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June 2009, Volume 16

7 Tips on Outsourcing to India

India is the world's most preferred destination when it comes to outsourcing. A large pool of talented resources, low costs, fluency in English and the use of the latest in technology have made India a favorite offshore destination.

If you are a first-time outsourcer to India, you might be a worried if you will be able to make a success of your outsourced project. Here are 7 tips that can help you get started with outsourcing your business processes to India.

  1. Identify your core business processes: Define the core business processes and non-core activities of your company. You core processes are best managed in-house, as you can give your complete attention to them. The non-core activities of your company, though important, maybe robbing you of money, resources and time that you could otherwise invest into growing your business. You can consider outsourcing such tasks to a vendor in India. With bookkeeping, payroll, software development or customer support out of your hand, you will see a sharp increase in your company's growth.
  2. Choose an experienced offshore vendor: You will find thousands of offshore vendors in India ready to take on you work, but don't be in a hurry to go with the very first vendor you come across. The success of your project solely depends on the vendor you choose, so it would be better if you spend some time on this. Once you have finalized on a couple of vendors, interview them and ask all the questions that you have in mind. Also check their references and ask them to give you a few contacts that have already outsourced work to them. Finally, choose a vendor who you think can handle your work the best.
  3. Choose skills/expertise over price: It is also important not to choose a vendor solely based on price, as the cheapest vendor you find might not be best vendor for your project. Check the skills and expertise of vendor and then check on the cost factor.
  4. Describe the scope and schedule of your project: Tell your offshore vendor what you exactly require from the project. Share your schedule and the scope of the work that you are going to outsource. You could also ask your vendor to provide you with a free trial, so that you can get a fair idea of your vendor's accuracy, speed and turnaround time. Before the onset of the project, make it clear to your vendor that you want to stick by your schedule and that you would not tolerate any time delays.
  5. Define clear time lines: If your vendor is not able to complete the work within the required time line, tell your vendor that he would have to pay compensation. This will make your offshore vendor more responsible towards completing your work on time.
  6. Check for security and confidentiality: Insist on signing a Non Disclosure Agreement at the onset of the project. Ask your vendor about the security measures that have been taken. Insist on the need to keep your data confidential and completely secure.
  7. Ask for continual support: Ask your offshore vendor for support even after the completion of your project, as you might require a certain amount of maintenance or support even after your work has been completed. Draft a support clause with your vendor so that you can be sure of support once the project comes to an end.

Delegate non core activities to stay competitive

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