Bits & Bytes
The Monthly Newsletter from Outsource2india
November 2008, Volume 9

What's New in Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is no longer confined to customer support services or software development. One of the latest services that are being outsourced to India is photo editing services. Large portrait studios, e-commerce organizations or corporate houses that require image enhancement or clipping services need no longer hire extra resources to carry out the work. Outsourcing photo editing services to India can also help organization to make huge savings on cost while getting access to quality services.

What are some of the photo editing services that can be outsourced?

Whatever be your requirement, you can count on Outsource2india to meet your needs.

How does the photo editing process work?

  1. You upload the images to be edited on the secure FTP
  2. We download the images & edit them
  3. We upload the enhanced images on the secure FTP
  4. You download the enhanced images

"Outsourcing can help you save on TIME, COST & RESOURCES"

A to Z of outsourcing - why outsourcing makes sense

Approach an outsourcing vendor who has prior experience in providing services to global organizations.

Base your search for the perfect outsourcing vendor on references from other organizations who have outsourced services that you wish to outsource.

Communication is critical to a good outsourcing relationship. Make sure that your outsourcing partner is fluent in the English language before you decide to outsource.

To be continued in the next issue.