Basics on Website Traffic Tracking and Analysis

In the offline world, marketers spend millions of dollars researching their audiences, trying to understand how consumers behave. Ironically, in the virtual world, the rich audience information on web servers is largely ignored. Though incomprehensible when raw, these website statistics when analyzed can provide deep insights and help make intelligent business decisions leading to a big boost in Return on Investment (ROI).

Recent market studies have projected that the year 2005 will see online marketing & advertising spends reach a substantial USD 9.9 billion, an increase of more than 15% over 2004. In spite of this emerging scenario, it has been observed that a whopping 89% of these online marketers do not measure their ROI at all. (Source - Blackfriars Communications).

What are Website Traffic Tracking Services?

Web analytics services are all about monitoring, analyzing and 'relevant' reporting of website usage. Information from website traffic tracking can help improve website performance, visitor experience, usage levels and contribute towards enhancing website productivity, using web statistics and web tracking techniques. By outsourcing website traffic tracking services to O2I, you can benefit from better website performance.

How can outsourcing Website Traffic Tracking Services help?

A good website traffic tracking solution can help optimize websites, improve usability, identify bottlenecks in website navigation, track media and promotional mixes, increase customer acquisition and more through web traffic analysis.

A web traffic analysis of online usage discovered that 47% visitors abandon their online purchases due to tedious registration processes and inadequate product information. Acting on these findings, Volvo CE optimized its website for these features and increased its web leads by 700%. Yahoo, the Internet major, boosted its sales by 20% (and ROI by a full 100%) using behaviorally targeted campaigns.

How Does Website Traffic Tracking work?

Let's take a scenario. A company is in the business of selling a range of products online. So far it has done everything right - created a good looking website, drawn up an online marketing plan, paid keyword sponsorships in popular search engines - yet business isn't picking up.

Let's see how a good website traffic tracking service can help this company -

  1. Optimize Website Content
    • Track web site traffic on different pages on the website and thus work out page relevance
    • Calculate time spent on different sections and identify popular segments, least visited pages, and problem areas so the site content can be better leveraged.
  2. Optimizing Navigation And Improving Usability
    • Web metrics can provide you with navigation patterns through the website and identify bottlenecks - pages that take too much time to load, sections that take too many clicks to reach etc.
    • Improve product placement by identifying what sites visitors frequent for product descriptions & overviews.
  3. Target And Reach 'Quality' Audience
    • Identify and analyze web traffic on a daily basis, how visitors landed on the website (directly or via a link on another website), what were the keywords used on which search engines.
  4. Optimize Checkout Process
    • Identify reasons for abandoned shopping carts & incomplete transactions and thus increase visitor conversions and online sales.
  5. Improve Marketing ROI
    • Track and optimize online marketing campaigns and hence identify effective messages.
    • Track websites, search engines that deliver a quality audience and reduce costs by managing advertising inventory.

Who Can Benefit from Web Traffic Tracking Services and Website Traffic Analysis?

  • e-commerce led businesses
  • Websites that generate leads for an offline business or service - a financial consultancy may publish its white papers online to generate leads
  • Websites that support an offline business - Internet banking facility, online booking of train tickets
  • Websites that offer information & content and have advertising revenues as a business model
  • Companies using online marketing campaigns

Advanced website traffic tracking services can provide detailed information specific to business goals and objectives. A good web site traffic tracking solution can be customized according to the business requirements and budgets.

An online presence without a solid website traffic tracking program in place is like cruising a sailboat without knowing how to trim the sails. You are running one of the biggest races of your life and you will need a good plan to reach your goals. Astute utilization of web metrics can significantly increase ROI for online business and e-commerce ventures. Outsource website traffic tracking services and website traffic analysis to India and discover how to make your website perform as never before. Contact O2I now and find out more about how you can use our website traffic tracking services and website traffic analysis services to increase the ROI of your business in an online environment.

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