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Nowadays, kinetic typography plays a vital part in creating a brand or business. Kinetic typography in literal terms using the creative art form to produce amazing motion or video fonts that attract potential audiences. However, most of the businesses may have an expert team or budget to hire or set up in house workspace to create appealing kinetic typography animation. So, the best possible solution for such brands is outsourcing kinetic typography services to a third party like Outsource2india.

Outsource2india is the leading provider of kinetic typography services in India. We have been providing a wide range of typography animation services to numerous clients from India and abroad. At O2I, we have a huge workforce that couples both animation and typography to blend icons and texts to produce engaging output and make your business successful.

Kinetic Typography Services We Offer

At O2I, we offer a wide range of kinetic typography animation services. We have been serving as a kinetic typography service provider for more than two decades now. This is why we are well aware of the needs and challenges that clients face. Based on that, we have designed various services. Here are the major major services we offer -

  • Motion Graphics Typography Services

    Motion Graphics Typography Services

    O2I has been offering end to end motion typography services over the years which consists of plain and visual motion graphics. O2I experts are immensely talented who can come up with the best user experience motion graphics even with a simple script. Our motion graphic artists meticulously understand your needs and develop a storyboard to convert it into an engaging motion graphics product by syncing both audio and video.

  • Fluid Typography Services

    Fluid Typography Services

    Fluid typography is the process of adjusting the letters or font sizes according to the screen size irrespective of the location. At O2I, we offer fluid typography that smoothly resizes letters to match for any device width. This service offers you wide browser support making it simpler to achieve engaging content without main aspects of the design.

  • Production Support

    Production Support

    O2I produces kinetic typography using standard anime software like Apple motion, Adobe Flash, Adobe Effects. Our experts induce great effects in the output design to attract an audience by composting layers of text in such a way that either words or letters can be used again as separate animes in the future.

Kinetic Typography Process We Follow

O2I is an ISO certified kinetic typography service provider who emphasizes delivering high-quality typography animation that matches the client guidelines. To succeed in that, we have set up a strong process flow which helps us perform kinetic text animation tasks affluently. Here is a unique process that we follow -


01. Scope of Project

When you outsource kinetic typography services, our typography animation experts connect with you to gather in-depth details about client requirements to understand the scope of the project.


02. Allocation of Appropriate Resources

After collecting the client needs, we will have an internal team meeting to allocate appropriate kinetic typography and animation experts to perform client’s tasks and a talented manager who will be clients SPOC providing timely updates.


03. Kinetic Typography Production or Execution

Then our experts begin the kinetic typography production by sketching the concept, designing the words or storyboard for video or animation. Based on this, typography experts produce the final output that matches client requirements.


04. Quality Assurance

The next phase is QA (Quality Assurance). Above output is subjected to multiple levels of Quality Assurance to ensure 100% accuracy and high-quality matching to client needs. If the QA team isn’t satisfied with the output, then it’s sent back with suggestions to edit and resend.


05. Final Delivery

After the QA approves kinetic typography, the final product is delivered to the clients through a secured FTP or encrypted emails. We collect the feedback from the clients and record it for further use.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Kinetic Typography Services to Outsource2india?

Even though the prime aspect of outsourcing kinetic typography services is reducing the overhead costs and time, choosing O2I will open up to a plethora of added benefits. These are the perks that you will find nowhere but O2I. This is why many of our customers keep coming back to us for their recurring animation requirements. Here is the brief list of advantages clients will get by outsourcing professional kinetic typography services to us -

  • Cost-effective Service

    Creating a workspace and hiring in-house team for many businesses will increase the budget. Thus, outsourcing kinetic typography services to O2I will reduce your costs by around 40%. Additionally, we offer customized services by charging clients only for the services they need.

  • ISO Certified Typography Animation Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO certified kinetic typography service providing company. It means we are an internationally recognized kinetic typography service provider who possesses a huge workforce, strong security, world-class infrastructure, and many more to offer govt. compliant services.

  • High-quality Service

    With more than 100 man-years of experience of typography experts as a whole, we are very well versed with the challenges and requirements that most businesses in various niche face. Along with that, we use the modern infrastructure, latest software and technologies to provide high-quality typography animation services.

  • High Data Security

    We believe in keeping our client's data confidential. O2I has a separate team of IT professionals who put their years of experience to protect the data by giving access to only authorized personnel. All employees involved in the project are made to sign NDA to ensure 100% data safety.

  • Specially Skilled Typography Experts

    O2I hires talented employees from different parts of the globe. We have 1000+ professionals dedicated to working only for typography animation services. So, outsourcing kinetic typography services to O2I will give you access to vets of kinetic typography, quality assurance team, and other skilled personnel.

  • A Dedicated Manager

    When you outsource kinetic typography services to O2I, we dedicate a specially skilled and fluently speaking (in multiple languages) animation design account manager who closely works with you throughout the project. He/she keeps you updated at each stage of the project and helps to resolve your queries or concerns.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We are an ISO certified company partnered with hundreds of clients across the globe. So, the onus is on us to give the best services. We achieve that by resolving their issues and queries without any delay. O2I has a large workforce operating in multiple shifts to provide round the clock customer support services to clients in the world.

  • High Scalability

    Kinetic typography offers unimaginable magic that pulls a lot of audiences. Hence, the typography requirements will fluctuate timely. So, whether you are requirements increase or decrease, O2I possess sufficient resources to match the client requirements.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    When you decide to outsource kinetic typography services to O2I, we perform data transfer through a secure channel to ensure 100% safety of data. As we are an ISO certified company, we use SFTP or VPN for the standard data transfer.

  • International Compliant Services

    Every client has to comply with their local rules and regulations. As O2I has a plethora of clients from different parts of the world, our professionals are highly skilled in providing typography animation services that are compliant with client’s location.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We believe in the concept of Time is Money. So, we don’t want to keep our clients waiting to promote their brand. We deploy the best resources, highly skilled anime experts, latest technology, and multiple delivery centers located in different time zones to provide kinetic typography animation services within a short span.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource Kinetic Typography Services to Outsource2india


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

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Styling text is an art that only a few can master. Also, it’s a factor that creates and popularizes the brand. Due to growing technologies and companies, the competition between the businesses has reached the next level. Hence, most businesses consider outsourcing kinetic typography services and other animation services to get amazing fonts that pull audience attention. If you want access to numerous typography shapes, structures, videos, and a partner who can provide these with the absolute knack, then the best partner for you is Outsource2india.

If you are looking for reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality kinetic typography services in India and abroad, then contact us now to get a customized service quotation at free of cost.

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