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While global CEOs had equipped themselves for force majeure calamities as well as natural disasters and were ready with their business continuity plans, no one was ever prepared for a COVID-19 situation that could lockdown 150 countries at once and not allow the workforce to reach their offices! The future business contingency plans will, therefore, focus on working from home. Read more

Articles on Photo Editing and Imaging

Outsource2india leads the race when it comes to photo editing and imaging outsourcing. Have a look on these resources to know more about the services and how it is done.

Virtual Reality - The Game-changing Ways to Sell Real Estate

Virtual reality and augmented reality is transforming real estate at a rapid pace. Read how virtual reality is changing the real estate industry selling.

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5 Most Awaited Photography Trends in 2018

Photography is no longer limited to expensive gears. It is diversifying in every aspect such as gadgets, AI, and other areas that are covered under the 5 most awaited photography trends in 2018.

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Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

The rapid advancement in the use of new tools and technologies has changed the face of photography today. Here are some of the latest photography trends that you need to watch out in the coming year.

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Wedding Photography Tips and Techniques

Technology has influenced many aspects of photography, and wedding photography is no different. Read this article which details out some important but often-overlooked wedding photography tips and techniques to capture breathtaking wedding day shots.

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10 Popular Wedding Photography Trends for 2018

Wedding photography is now very much in vogue as couples all over the world prepare for the big day of their lives. Read this article to know more about the recent trends in wedding photography.

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5 Insane Trends Which Promise to Reshape Photography

The field of photography is advancing rapidly with newer trends coming up with every passing day. Read more to find out the latest photography trends.

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Outsourcing Photo Editing Services to India

The best part of outsourcing photo editing services to India is the low cost, which makes it an affordable option for your business.

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Raw Image Conversion Benefits

Most professional photographers trust their clicks with nothing else than RAW format.

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8 Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques

Perfect landscape photography is not a cake walk; a lot of effort goes into the aperture for a perfect shot.

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What is Color Calibration?

Color calibration is done to measure or adjust the color response of an input or output device to an identified state.

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Need for Photo Editing and Photo Management

With rich media, images, and content dominating or rather becoming a standard way to showcase business products or services; photo editing, archiving and management is becoming a crucial functional activity.

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Prepress Services

Prepress production includes an entire range of image editing services, which include, image manipulation, image clipping, photo retouching, masking and color correction.

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Image Vectoriztion Services - FAQs

If you require high quality, efficient vectorization services, outsource vectorization to O2I for professional results.

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Photomontage Services

Photomontage is a combination of photos or their fragments that have been artistically united.

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Outsourcing Digital Photography Services to India

With almost everyone carrying a smart phone, the speed at which images are seen and shared has bourgeoned.

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Adobe Photoshop Services

At Outsource2india, we have a dedicated team of imaging professionals who are proficient in using Adobe Photoshop and provide high–quality digitally edited images to portrait studios, publishing houses online stores and real estate firms across the globe.

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Overview of Cylindrical and Fish Eye Panoramas

If you are amazed by the Panorama technology, and are interested in clicking your own panorama image, this article would help.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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