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Outsource Investment Banking Support Services

Investment Banking Support Services

The investment industry is heavily legislated and is always looking out for good talent to deal with investment banking. Investment bankers are one of the busiest in the investment field and need to keep moving while serving existing clients along with guiding new clients. It is always advisable that investment bankers outsource their processes to some experienced third-party service providers to get some free time on hand to concentrate on critical tasks.

At Outsource2india, we continually combine our research and analytics skills with domain-specific optimization tools to help corporate & investment banks, specialist advisory firms, and brokerages & trading firms to yield a higher profit on their investment opportunities. In an extremely dynamic impact based environment, our team helps you to channelize your efforts in a more effective and efficient manner. Our knack for standardized as well as coordinated knowledge management framework ensures qualitative and quantitative investment banking support for leading investment banks across a wide range of groups like product groups, support groups, coverage groups, etc.

Investment Banking Support Services We Offer

Serving the financial research industry for almost two decades since inception, Outsource2india is a class apart when it comes to specialized investment banking support services provisioning to our Fortune 100 clients. With investment banking domain experience accumulated over the years, and working with several top investment bankers, we have designed support services that fit every requirement. Some of the major services we offer are -

  • Equity Capital Markets

    Our sharp financial analysts at Outsource2india are trained to compile reports, analyze the capital structure, develop IPO models, calculate WACC, and complete pre-IPO analysis

  • Debt Capital Markets

    We provide one of the best debt/leverage and liquidity analysis, evaluate credit ratings, prepare bond market updates, and analyze the various precedent transactions

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Our investment analysts are trained to screen and identify buyers, pitch books, prepare information memorandums, conduct business reviews, and create market reports

  • Sales Support

    Outsource2india works with your in-house team and helps them identify potential buyers, updates and maintains various sales databases and prepares sales presentations to provide a complete set of investment support services

  • Investment Banking Market Overview

    Our team is skilled at providing benchmarking studies, global reviews of the investment banking markets which will help you to evaluate competitive opportunities

  • Financial Modeling

    Outsource2india has the necessary expertise to provide advanced support such as IPO modeling, merger models, WACC calculations, DCF and LBO modeling or asset valuation

  • Project Finance

    Our skilled team helps you to identify potential clients, validating financial and data models, creating credit reports, collecting diligence information, etc.

  • Tax Reports / Documentation

    We address tax changes and its impact in different jurisdictions throughout the world and ensure tax compliance. We provide quality documentation of other reports such as specialized markets and sectors report, macroeconomic reports, restructuring reports, regular trading reports, regulatory reports, etc.

  • Additional Financial Reports

    Outsource2india works with you to prepare regular trading reports, specialized markets and sector reports, restructuring reports, and macroeconomic reports to aid your investment decisions

Why Choose Us for Investment Banking Support Services?

Outsource2india provides extensive research support on market intelligence and library services for a growing number of investment banking firms. Helping you make the right designs to augment profit and reputation in the market, our team of expert financial analysts helps you gain an edge over your competitors. Outsourcing investment banking support services to us can give you access to the following benefits -

  • We have a talented team of financial analysts from the top institutes to handle any investment banking support requests
  • We make use of the latest investment banking software and technologies knowhow
  • We provide specialized support services at cost-effective, flexible pricing models
  • We have strategically located delivery centers across the globe to ensure quick turnaround time
  • All our processes are ISO certified to assure results are of high quality
  • We follow strict confidentiality agreements for higher data security

Outsource Investment Banking Support Services to Us

Outsource2india is a pioneer in providing excellent investment banking support services in India as well as a host of other specialized financial research services to help our clients flourish. Our cutting-edge data management services combined with our impeccable research support services set the standard for all sorts knowledge process management and optimization. As a research services pioneer, Outsource2india provides M&A, peer analysis, financial models, data management support, and more at a highly affordable price. We offer origination, execution, and marketing support with our flexible engagement model and our skilled financial analysts adhere to the SLA for assured efficiency in all our projects.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective investment banking support service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

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Investment Banking Support Services FAQs

  • What does investment banker do?

    An investment banker is a portfolio expert who chooses and recommends investment portfolios to individuals and large corporates. He or she is a merger/acquisition advisor too.

  • What is needed for investment banking?

    Investment banking helps investors to find profitable enterprises and businesses. It also helps governments with a financial advisory to procure capital from stock, derivatives, and bonds.