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Teleradiology Services in India

Outsourcing healthcare BPO like medical billing, coding, and transcription has been common for some time now. As offshoring continues to grow and evolve there are an increasing number of services that are being outsourced. Services like teleradiology - the outsourcing of radiology reading, are on the rise as an acute shortage of radiologists has resulted in a longer period of waiting for diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is one area where outsourcing does not just make financial sense, but is also essential to handle the extra work and provide quality healthcare to an ever increasing number of patients. This issue focuses on outsourcing clinical services like teleradiology to India, what Indian service providers have to offer, and why there is a growing need for this new area in outsourcing.

The need to outsource radiology

There is a growing demand for radiologists in countries like the US and UK as the number of patients waiting to be diagnosed is on the rise. Outsourcing radiology does not simply involve cost savings, which is usually cited as the primary reason for offshore ventures, but also addresses the issue of timely diagnosis and treatment for patients. More Details on radiology services from O2I.

June 2004
Some facts and figures

In the US there is an increase in Radiology workloads by 6% per year while the number of Radiologists is rising by 2% per year.
By 2030, the US population over 65 years will double, and the US population over 85 years will triple.
In the UK there is an estimated shortage of 5000 Radiographers. One in seven radiologist posts vacant.

In the UK, over 500,000 people are forced to wait for important scans in NHS Hospitals

Teleradiology Services in India
Indian healthcare providers have recognized the need to deliver quality care because of the shortage of radiologists in countries like the US and the UK. They understand that clinical experts want to care for their patients better and need to have access to collaborative platforms, medical data bases and clinical guidelines. More Details on Teleradiology services.

Clinical Process Outsourcing

Rising healthcare costs and a severe shortage of clinical experts is leading several organizations to outsource clinical services to countries like India. By doing this they gain access to quality care, time zone advantages, cost effective solutions, and a seamless clinical process. More Details on Clinical Services.

Cancer Scanning To Be Stepped Up
A report published by the Royal College of Radiologists claims that the number of people waiting longer for treatment than the officially safe maximum has doubled since 1998 - only partly because the sophisticated new radiology machines give better results but take longer. Such factors along with a shortage of specialists may drive British radiologists to outsource work to countries like India.

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