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The Monthly Newsletter from Outsource2india
December 2008, Volume 10

Top 10 Points to Consider Before You Outsource

  1. Take a look at your company's goals before you outsource. Ask yourself which of your business objectives you will be able to accomplish by outsourcing? Also consider the impact it will have on the workflow of your business.
  2. Price should not be your only yardstick when finding a outsourcing vendor. You might find a vendor who provides services for a very less price but does not have customer support or quality assurance.
  3. Find a vendor who has both experience and expertise in the service that you wish to outsource. With such a partner you can be assured of the success of the outsourced project.
  4. To gain a cutting edge among your competitors, you will have to find a vendor who has in-depth knowledge in the service you wish to outsource. With your vendor's help, you can figure how to gain a competitive edge.
  5. Make it a point to meet the team members and project manager who will be working on your project. This will give you a better idea of whether your vendor's team can handle the work.
  6. Before signing any agreement, meet up with the outsourcing vendor and agree on a set of service level objectives or expectations. This is critical to the success of the outsourced project.
  7. Ask your vendor if he can provide you with a dedicated project manager throughout the course of the project. Instead of having a list of contacts, it is better to have a one point contact whom you can immediately contact during a crisis.
  8. While a small vendor will provide you with inexpensive services and might be more eager to please you, they might not have expertise or in-depth knowledge. A big vendor on the other hand will come with years of experience and a large number of resources. Both small and big vendors have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will have to make a decision as to which type of vendor will be more suitable for your organization.
  9. Find out if your outsourcing vendor values his employees and the average length of employment of the employees. This would give you a better picture of the values and philosophy of your vendor.
  10. Is your outsourcing vendor fluent in English? Try communicating with the project manager assigned to your project and check if you are comfortable communicating with your vendor as language barriers can put a full stop to a successful outsourcing partnership.

3 Non Core Processes that are Best Outsourced

Whether a small or large organization most organizations have to deal with data entry, bookkeeping and customer support. At Outsource2india we have expertise and experience in providing these services to several global customers. Read more about these services:

Data entry servicesData entry services – You can choose from online, offline, image or book data entry. We also specialize in data capture, data extraction, data enrichment and copy paste services.


Bookkeeping servicesBookkeeping services – We can help you with your balance sheets, journal entries, cash flow statements, financial statements, general ledgers, accounts receivables and accounts payable.


Customer supportCustomer support - Be it inbound, outbound, technical support, email support, chat support, CATI services or disaster recovery services, you can count on us for timely, cost-effective and efficient services.