AI Monitoring Support Services

Outsource AI Monitoring Support Services

Optimize your customer support levels with O2I's cutting-edge AI monitoring support services for your call center

Is your contact centers handling thousands of calls each day, but reviewing only a few random calls? Is. analyzing every customer interaction causing the biggest bottleneck in customer support quality? With the use of AI and automation, we, at Outsource2india, can help you monitor all the customer interactions while they are happening.

The AI solution would seamlessly provide instant feedback to the agents, alert supervisors in case of escalations, ensure regulatory compliance, and offer a deeper level of insights about how to improve the level of support and increase customer satisfaction. As a trusted AI monitoring support service provider, O2I can take your contact center to the optimum level of efficiency and profitability.

AI Monitoring Support Services We Provide

Outsourcing AI monitoring support services can help you take a smart step ahead because we have savvy professionals and AI technology to empower call centers to perform better and adhere to standard compliances without fuss. Our AI monitoring support services include -

  1. Agent Monitoring

    Agent Monitoring

    With the use of AI, client calls can be monitored in real-time without bias. This makes it infinitely easier to measure agent performance, identify gaps for training opportunities, manage shifts, form teams, etc. With the use of voice recognition technology, the voice of agents would get attributed correctly for calls handled by multiple agents. This would increase accountability and performance levels.

  2. Contact Center Performance Monitoring

    Contact Center Performance Monitoring

    If there is a need to monitor the functioning of the entire call center over an extended period, our artificial intelligence monitoring support services can play a big role. We will setup AI-based processes to track conversions, conversations, customer satisfaction, common issues, resolution rates, challenges faced by customers, areas for improvement, customer sentiment, and so on. All the information would be easily accessible through an insightful dashboard.

  3. Live Analysis and Feedback

    Live Analysis and Feedback

    The best use of AI in contact centers is to provide live feedback and help to agents while they are on the call. The system automatically does sentiment analysis, agent analysis, context analysis, and voice analysis. It offers live recommendations for improvement, problem resolutions, cross-sell/up-sell suggestions, and a lot more through proactive outreach. This helps in improving the quality of interaction immediately.

  4. Alerts and Reports

    Alerts and Reports

    In case of any breach in the protocol by agents, unwanted sentiments, or compliance issues, instant alerts are sent to the right people, so that they can resolve the problems immediately. Often, agents are not able to convince customers properly and risk a chance of losing a good deal. With AI, such missed opportunities can be identified, and alerts could be sent to supervisors or managers, who can take the interaction forward.

  5. A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

    What are the most effective words? What kind of greeting works better? What is the best way to offer a new product to the customer? All such questions can be answered by testing the agent process after receiving the call. AI can help in analyzing multiple types of interactions so that your call center can keep opting for the ones that generate better outcomes.

  6. Compliance Monitoring

    Compliance Monitoring

    Each industry has a set of rules and regulations and these must be followed in the call center as well, especially in the financial sector. Any breach can cause significant damage and can result in heavy penalties. AI-based real-time monitoring ensures that compliance standards are maintained in every customer engagement.

  7. Sensitive Information Monitoring

    Sensitive Information Monitoring

    There is a need to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information shared by your customers. These might include account numbers, credit card info, social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and so on. With AI monitoring, such information can be automatically redacted from the audio recordings to prevent misuse at all the levels.

AI Monitoring Support Process We Follow

It makes a great difference to call centers by having an outsourced partner dedicate its resources and technology to empower their performance. This is where we stand apart from the rest because we understand the exact needs of all our clients and design services to their select needs. Our AI monitoring process is as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will work with you to understand what you need and determine your existing challenges and standard practices to combat challenges


02. Analysis of the Requirement

We will analyze the data collected through collaboration and perform analysis to identify areas that can be optimized


03. Experiencing the AI Monitoring Support

We will run a pilot project to help you get an experience of what we do to extract valuable data from the monitoring process


04. Selection of AI Monitoring Agents

By careful consideration of your requirement, we will onboard qualified agents and provide AI tool training to avoid missteps in the actual project


05. AI Monitoring Support Services

The AI monitoring will commence with full effect and the process will be carried out in compliance with the standard protocol


06. Quality Control Checks

We will perform quality control checks to ensure there is no deviation from the actual project plan


07. Reporting and Project Closure

After completion of the monitoring support, we will compile reports for analysis and general follow-up

Benefits of O2I's AI Monitoring Support Services

Many global contact centers have chosen us to outsource artificial intelligence monitoring support. We leverage AI to take your call center to the ultimate level of efficiency, compliance, and performance and give you a sustainable competitive advantage. Our artificial intelligence monitoring support services for call center offers several benefits -

  • Increase agent accountability with constant monitoring and performance reviews
  • Assess customer and agent sentiment with ease through voice recognition
  • Easy to identify missed opportunities and reconnect with those customers to regain their trust
  • Run keyword search and find out the frequently asked questions and anything else that you are looking for
  • Offer live feedback and support while agents are on the call
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and keep sensitive information safe
  • Optimize the marketing results by guiding agents on how they can pitch the right products or services at the right time during the call
  • Boost the quality of every customer engagement and generate better customer satisfaction scores

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Outsource AI Monitoring Support Services to Outsource2india?

Unlike hiring full-time professionals who can add up to your overhead expenses in the immediate and long term, outsourcing AI monitoring support can help you get the job done without denting your wallet. Here are reasons why you should outsource AI monitoring support to O2I -

  • ISO Certified AI Monitoring Services Provider

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of AI monitoring services based out of India. We not only offer our services at competitive rates but also do much more to help you achieve 100% satisfaction.

  • International Quality

    O2I is a well-established provider of AI monitoring support services in India with state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern technologies, superior networks, and plush office spaces. When you engage with us, you get world-class services and transparent execution.

  • Cost-effective AI Monitoring Support

    Our AI monitoring services have optimized the call center processes for our global clients swiftly and cost-effectively. Our services have reduced their overheads by up to 40%, increased revenue and tuned their call center with the voice of the customer. Our offshore service model allows us to deliver round the clock coverage for your requirements.

  • Experienced Team of AI Monitoring Professionals

    We have been in the call center industry since its inception. Our team understands the domain inside out and knows what it takes to deliver results quickly. Having worked on a wide range of call center technologies for varied domains, we can help you to set up AI monitoring system quickly.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    We are never short of owning the best infrastructure that ensures our team has access to the best tools and AI technology in addition to the project security.

  • Total Security and Confidentiality Guarantee

    O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified AI monitoring support service provider. We have robust processes in place for assuring 100% data confidentiality, access controls, safe cloud storage, data transfer protocols, and so on. When you outsource to us, you can rest assured that there would be no breach of information.

  • Scalable Services

    We offer scalable services that can give you the ultimate advantage if your requirement has the tendency to evolve. Scale up or down to save cost or increase efficiency.

  • Quick TAT

    We always ensure that our services are offered with the least TAT. In this way, you can focus on your business goals rather than constantly keeping track of different areas of your business.

  • Cutting-edge AI Technology

    We have been offering AI and data science solutions for a variety of domains. We amalgamate our years of knowledge in call center operations with the most advanced AI tools to deliver futuristic call center monitoring solutions.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    With a monitoring solution focused on your customers, you would see all the insights and prescriptions would be pointed towards that goal. Improvement in agent effectiveness and call center operations would directly result in improved customer experience.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

A reputed tech company was unhappy with services from other call monitoring services provider. They contacted us in desperation and achieved their goals through our services.

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Case Study on Live Video, Audio and Text Monitoring

Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services

Video monitoring services were provided by us and we used our client's backend monitoring systems. We helped the client from facing a significant overhead in terms of cost and time.

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We only use O2I for marketing purposes & no one else due to the extremely high levels of professionalism & clear communication that they deliver on a consistent basis. We have used marketing organizations all over the world, but not one of them come close to what O2I produce daily for us, I hope they will use this letter as a reference so they can grow & help other companies who struggle with marketing.

Marketing Director,
Spray Foam Insulation Company, UK
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Outsource AI Monitoring Support Services to Outsource2india

O2I is one of the top providers of AI monitoring support services in India. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified call center services and video monitoring services provider with refined processes and top-notch infrastructure. By partnering with us, you would not only streamline your call center operations but also raise productivity levels, boost revenue and consistently improve customer satisfaction scores. Our automated AI monitoring solution can find deep and hidden insights while tracking every word or emotion uttered or expressed by your customers or agents.

Contact us today and learn how these insights can be translated into business decisions that will boost profits and delight your customers.

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