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The Monthly Newsletter from Outsource2india
August 2009, Volume 18

Save Money on Your Existing Outsourcing Contract

Outsourcing to a vibrant outsourcing destination like India is a sensible decision to make. There are certain things to be aware of while you implement your decision of outsourcing to India. However, if you have already outsourced some of your services to an Indian service provider, here are some ways to save money on your existing outsourcing contract.

  1. Request your service provider to identify cost-cutting areas: If your vendor has been providing services for a reasonably long time, your vendor would have definitely got acclimatized to your requirements. Ask your vendor to look for areas of the process, which can be improved to maximize productivity. This would help in getting the work done faster, hence saving time and efforts. Ultimately, this would result in cost-savings for you. You could also motivate your outsourcing vendor with a bonus or a gain-sharing deal to come out with innovative ideas to do your work in a manner that saves costs to a great extent.
  2. Benefit from standardization: While your current outsourcing vendor is providing proficient services at a reasonable rate, you could perhaps brainstorm internally and develop ways to standardize the process that you have currently outsourced to your existing vendor. Once you standardize the process, you could suggest your vendor to follow it, which would increase efficiency and cut down costs considerably.
  3. Expand the scope of your contract: Re-examine your internal operations and see if you can outsource certain functions to your existing outsourcing vendor. This might bring about a great reduction in costs and enable you to focus on other critical operations in a better way. Look at ways to expand the scope of your existing contract by outsourcing some more services to your vendor, ensuring that both, you and your outsourcing partner benefit from the same. Doing so might give you the leverage to ask your vendor for further cost savings or save money by re-negotiating another deal.
  4. Review your vendor's performance: Chances are that your existing outsourcing vendor is also hit by the ongoing recession. Consequently, many vendors are responding to the pressure by reducing headcount, not performing as per their capability or shirking their contractual duties. Good governance will keep a check on the performance of your outsourcing vendor. Take a second look at the services provided by your vendor. If they are not up to the mark, inform your vendor about the same.
  5. Audit and benchmark: An audit can uncover work not done properly, while benchmarking can be used to negotiate lower pricing. The suggestion of benchmarking comes in handy as you can check whether your vendor is charging you as per the industry benchmark or more than that. This often leads to a relatively candid discussion regarding pricing and, in many cases, to a price adjustment. If your outsourcing relationship with your vendor has been existent for a year, you should contemplate re-negotiating your contract and the rates at which you are receiving the services. Ensure that quality and service levels do not take a beating. As an alternative to renegotiating prices, you can ask for enhanced productivity.

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