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Most of you must be wondering about the new title - 'Offshore Outsourcing'. Your feedback suggested that 'Stylogue' catered to a very specific audience and we decided to broaden the focus of the newsletter to include a wider variety of topics.

February 2004

How can you reduce your Healthcare costs?

Outsourcing healthcare BPO to India is a hugely popular practice today. Over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies outsource some part of their technology and business processes to the country. Almost 50 percent of these companies are healthcare players. A Gartner Study predicts that over 60 percent of healthcare companies will outsource more than half of their IT operations by 2007 and India has the potential to attract a huge portion of these contracts. Why India? The articles in this newsletter will give you a detailed understanding of how Indian companies will help you reduce costs without compromising on quality in the areas of medical transcription, coding, and billing.

Healthcare BPO India

There are several healthcare professionals and organizations that outsource healthcare BPO ranging from patient scheduling to accounts receivable. Indian Service Providers invest heavily in technology, quality, infrastructure and processes to ensure great results... More Details

Why outsource medical transcription to India?

Outsourcing medical transcription has proved to be an extremely popular and profitable option for the medical industry. In India medical transcription companies use state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and highly qualified and skilled professionals to provide end-to-end solutions...More Details

What can Indian companies offer in the area of medical billing?

India is an established player in the outsourcing world. Substantial investments have been made in technology, methodology and people and expertise has been gained by obtaining US training in all aspects of medical billing. Indian Service Providers' knowledge in medical billing and technology can help you obtain a competitive edge and save on your current staffing related expenditures...More Details

Intricacies of medical coding

The need to organize and distinguish between complex medical procedures is important. The coding procedure brings clarity and accuracy in a field which depends on these key factors. If you do not have the resources to perform this vital process in-house why don't you outsource medical coding to India? Indian Service Providers increase accuracy in code selections causing a smoother billing process with quicker and better reimbursement...More Details

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