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Operational Analytics Services

Outsource Operational Analytics Services

Use our operational analytics expertise to optimize asset performance, lower maintenance costs, and transform your business operations, at prices starting at $14 an hour

Our operational analytics services tend to focus on enhancing the operational aspects of a business. We use various data mining and data aggregation tools to get more transparent information for business planning. Our resources are highly trained and certified to deliver custom solutions that work for you. Our analytics services teams operate in an environment that is designed to ensure data security and confidentiality of our clients.

At O2I, we provide operational analytics services in India helping our clients realize the full potential of their analytical initiatives. We have been partners with several Fortune 1000 companies across the UK, North America, and APAC regions providing exceptional results for our clients.

Our Operational Analytics Services

For over two decades, O2I is in the business of delivering operational analytics services using data analysis and business intelligence. Our services allow you to become more competitive, improve processes, reduce spend, and drive better business insights.

  1. Predictive Operational Analytics

    Predictive Operational Analytics

    As part of our operational data analysis, quantitative and qualitative predictions are made by combining data mining and machine learning. This is then leveraged for various new opportunities such as -

    • Decision-making and intelligence
    • Fraud detection
    • Optimizing the market campaigns
    • Optimize operations and results
    • Risks analysis and reduction
  2. Demand and Sales Analytics

    Demand and Sales Analytics

    We believe that firms can increase their productivity by introducing solutions for demand forecasting, inventory management, and inventory maximization. Traditional ways make it difficult to attract customers resulting in low response rates and high cost-per-lead/acquisition numbers.

    With our help, you can make your marketing campaigns more effective and targeted by using our Artificial Intelligence-based prediction model. The customer satisfaction rate and revenue generated is easily predicted by the model, making us the operational analytics service providing company of choice for all similar requirements.

  3. HR Analytics

    Cross-HR Analytics

    Big Data allows HR leaders to make informed decisions for recruitment, future workforce requirement, training programs, and increase return on investment.

    O2I's expert operational analytics services offer to design accurate and fast predictive models for real-time data to better understand employees' performance. Our models accurately predict the number of employees that will be hired allowing you to further streamline your processes such as -

    • Workforce analytics
    • Employee attrition analytics
    • Compensation and payment analytics
    • Big data center analytics
    • Research and learning analytics
  4. Finance Analytics

    Finance Analytics

    Consistency in services, long-term customer acquisition and retention programs, and the customer's primary requirements and expectations are important to the banking and financial sector. At O2I, we solve your issues by using real-time data that can be used to make accurate and predictive models. This allows you to understand your customer better while improving your services to meet their needs.

  5. Contact Center Analytics

    Contact Center Analytics

    We capture and analyze customer interactions across multiple communication channels to drive insights, uncover trends and sentiments across products and service lines. This improves staffing and performance, minimize risk and fraud, and maximize customer experience. Our tailor-made analytics solutions help clients to achieve increased ROI, customer loyalty and engagement, retaining existing users, and overall satisfaction.

    • Root cause analysis for service requests and complaints
    • IVR optimization through call compensation rates
    • Call volume forecasting
    • Optimal capacity utilization
    • Call scheduling
    • Text analytics

Transform Your Day-To-Day Analytics Processes Faster with O2I

O2I helps you answer critical process or strategic investment questions in a way that is consistent and in line with your expectations. As your operational analytics service provider, we can -

  1. Proactively fix processes and take advantage of opportunities by responding to urgent analytic questions fast.
  2. Maximize real estate investments and portfolio management with modeling that adjusts to business changes. Data ranges from spreadsheets to cloud and packaged market data.
  3. Use all the relevant data, including spreadsheets, cloud and packaged market data, to improve location and distribution-center performance.
  4. Leverage our flexible line-of-business analytics to increase operational and process improvement when you outsource operational analytics services.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Operational Analytics Services to O2I?

At O2I, we work with businesses to leverage our custom analytical tools to define their business strategy rather than waiting to react to an event. This means there is a renewed focus of COOs and their teams to buy, build, and just get the job done in the most effective manner. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • Delivering significant business value through our in-house talent of analytics and technology professionals.
  • An exclusive predictive analytics framework which inspires you as an organization to scale the analytical maturity curve.
  • Time-tested methodology to improve operational process performance with the help of analytics.
  • Cutting-edge decision analytics tools such as SAS, R, SQL, Business Objects, Unica, Python, MATLAB, etc.
  • Identify and isolate bottlenecks in production process, streamline distribution channel processes, and recognize levels for improvements with our insights and dashboards.
  • Reduce and manage costs while further optimizing processes.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Research Support for Marketing Strategy Firm

O2I Provided Research Support to a Global Marketing Strategy Firm

Our expert research analysts and a project manager filtered and sorted relevant information for a reputed global marketing company. We then validated the information and supplied a detailed report to the client.

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Case Study on KOL Identification and Mapping for Healthcare Service Provider

O2I Provided KOL Identification and Mapping Solutions to a Leading UK-based Healthcare Service Provider

O2I researched, collated, and analyzed information to populate a highly accurate KOL database for a reputed UK-based healthcare provider irrespective of the geography or healthcare impacts.

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Outsource Operations Analytics Services to Outsource2india


The services that O2I provided helped us achieve significant time and cost savings on many difficult projects. Their prompt reply to our requests and professionalism are excellent.

Senior Vice President,
Transportation Industry Solutions Group
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Outsource2india has been a pioneer in delivering quality operational analytics services in India and a wide spectrum of other business analytics services. We bring together areas of production, asset management, supply chain, procurement, and more to measure and analyze their operational data to gain operational excellence.

It's time you started deriving real-time insights which help drive immediate outcomes for your business. Contact us now to unlock hidden insights into your operational data.

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Case Studies

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: research.info@outsource2india.com

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