Teleprospecting Services

Teleprospecting Services

It only costs you $8/hour to hire an expert teleprospecting professional from us on need basis to expand your business reach and increase client engagement

Are you looking for hired experts in lead generation and rapport-building? If so, outsource teleprospecting services to generate quality sales traffic. Today, time is the biggest constraint for the top management and sales team. Juggling between finding potential clients and nurturing the existing ones have become ever-challenging.

Outsourcing teleprospecting services to O2I will enable you to strategically analyze a large number of potential clients and target the ones with purchasing intent. In our B2B outbound teleprospecting services, our team of teleprospecting agents goes through the hefty business prospect database to nurture hot leads matching your prospecting criteria. The team uses powerful communication and marketing skills to build a strong rapport between the two businesses. Our teleprospecting services help you save time, money, and effort in generating better business outcomes.

Teleprospecting Services We Offer

Being a leading provider of teleprospecting service in India, O2I specializes in developing new market opportunities for businesses through lead generation. Our services include -

  1. Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    We provide 360-degree teleprospecting solutions, that are aimed at generating quality leads, by sieving through a sea of prospects for conversions. A handpicked team with expertise in your target industry is appointed and they carry out an extensive campaign to identify warm prospects, who are ready to convert. A combination of our extensive database, teleprospecting expertise, our marketing automation tools, and our cloud-based lead management ensures that you only get the top prospects to turn into customers.

  2. Setting-Up Sales Appointments And Meetings

    Setting-Up Sales Appointments And Meetings

    Once we have qualified the convertible leads for your business, we also fix appointments for them with your sales team. Keeping in mind that “time is money”, we ensure that we only map your sales team with high-quality leads. We adhere to stringent measures to ensure high conversion rates and quality leads. We record all calls made by our agents to ensure transparency, compliance, and quality assurance. This enables us to properly track our progress and be transparent in what we do.

  3. Prospect Database Management

    Prospect Database Management

    A carefully researched and tested list of prospects can make things easier for your business. Having expertise in the field of teleprospecting services has led us to develop a hefty database that can expand your business opportunities. Based on your criteria and target market, we prepare a customized list of potential clients. Apart from your database, you can also opt to use our data repository. With periodic segmentation, verification, data normalization, and detailed profiling of the information, we have maintained our edge in the market for teleprospecting service providing company.

  4. Market Research

    Market Research

    In the early stages, businesses like to test waters for their products and services. From deciding on the target market to developing a marketing strategy, an in-depth study of the market is required. Hence, market research for the new or growing businesses is yet another important service under teleprospecting solutions offered by O2I. Based on the specifications and qualifying points of the company, our team tests the market and defines it for you. The main aim of conducting market research is to find the answers to the pain problems of the businesses and enabling them to strategize thereon.

Teleprospecting Process We Follow


01. Need Analysis

We analyze and assess your prospecting requirements and agree upon a strategy


02. Market Profiling

We create a custom profile of the target market and develop a prospect list that is updated and cleansed from time to time


03. Pitching

We deploy a trained team with excellent communication skills and the ability to improvise and ease through the conversation, for a strong and relevant pitch


04. Lead Qualification

We measure the prospect’s buying intent and attach a score so it helps the sales team to plan their prospecting strategy accordingly


05. Lead Transferring

We collect all the relevant details about the hot leads and either transfer the call to the sales team, prepare a lead list for them, or set up appointments on their behalf

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Outsourcing Teleprospecting Service?

O2I is a leading teleprospecting service provider with an in-depth insight into the market dynamics and a deep understanding of the customers. Our commitment to expanding your business horizons through effective campaigns, as well as rich experience in the field is what gives us an edge over other service providers. Here’s why outsourcing teleprospecting services are best for you -

  • Cutting-edge Technology Infrastructure

    We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, cloud-based lead management, and marketing automation tools.

  • Highly-qualified Teleprospectors

    We have a huge team of highly-professional and experienced teleprospectors. Exemplary communication skills and a deep understanding of the different kinds of customers enable them to quickly identify quality leads and gathering relevant information for businesses.

  • Time and Cost-effective

    Hiring an in-house teleprospecting team can be very expensive and requires a great deal of involvement and constant review on the company’s part. Outsourcing teleprospecting services can save you a lot of money, effort, and time. The different time zone gives us an extra advantage to serve you 24/7, making our operations more efficient and effective.

  • Global Reach as an ISO Certified Provider

    We can help your business expand to any geography by providing teleprospecting services for any geographical region and niche markets. Ours is an ISO 9001:2015 certified teleprospecting company that complies with various state and federal laws when engaging your leads and managing their data.

  • Better Chances of Lead Conversion

    As mentioned above, our large database, cutting-edge technology, and a team of expert agents make sure that your sales team only gets high-quality leads. It improves the sales team’s chances of lead conversion thereby expanding your client base.

  • Confidentiality

    Maintaining the safety and security of our clients and their data has always been our priority. To ensure confidentiality we follow strict and well-defined protocols. Our data management methods comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations and it covers all aspects of the client’s confidential data.

  • Single-point of Contact

    A dedicated point of contact will attend to all requirements from our project team. The SPOC will keep track of the project workflow and will act as an advisor to both clients and the project team.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Outbound and Inbound Calling to a Top Software Provider

Outsource2india Provided Outbound and Inbound Calling Services to a Top Software Provider

We offered inbound and outbound calling support to a restaurant management software provider. The outcome brought satisfaction to the client.

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Case Study on Outbound Calling to a Top Travel Agency

Outsource2india Provided Outbound Calling to a Top Travel Agency

We support the travel firm business owner with outbound calling support. The client was happy with the quality of service and thanked us with a testimonial.

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Outsource Teleprospecting Services to Outsource2india

Customer Testimonials

I'm impressed! :) You ladies and gentlemen are doing fantastic work. Thank you so much!

Reservations Supervisor,
Travel Website Company, CA
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With an illustrious experience of over 24 years, O2I enjoys an eminent stature as a teleprospecting service providing company in India. O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified outsourcing company with over 3000+ satisfied clients and a market reach in any country/region. A profound understanding of the market dynamics and telemarketing services in general, a highly-experienced team of teleprospectors, transparency in services, and quality lead generation are some of the reasons that give us an advantage over other service providers. We can help you grow your business and widen the scope of your market.

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