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Image Cloning Services

Image Cloning Services

The most effective image cloning service provider elevating your business and images at just $12 per hour

Cleaning up or removing the background using cloning requires painstaking effort and time to do it correctly. It is where our two-decade-long experience comes in handy; our editors are experts in using specialized image cloning software.

With O2I's image cloning services, we can make your images look professional to enhance their quality and use cases. With advanced image cloning software and skill sets, we help you avoid spending hours on tools or hiring photo editors on the payroll.

Our Image Cloning Solutions

We are the leading photo cloning service provider that offers mirror image services to clients across industries and time zones. Our services include -

  1. Image Cloning

    Image Cloning

    The experts at O2I produce fascinating outcomes that lend mirror-like and psychedelic appearances to portraits, landscapes, etc., for the fashion industry, real estate, and interior designing companies among others.

  2. Mirrored Shapes

    Mirrored Shapes

    We create mirror images with perfect symmetry that can be used for magazines and publications, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

  3. Mirrored Landscapes

    Mirrored Landscapes

    We deliver mirrored landscape images and make compositions with landscape components by bringing out the mirrored appearance of lakes and bodies of water.

  4. Mirrored Portraits

    Mirrored Portraits

    O2I's editors deliver mirror portraits that appear identical, keeping both background and image elements symmetrical. We reverse the images to make them look realistic.

  5. Mirrored Geometry

    Mirrored Geometry

    Outsource2India produces mirror-geometry images of an original structure or building by making them appear abstract. Marketers can use them in promotional materials for interiors, construction, and real estate companies.

  6. Background Removal

    Background Removal

    We also offer background removal services during the cloning process to remove unnecessary backgrounds, helping viewers focus on the subject or product.

  7. Image Enhancement

    Image Enhancement

    While cloning, image enhancement is a crucial stage as it removes unnecessary noise and hazy reflections to create a vibrant and noticeable mirrored effect.

  8. Retouching Image

    Retouching Image

    Outsource2India provides a wide range of services that include image enhancement, spots and blemishes removal, background removal, and color correction in product images to achieve visually aesthetic outcomes.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Outsource2india the Preferred Image Cloning Service Provider?

O2I is a leading image cloning company with a sterling global presence. Outsource image cloning services to us to Partnering with us will open doors to access various perks mentioned below -

  • Quality Service

    O2I is an Image Cloning Service Provider that you can trust. You have spent time taking high-quality images or looking at transforming the ones that are important to you. Why hand this task over to someone unqualified when our expert editors can take care of any task, regardless of size.

  • Industry Experience

    We have extensive experience in image enhancement. Our team caters to professional photographers, freelancers, studios, and independent artists across the globe. Let us discuss your requirements with us. We will uplift your images with the professional touch it deserves.

  • Reduce Cost

    Choose O2I as your image cloning service provider; save big-time on infrastructure and production costs. You can avoid recruiting professionals for your image cloning requirements. Outsource it to us and get a superior quality of services, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Data Security

    To ensure that your data is secured, we use VPN and FTP to upload your files. We protect our drives with advanced firewalls and encrypted passwords.

  • Specialized Tools

    Image cloning requires a delicate touch, so editors use graphics tablets, specialized digital pens, and other expensive gear. Partner with us now and you would not need to invest in any of these tools. We have access to the latest tools and image cloning software required to provide unparalleled services.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    At O2I, we complete and deliver the final product within the allotted timeframe. However, the turnaround time for each project varies based on the nature, size, and scope of the project.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped a South Korean Client with Portrait Restoration Services

Helped a South Korean Client with Portrait Restoration Services

We offered portrait restoration services to a South Korean client. The client availed 1400 high-quality finished portraits in a record-breaking turnaround time.

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O2I Provided Image Clipping to a Wisconsin-based Insurance Firm

Provided Image Clipping to a Wisconsin-based Insurance Firm

High-quality image clipping services were provided to a Wisconsin client. The client wanted to avail of our services to reduce the overhead in cost and time.

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I used outsource2india.com for some photo retouching. I'm thrilled with the work and time they saved me. The whole process was efficient, and the result was great. I recommend them.

Graphic Designer, Canada More Testimonials »

Outsource Image Cloning Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2india is a premier photo editing service provider with clients in 160+ countries. Our services help remove imperfections so that your images reach their full potential. By outsourcing image cloning services to us, you get -

  • Images that will appear as if they have never had any blemishes.
  • Older images that have been torn apart can be put back together using our impeccable services.
  • Benefit from an umbrella of diverse photo editing services under one roof.
  • Collaborate with the most pocket-pleasant and worthwhile outsourcing partner.
  • Save time and maximize your ROI by placing bulk image retouching orders.

Contact our reps to know more about image cloning services. Request a free trial today!

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