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Drug Discovery Research

Is your pharmaceutical company looking for drug discovery services for your latest research? Do you want professional P-pie or DiaBase services with accurate results? If yes, you are at the right place. Outsource2india, a leading name in the Research and Analysis industry has been offering comprehensive drug discovery services for global pharmaceutical companies. With over 23 years of extensive experience, the latest research tools, skilled analysts and world-class technology, Outsource2india is an ideal choice for drug discovery services.

Drug Discovery Research Services

  1. Data Mining Services


    With the overwhelming increase in the amount of literature data on genes, proteins and their roles in biological processes, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has emerged as the state-of-the-art technology to filter out relevant information from the literature for large-scale drug discovery research. At Outsource2india, our research analysts use NLP for automated text mining. By using NLP for drug discovery research we are able to integrate many fragments of the information gathered by our researchers from disparate sources and put it all together into a complete picture. With our accurate P-Pie services, you can easily expose the interrelated roles of various genes, proteins and chemical reactions within the specified cells and organisms.

    The P-Pie research methodology was developed to extract the protein-protein interaction information from published literature that gets automatically loaded into a relational database and displayed in interactive graphics. Our research analysts follow an intervening manual step at a logical point in the process to ensure the removal of any false positives.

  2. Database Services


    DiaBase refers to a database for Drug Discovery Research in the field of Diabetes. It is a database approach that is used to conveniently manage biological and structural data for drug discovery research in diabetes. At Outsource2india, we offer expert DiaBase services for pharmaceutical companies.

    It is an information resource for a molecular target based drug discovery research for diabetes. The extensive annotation for the genes and its products are stored in the database. At the core of DiaBase is a comprehensive relational database. The data store contains a variety of pharmaceutically relevant information on the genes and proteins that are implicated in diabetes. The architecture of the database incorporates a gene component, a protein component, 3D structures and a clinical component. Our research analysts have expertise in mining relevant data from disparate public domain sources including scientific literature by curation experts and then storing them in a database. We also provide a user-friendly graphical interface to the pharmaceutical company for the easy access of information.


    IntegrinDB is an encyclopaedia on integrins with interactive visualizers and exhaustive information. Integrin is a family of transmembrane glycoprotein, which constitutes about 1% of the total drug targets. It addresses critical discovery steps, from screening and identification to the validation of drug targets in the target-focused molecular target based drug discovery research process.

The data store in the database contains a variety of information catering to the needs of discovery scientists in the field of pharmaceutical research. The data can be seamlessly integrated from disparate sources through the use of XML technology. The key features of this database include the data culled by scientific experts from more than 27000 scientific articles, interactive visualizers, user friendly query systems and the integration of public domain software.

At Outsource2india, we can effectively use both DiaBase and IntegrinDB to address your unique requirements. With our fast and accurate drug discovery services, you can race ahead of your competitors and make a mark in the pharmaceutical industry.

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