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3D Animation Services

Outsource 3D Animation Services

Gain access to the best-quality 3D animation services from a highly talented team of creative animators at rates starting at $40/second

Need 3D animation services that are ideal to tell your story to your audience? We'll show you the way to build an audience with high-quality 3D animation services that are bespoke and full of values. What you need to do to avoid hiring FTEs for the same task is to outsource 3D animation services to Outsource2india and let experts worry about transforming your stories into rich visuals than someone who has less skin in the game.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading outsourcing provider of 3D animation services with over two decades of industry experience. At O2I, we aid ad agencies, entertainment studios, publishing houses, academic institutions, etc., with high-quality 3D animation services at the most affordable costs. Our skilled animators cater to every animation requirement ranging from 3D animated movies to 3D medical animation.

3D Animation Services We Offer

At O2I, we bring your creative concepts to life through stunning and high-quality 3D animations using the latest 3D technology and software. Our 3D animation services in India and globally include but are not limited to the below -

  • Storytelling with 3D Animation Services

    Storytelling with 3D Animation Services

    To evoke the kind of emotion you want from your audience, you'll need high-quality 3D animation services to tell your brand story and to convey the message without ambiguity. Without our help, you could try doing it in-house but we can't say it'll be as good as how you want. As a top 3D animation provider, we orient our thinking in the same way you do to create a barrier-less interaction opportunity with showcasing your brand image with the best animation.

  • Explainer Video Production in 3D

    Explainer Video Production in 3D

    Explaining to consumers about your product or services needs excellent communication that is rather visual than not. A 3D explainer video will help you walk in their shoes to help them understand the true values you're trying to convey with so few words. So whether your business is B2B or B2C, you'll get the farthest with our 3D explainer video production services. Not an extra penny will be charged than what is quoted to help you sell your ideas to the right people.

  • 3D Animation for Product Demo

    3D Animation for Product Demo

    If you want to show what your product does and what values it is capable of providing, then outsourcing 3D animation services is the way to go than coaching people through booklets and training material that aren't easy to digest. So let's make a digestible 3D animation that is easier to consume and focus on rather than making it knotty. As a top 3D animation service provider, we use minimalism and powerful transitions within the animation to double the impact.

  • Commercial 3D Animation Video

    Commercial 3D Animation Video

    If you want to taste commercial success through branding and marketing, let's get started with 3D animation that has a touch of innovation and media intelligently embedded to strengthen your narration so the video makes your content stand out. O2I's 3D modeling and texturing skills are put through pace to show you how great 3D animations are made without losing meaning.

  • 3D Animation Company for Cartoon Video Trailers

    3D Animation Company for Cartoon Video Trailers

    Say you plan to release cartoons for children across different age groups; where do you start? Custom animation! What that means is our team will work with you to define your audience and to customize the 3D animation to the age group. We design characters with various energy levels and personalities depending on what suits your audience and the age group.

  • 3D Product Animation of Medical Device

    3D Product Animation of Medical Device

    3D product animation at its finest is what we call this service. We aren't just popular at creating 3D animation for entertainment. We do it for healthcare companies that are trying to sell medical devices to relevant users. What we do is create awareness and educational 3D animation that focuses on technical specifications and usage instructions. The motion graphics in 3D will help your products get the right recognition in the shortest possible time.

  • 3D Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Businesses

    3D Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Businesses

    Manufacturing companies have a tough time convincing stakeholders and their B2B customers about the product benefits and features. To remove barriers and maintain a transparent dialog, it's best to show than tell with 3D animation. This is where we come in. Having years of experience in the process, we render business-oriented 3D animation that not only educates but also shows where the true values are. It's also easier for customers to make decisions when they learn information from videos that are tough to convey through words.

  • 3D Animation for VR

    3D Animation for VR

    Virtual reality is another sector where we have grown in recent times. With the advancement in AI, we bring you the best futuristic technology you've ever seen to create 3D animation in virtual reality. Be it educative 3D animations or real estate 3D animations, we have no boundaries when it comes to innovation. We'll make your VR video mind-bending to users no matter where and how it is used.

  • 3D Animated Explainer Videos for Technology Solution

    3D Animated Explainer Videos for Technology Solution

    If you need 3D animation with the best 3D lighting and extra configurations, we'll bring you the right 3D animation that can readily be used on social channels to succeed in your marketing goals. With our approach, you could have another highly sophisticated explainer video showing your tech solution in action than telling the science behind it like a watered-down beverage.

  • 3D Animation Overview Videos

    3D Animation Overview Videos

    We keep seeing a good number of customers wanting the 3D animation services for company overview as they want to capture the attention of stakeholders, investors, and other key people who will possibly succeed the present owners. So to show your company overview in the best light, you'll need sound 3D animation services that ensure delivery of succinct information, giving cues than placing answers into people's hands. This is what you get by partnering with a 3D animation service providing company like us.

3D Animation Process We Follow

At O2I, our 3D animators use MAYA, Photoshop, NUKE, and Rendering Manager, and adhere to a workflow process that includes the following steps -


Project Scope

Define project requirements, turnaround time and pricing and capture relevant data about target customers


Resource Allocation

Resources allocated, and Project Manager appointed to act as go-between and provide regular updates on progress



Execution of 3D animation according to client specifications. This includes -

  • Pre-Production - Concept Art, Character Design, BG Design, Storyboard and Animatics
  • 3D Production and Asset Making - Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Rendering and Compositing
  • 3D Modelling


Multi-stage internal QC



Final output delivered to the client in their chosen format

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource 3D Animation Services to Outsource2india?

When you partner with O2I for 3D animation services you gain up to 60 percent cost savings and a host of other benefits including -

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Flexible pricing structure designed to suit multiple budgets and up to 60 percent cost savings.

  • Expert Team

    A technically sound team comprising designers and 3D animators from diverse animation fields, with a keen eye for detail across the whole 3D animation domain.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    The TAT is solely dependent on project complexity, input format, and client timeline expectation.

  • Support

    24/6 support system in place. Our animators are open to suggestions and feedback and committed to delivering solutions that not just meet but exceed expectations.

  • Security

    Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) compliance, and other security protocols ensure 100 percent data security.

  • Work Ease

    100 percent customization. Work in your time zone with professional English-speaking Account Managers.

  • High-quality

    ISO quality processes and 99 percent SLA adherence.

  • Design Revisions

    Get up to 2 free design revisions.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Top Scandinavian medical research company gets 3200 full-time O2I work hours and delivery of fully-functional 3D animation and 3D modeled video.

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Case Study on Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Australian startup specializing in marketing and web development gets logo design and vectorization services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Outsource Offsite 3D Animation Services to O2I


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Netherlands.
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3D animation services require complex knowledge of the design process, technology, and presentation to bring all elements in a single fold. This is something not many businesses are innately capable of. But with Outsourc2india, it's a skill our team has honed through continuous service optimization. If you have a complex animation need, we can help you with world-class animation services at a reasonable price. We also have dedicated quality assurance experts who validate the quality of output to ensure maximum satisfaction. All of that in a custom solution.

For high-quality 3D animation services at the most affordable prices contact us. Tell us your requirement and we will revert in one business day.

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