Reservation Booking Services

Reservation Booking Services

Get your reservation booked on schedule by leaving us in-charge of the responsibility. Our agents will help you manage your time efficiently by booking reservations on your behalf

Are you looking for a low budget reservation booking system for your business? Do you want your reservation booking system to provide the best support and experience to your guests? Your search ends with us. We not only understand your business requirement in depth but can make it better in every way to help you process reservations without frustrating your guests. Be it events, accommodation, or conferences we offer a one-stop solution to help you become successful at fielding business opportunity.

Outsource2india has 24 years of experience in bringing simplicity into business transactions through online booking services. We have the infrastructure, contact centers, and qualified support agents spanned across the globe to serve various verticals where reservation booking performance is critical to deliver the best transaction experience and maintain a steady flow of revenue.

Inbound Reservations and Booking Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, we are reliable, highly available, and unbelievably fast in rendering high-quality reservation booking services in India. The offshore reservation and online booking services are carried out by call center specialists who come with a decade-plus year of experience to ensure your guests feel the ultimate satisfaction and confidence.

We focus on bridging the gap in your sales goals by offering highly flexible reservation booking services that are ready to fulfill the demands of various verticals such as -

Healthcare -

  • Fitness Clubs
  • Health Seminars
  • Hospitals
  • Consultations
  • Doctor's Appointment

Hospitality -

  • Lodges
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Motels
  • Resorts
  • Flotels
  • Inns
  • Homestays
  • Campgrounds
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Bed & Breakfasts

Recreation -

  • Spa
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Gyms
  • Museums
  • Event Halls
  • Zoos
  • Ski Resorts
  • Parks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Salon Appointments

Entertainment -

  • Concerts
  • Studio Tours
  • Seasonal Events
  • Theatres
  • Movie Houses
  • Gaming Events

Travel & Tourism -

  • Ships
  • Taxicabs
  • Airlines
  • Trains
  • Study Trips
  • Tours
  • Cruises
  • Buses
  • Travel Agencies
  • Transportation Rentals

Food & Beverage -

  • Nightclubs
  • Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Wine Shops
  • Caterings
  • Pubs
  • Tea Shops
  • Cafes
  • Fast food chains
  • Bars

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Our Call Center Portfolio

Reservation Booking Services Process We Follow

Outsourcing reservation booking services is a great option to consider if you are looking forward to saving time and money on implementing a robust reservation booking system. Our offshore reservation booking services are client focused and aimed to add move your business in the right direction. Here is a snapshot of our transparent reservation booking services -

Requirement Analysis  

01. Requirement Gathering

We will collaborate with your team to gather your business requirement and how you want to capture reservation

Implementing Reservation Booking  

02. Implementing Reservation Booking

We will design and develop a system that includes the technology and booking executives to work in tandem for improving revenue generation

Performance Testing  

03. Performance Testing

The reservation system will be tested iteratively for various real-time conditions so that the users can get the best experience once deployed

Transaction Support  

04. Transaction and Support

Our agents will work round-the-clock to enable seamless transactions. We will also provide agent support to your clients if they face difficulties

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Why Choose Reservation Booking Services from Outsource2india?

Outource2india is an ISO certified company that has been the go-to partner to over 10000 businesses globally. We have the capability and technology to meet the daily roles of agents and billers to bring happy experience to your clients. Here are the reasons why choosing O2I for reservation booking can add value to your business -

  • Certified Reservation Booking Services Provider

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has earned its stripes for offering great value cost and performance wise to businesses and verticals.

  • Data Security

    When you outsource reservation booking services to us, you can experience the care and quality in data management. Since we rely on data warehousing it's a routine for us to handle a large volume of sensitive data. We do this best using technology and skilled professionals. To this end, we take pride in becoming ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Our reservation booking solutions and inbound and outbound call centerservices reflect quality in every stage because we take great efforts to ensure that you get the best value for the time and money spent on us.

  • Short Turnaround

    The time between offshoring reservations booking services and generating revenue from our services we spend many hours of research and efforts to minimize disruptions in real time conditions. While we carefully scrutinize every aspect of the service, to you, we will deliver the reservation booking service without extending the deadline.

  • Scalability

    The reservation booking services are scalable and will help you take advantage based on your requirement volume. Our services are open to customization and can be tuned to maximize revenue capture through flawless reservation booking.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The reservation booking services we offer are cost-effective because it is priced flexibly. This will let you handpick our service to match your business preference and budget capacity.

  • Single-point Contact

    When you outsource inbound call center services and reservation booking services to us, you get a dedicated agent who will personally assist you until the project completion. Our dedicated point of contact will be closely involved in your project and documenting the progress. This is to avoid lag in reports when you want instant updates or appointment with concerned departmental heads.

  • Experienced Team of Contact Center Agents and Managers

    Our contact center agents are seasoned veterans who have years of experience, and hands-on knowledge of software and tools involved in the reservation booking services.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have the latest and greatest performance boosting infrastructure. Having excelled in technology, and security apparatus we have a well-equipped contact center that will allow our agents to work on multiple projects simultaneously without slowing down.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We move data through VPN and SFTP that facilitates data movement through highly secure channels. We trust our technology experts who use state-of-the-art software to scan for threats before it becomes imminent.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can reach us anytime, anywhere because our multi-lingual contact centers are operational on a 24/7/365 basis. We can work in your local time to serve you best with speed and reliability.

    • Client Success Stories

      O2I Provided Advanced IT Support to a UK-based Motorcycle Insurance Company

      Outsource2india Provided Advanced IT Support to a UK-based Motorcycle Insurance Company

      O2I provided L1, L2, and L3 support and scaled service level from 30% to 90% for a top motorcycle insurance company in the UK.

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      O2I Provided Inbound Technical Support Help Desk Services to a Leading IT Services Company

      O2I Provided Inbound Technical Support Help Desk Services to a Leading IT Services Company

      Outsource2india handled technical queries through inbound technical support for a top IT services company.

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      Outsource Reservation Booking Services to O2I - Leader in Call Center Solutions


      I'm impressed! :) You ladies and gentlemen are doing fantastic work. Thank you so much!

      Reservations Supervisor,
      Travel Website Company, CA
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      Outsource2india is an ISO certified company that has seen 24 years of evolution in call center landscape. We have, in time, served many verticals with high precision reservation booking solution that has brought value and cost savings to businesses worldwide. We use superior technology and skilled professionals to carry out each project because it will widen your role in the competitive business arena. We have world-class delivery centers that are focused on adding more value to your business through continuous support and innovation. We also offer other services such as outbound call center services, telemarketing services, lead generation, customer support services, and much more.

      Get in touch with us if you require reservation booking services to fully streamline your business.

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