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Outsource Pharmacy Management Services

The pharmacy retail space is becoming increasingly competitive by each passing day. Pharmacy chains are getting bogged down by the hurdles such as shrinking margins, scarcity of skilled personnel, and reduced support from the government. The only way to stay ahead in the race is to adopt effective pharmacy management systems.

Outsource2india has a proven track record of providing reliable and effective pharmacy solutions to customers across the globe. Our comprehensive Pharmacy Management Services are provided by skilled pharmacists with years of experience (minimum 4-5 years) in the pharmacy domain. Our solutions allow clients to streamline their processes, reduce costs, save time, and manage their pharmacies in a better way. When our customized solutions are integrated into the day-to-day functioning of your pharmacy business, you will find that there is a radical change in the efficiency of your workforce.

Customized Pharmacy Management Solutions

Our specialized and innovative pharmacy management system will help in smoothing all the rough edges and workflow management issues hampering different activities of your pharmacy chain. For instance, prescription management services and refill request management can be seamlessly linked to the managerial functions such as planning, organizing, as well as decision making.

As part of our Pharmacy Management solutions, we offer 4 key sub-services, these are:

Pharmacy Management Services
Refill Order Entry
New Facility Entry
Refill Request Management
Emergency Kit Order Entry
Refill Order Entry

Our refill request management system allows patients to request for medicine refills from any location. All, order entry as well as the pharmacy management tasks are handled in a very smooth and professional manner by our team. Thorough authentication and verification is done before fulfilling any refill orders.

New Facility Entry

Registering a new facility takes a lot of time and includes huge operational costs. We help you eliminate these issues by setting up efficient workflow processes for seamless pharmacy management. We make the whole experience of expanding to a new service location worth remembering by reducing the total number of man hours required, making the overall process cost-effective.

Refill Request Management

Managing refill requests for the prescription is one of the most mundane but important tasks of refill request management. Once you outsource prescription management services to us, we set up a highly effective system to take care of all your refill orders. Our solution is simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective, and will manage all your bulk refill orders in the most effective manner.

Emergency Kit Order Entry

Your customers are bound to have different emergency kit or survival kit requirements. Team of pharmacy experts at Outsource2india understand these varied requirements, and can help in creating different kits, which can also be made available online. We also allow you to customize kits for your customers as required.

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Outsource Pharmacy Management to O2I

Team at Outsource2india is well-aware of the undercurrents that can possibly affect your business. We are a professional pharmacy management service providing company that knows how to prioritize your bottom line and propel your business towards profitability.

We have a reputed team of pharmacy management experts, and pharmacy professionals with 5-10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry which helps us cater effectively to all our clients' needs. Beyond that, our entire team comprises of passionate and motivated individuals, having an innovative and creative streak, which helps us, get every job completed perfectly to our client's satisfaction.

If you wish to streamline your retail pharmacy business mechanism with the help of dynamic and scalable solutions from O2I, and provide simplified, transparent and seamless services to your clients, we are the professionals you are looking for.

Hire us today, to revamp your pharmacy management needs, and make a difference to the way your business functions! We will be glad to partner with you.

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