra additions to commodity properties as well as introduce new synonyms conducive to the business practice

  • Avoids Tax Penalties Due to Assigning Errors

    By managing such a large harmonized system code database and efficiently assigning the right codes to the right item, there are zero chances of errors. This further helps you to avoid any tax penalties arising due to incorrect tariff code lookup and entry

  • Developed By Experts

    Toriff has been developed by a team of experts who have extensive experience in the area of implementing workflow application software for customs brokers. Our testing team ensures that the software runs error free and delivers exact HS code lookup with pinpoint accuracy

Leverage the Toriff Advantage Now!

It is quite impossible to memorize all the HS codes and then correctly assign them. A single mistake in assigning the correct HS code can result in wrong customs duty and even harsh penalties. Even if you are already using any assistive software which is not custom built to manage HS codes, the process could still be time consuming and error prone. This is where Toriff can be seamlessly integrated into your system helping you achieve error free HS code assignment.

So if you are looking to streamline the HS code lookup service for your business Contact us and engage Toriff now!

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