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Matterport Virtual Staging Services

Outsource Matterport Virtual Staging Services

Avail fast, effective, and accurate Matterport virtual staging services for all your marketing and business pitch needs starting at just $16/hour

An innovative technology for brokers, real estate agents, and property managers to market their properties faster through extraordinary customer experience.

Virtual staging leverages the power of technology to create lifelike stage properties from floor plans or empty property spaces. Matterport's virtual tour technologies have become world-renowned for exceptional quality, precision, and a high level of virtual-physical reality integration. Matterport virtual staging is based on the spatial data capture technology and uses various 3D cameras, 360-degree cameras, and other tools that allow us to transform physical space of any level of complexities and size to digital prints and videos.

O2I has been at the forefront of virtual reality innovations and has adapted the latest technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions to our global clientele in the architecture and construction industry. Matterport virtual staging applications have certainly helped our clients reach a wider audience than possible with physical staging and close deals faster by wooing their customers with extraordinary immersive experiences. Our Matterport virtual staging services fill the empty spaces and properties with furniture, objects, lighting, colors, etc., and give the operational control to the viewer to observe, zoom, pan, and even change the staging elements. If you are looking to transform your 2D property models into 3D Matterport virtual stages, contact us today and get started.

Matterport Virtual Staging Services by O2I

Matterport virtual staging services can have many use cases and applications for various teams and stakeholders and have innumerable benefits for the architectural teams and real estate agents. The solutions that we offer as a leading Matterport virtual staging company include -

  • 3D Virtual Tours

    3D Virtual Tours

    Using space data capture, our Matterport virtual staging specialists design eye-catching and appealing walk-throughs, fly-throughs, and panoramic views for all types of properties. We enable the viewers to visualize empty spaces staged with all the furniture, fixtures, textures, etc.; even allowing them to interact with these objects virtually.

  • Virtual Staging for Residential Projects

    Virtual Staging for Residential Projects

    Individual owners looking to sell their home, real estate agents dealing in residential properties, architects, and interior designers looking to furnish the spaces, people looking to renovate their home spaces, etc., can all use Matterport virtual staging. It allows the empty rooms and space to be filled with 3D movable and interactive furniture, wall décor, false ceiling, etc., facilitating the viewers to visualize it all virtually.

  • Matterport Virtual Staging Solutions for Commercial Properties

    Matterport Virtual Staging Solutions for Commercial Properties

    Like residential properties, we also develop HDR 3D virtual tour photos and videos for all sorts of commercial establishments that add that extra edge to the marketing pitch for stakeholders and customers, aiding the clients to sell faster and without any hefty physical staging costs.

  • 3D Matterport Virtual Staging for Furniture Stores

    3D Matterport Virtual Staging for Furniture Stores

    Matterport virtual staging helps furniture and furnishing stores to develop 3D staged catalogs for immersive shoppable experiences. It helps customers to visualize the overall aesthetics and functions of the objects, allowing them to make better and faster choices. From the owner's point of view, it allows them to showcase various products without investing in the physical staging that can be quite expensive and time-consuming.

  • Matterport Virtual Staging for Interior Designers

    Matterport Virtual Staging for Interior Designers

    Interior designing is a complex industry requiring the designers to make their clients visualize how their spaces will look after it is fully-furnished. Imagine how easy it becomes when this can all be done through Matterport virtual staging. They not only show them how everything will look together but also give them a lot of options with just one click. O2I's experts help interior architects and designers to create immersive and adaptable experiences that can drastically bring down their investment in terms of marketing efforts, time, and money.

  • Matterport Guided Video Tours

    Matterport Guided Video Tours

    We also offer specialized guided tour creation with Matterport virtual staging solutions for clients looking to level-up their staging efforts. Like in a physical staging setting a realtor or agent may explain to the customer as they navigate through space together; in the same way, in guided virtual tours, the viewers get an audio description of the staged space based on what the client is viewing at that time.

  • Matterport Space Data Capturing Solutions

    Matterport Space Data Capturing Solutions

    We also facilitate accurate measurements of the space using Matterport's technology so that the clients can effectively plan and design the spaces.

  • Matterport's 4K Print Quality Photos

    Matterport's 4K Print Quality Photos

    Our team captures and provides high definition Matterport photos of the interior or exterior spaces for all kinds of real estate properties that have multiple applications for the real estate agents, property managers, designers, etc.

Our Matterport Virtual Staging Process

As an experienced 3D Matterport virtual staging service providing company, we have an excellent infrastructure and technological facilities along with a structured workflow that enables us to provide quick turnaround to our clients. Our process includes -


Project Commencement

  • Project order
  • Analyzing the project requirement
  • Determining project scope
  • Transfer of all relevant data files from the client

Project Execution

  • Allocation of tasks to teams
  • Sample creation
  • Client approval
  • Incorporating any changes in the first draft
  • Creation of Matterport virtual tours

Multi-level QC

  • Internal quality control
  • Quality check by project head
  • Final review by the client

Project Delivery

  • Final rendering
  • Project submission via secured networks

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Hire O2I as your 3D Matterport Virtual Staging Service Providing Company

There are many reasons why small, medium and large enterprises in architecture and construction industries trust us and partner with us for all their virtual staging needs. The benefits offered by us include -

  • Pocket-friendly services

    Our pricing structure is well-suited for all kinds of enterprises, be it small, medium, or large scale.

  • Uncompromised, superior-quality services

    We garner positive responses from our clients from around the world because we deliver only the best-in-class services and never anything else.

  • Unwavering commitment to deadlines

    O2I respects the client's time and deadlines. Our team works dedicatedly to complete and deliver the project requirements well within the stipulated time frames.

  • Proficient team support

    Our team comprises highly qualified and passionate engineers, designers, developers, Matterport specialists, and other experts, making sure that you only get the best of people working for you.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

    All O2I offices are equipped with advanced hardware and software systems so that our team can serve with their maximum potential.

  • Single point of contact

    We appoint a project head for every project to eliminate any chance of chaos or miscommunication between the client and our teams.

Client Success Stories

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A US architectural firm contacted us to build CAD models that were complete with electrical layouts, switch positions, RCP, etc. We worked for 230 sites within 2 months using just 11 members.

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Outsource2india Helped a Prominent Architecture and Engineering Company with Architecture Drafting & Detailing Services

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Outsource Matterport Virtual Staging Models Services in India


Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner, A Manufacturing company in the US More Testimonials »

O2I is an expert Matterport virtual staging service provider with clients spread across 45 countries. Our team is our biggest strength and we create outstanding 3D virtual tours using Matterport's technology that is highly lucrative for anyone associated with architecture and the real estate sector.

If you too are looking to introduce virtual stages for your properties, outsourcing Matterport virtual staging services to O2I is one of the wisest decisions to make. We are just a call away, get in touch with us now.

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