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Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Physicians

Healthcare Back-office Support Services for Physicians

Is outsourcing healthcare back-office support on your mind? Then you need the help of specialists like us to take care of healthcare functions such as medical coding, billing, revenue cycle management (RCM), denial management, account receivable management, insurance verification, and much more. A host of functions that are part of healthcare back-office support can eat into your time and disturb your productivity.

If this is your concern, Outsource2india can come to your rescue. By leveraging the know-how of healthcare's backbone and the administrative process that accompany the system, we have formulated a unique solution that is not just intuitively designed to cover all key areas of revenue cycle management but also to relieve physicians and back-office teams to focus on other important objectives.

Healthcare Back-office Support Services We Offer

O2I's back-office support services have passed the marketing test to bring seamless values to clients. Being a top provider of healthcare back-office support for physicians in India we have seen an increase in local and international healthcare customers thanks to our skilled professionals who are adept at all functions of a healthcare back-office. The healthcare back-office support services we provide include -

  1. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

    Outsource2india's healthcare back-office support for physicians is a service handled by certified professionals to streamline RCM processes such as patient eligibility checks, scrubbing claims, claims filing, charge capture, payment posting and much more. Our goal is to improve your cash flow and quicken the TAT.

  2. Medical Billing

    We have billing specialists with rich experience working with physicians to improve collections by up to 85%. Our coding services for diagnosis, medical services, and procedures proved to be effective due to high accuracy and cost-effectiveness. We have a large network of coders with 9+ years of exposure to medical coding that covers various specializations. Our coding teams possess the following expertise -

    • Hierarchical conditioning category (HCC)
    • Coding audits
    • Current Procedural Terminologies (CPT) to report medical, diagnostic, and surgical procedures to physicians
    • Accurate evaluation and management of codes
    • Knowledge of ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding systems
  3. Account Receivable Services (ARS)

    O2I provides account receivable solution that takes care of a healthcare provider's receivables. We help providers to get paid faster without facing payment interruptions. As part of AR services, you can avail the following -

    • We routinely prepare and deliver statements
    • We enter receivable transaction records into the accounting system
    • We post payments to client's account and resolve short pays
    • We prepare bills and send it to clients for approval
    • We undertake accounts receivable deductions management
    • We preserve and maintain the ledger of subsidiary receivables
    • We implement process modifications after the client's approval
    • We prepare high-quality AR reports
  4. Denial Management

    The propensity for claims denial is higher if documentation is carried out by an oversight. If shoddy paper trails are your concern, we are the right solution for the challenge. Our expertise in denial management spans close to two decades. We will analyze the cause of denial and implement the following solution to enhance the chance of payment recovery -

    • Discount compliance recovery services
    • Payment variance program
    • Clinical appeal services
    • Government appeal services
  5. Insurance Verification

    Why risk facing a write-off and denial when you can stay immune by availing the following services as part of insurance verification -

    • We verify the insurer's coverage of primary and secondary payers if the patient has opted for copay
    • Follow-up with patients for additional data
    • Before seeking approval from insurance companies, we ensure that benefits are justly passed on to patients
    • Ensuring the accuracy of billing data such as start and end term of the coverage, co-pay data, member ID, group ID, etc.
    • We evaluate demographic data
    • Check compliances with insurers before submitting an appeal
  6. Medical Transcription

    Being an expert at medical transcription we have already handled many projects involving medical transcription services for physicians. With a short turnaround time, we have an established reputation as a reliable physician transcription services provider.

  7. Medical Record Indexing

    We understand the importance of organizing and caching treatment records and demographic data belonging to patients for easy retrieval. We can place your electronic records in your practice management system for easy access. Our HIPAA compliant method will handle the following functions -

    • Charts and medical reports
    • Insurer notes
    • Pre-authorization
    • Clinical records
    • Admission and discharge summary issued by the hospital
    • Explanation of Benefits
    • Form 485
    • Patient demography data
    • Insurance ID
  8. Healthcare Analytics

    O2I provides high-quality analytics services that will streamline physicians' tasks by improving the service efficiency and risk management abilities. Our analytics services are aimed to minimize the risk faced by physicians in coding and billing process.

  9. Healthcare IT

    IT services in healthcare have experienced a drastic change thanks to a gamut of policies and regulations that routinely change. Life science companies, providers, and payers are forced to adapt or face unending challenges. This is where we come in. Being a complete Healthcare IT service provider, our solutions cover challenges in Big Data analytics, Cloud solutions, and social media while resolving challenges with regulatory compliances. The HIPAA-compliant healthcare IT services we offer are as follows -

    • On-site staffing
    • Project and healthcare IT architecture support
    • Application and server support
    • Ticketing support
    • Disaster recovery management
    • Round-the-clock help desk services
    • Hosting email and voice support
  10. Healthcare Data Entry Services

    We offer a wide range of solution to take care of data entry needs in healthcare. Our service facets as part of healthcare data entry are as follows -

    • Healthcare and clinical record
    • Records of image data
    • Medical records, files, and documents
    • Insurance billing forms such as UB-04 (1450), HCFA 1500, etc.
    • Patient record
    • Physician record

Healthcare Back-office Support Process We Follow

100% transparency in business allows us to deliver services that meet the client's expectation. Our comprehensive service covers all major challenges faced by healthcare back office support. The way implement solutions is as follows -

Eligibility Verification  

01. Eligibility Verification

In the first step, we evaluate the eligibility of patients to ensure they meet minimum requirements to qualify for claims

Capture Patient Demography  

02. Capture Patient Demography

We capture patient demographics such as the patient's birth year, gender, postal code, blood type, and ethnicity to identify and categorize patients for statistical analysis.

Medical Coding  

03. Medical Coding

We code the diagnosis, treatment, and procedures performed by qualified physicians. The coding is carried out by O2I's CPT, ICD, and HCPCS coding experts

Charge Posting  

04. Charge Posting

By collaborating with the coding team, a patient account is created and assigned with a dollar value. The charges are entered with diligence and prepared for an audit by the quality team

Electronic Claim Submission  

05. Electronic Claims Submission

After running quality checks and ensuring completeness of documentation we submit the files and documents electronically for verification from the insurer's end

Payment Posting  

06. Payment Posting

We electronically post payments captured from payers and patients into your medical billing system for faster account reconciliation (if any)

AR Follow-up and Denial Management  

07. AR Follow-up and Denial Management

We reopen denied claims to offer additional assistance to verify records and fill the gap to bring you more reimbursement

Patient Statements  

08. Patient Statements

We provide high-quality patient statements summarizing the billing process. It helps in tracking the expenditure without losing time and money

Comprehensive Reporting  

09. Comprehensive Reporting

We release comprehensive reports that will show what is billed and what isn't. It gives an insight on the portion of services that are covered by the insurance with the explanation of benefits (EOB)

Why Choose O2I's Healthcare Back-office Support Services

See reliability in action by outsourcing healthcare back-office support for physicians to Outsource2india. We are more than a typical billing company. Our services cover a wide range of healthcare back-office support for physicians. Unlike other third-party vendors, we go above and beyond to provide services that are exceptionally worthy of every dollar you spend. Here is a gamut of benefits we offer when you outsource healthcare back-office support for physicians to us -

  • Certifications

    Ours is an ISO certified company that follow HIPAA-compliant method in back-office support functions. Being the benchmark for other providers we offer services that match and even surpass your expectations

  • Data Security

    Since healthcare back-office support involves confidential patient data it is important for us to discreetly handle your documents and project by preventing unauthorized access or modification

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    O2I's offsite healthcare back-office support for physicians is a custom service that is handled professionally to meet the quality expected by physicians. We focus our efforts to improve your revenue by minimizing the errors in every stage of the healthcare back-office support

  • Short Turnaround

    Our solution isn't just a hack but a true problem solver to quickly resolve healthcare back-office challenges. We focus on enhancing the value you derive in a brief time. Experience swift response, coordination, and results without breaking the budget

  • Scalability

    With the evolution of technology, infrastructure, and complexity of our solutions are scalable than before. Get future-proofed by choosing a range of back-office support services

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The exorbitant cost of in-house operations is one of the top reasons why companies prefer to outsource healthcare back-office support to us. Our cost-effective services will ensure that you are always ahead of the curve with high-quality services

  • Single-point Contact

    We understand the importance of service without barriers. If you are in similar need we got you covered. We assign a dedicated project expert who will assist you throughout the project so that you don't have to face people who are barely acquainted with your project

  • Back-office Support Services Software

    In a healthcare back-office support project umpteen functions exist that do not require the involvement of knowledge workers. We use automation tools to take care of labor-intensive tasks without additional cost.

  • Experienced Team of Physician Billing, Coding, and RCM Experts

    Backed by 200+ AAPC certified professionals, we diligently execute services under HIPAA compliance. With 8+ years of professional experience in ICD, CPD, and HCPCS system we deliver the best value at fraction of the cost

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have the latest infrastructure that allows us to swiftly mobilize resources to multiple projects without lag in the delivery timeline. Our delivery time is 30% quicker than the nearest competitor

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Sending confidential files and documents is easy. We have a secure VPN and FTP system that facilitate fast and secure data transfer without concerns

  • Round the Clock Availability

    If you want a provider that offers time zone support your search ends with us. We offer extensive support to your team by phone calls and email because our 24/7-time zone support is accessible at the flick of a switch

Client Success Stories

Charge and Demographic Entries by Using the Kareo Software

Charge and Demographic Entries by Using the Kareo Software

A Houston-based client contacted Outsource2india to outsource charge and demographic entry. They faced a cash crunch along with employee turnover resulting in delayed claims submission. By proving a customized solution, we helped the client rake up 45% profits and the claims were verified with an accuracy of 98-99%.

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Case Study on Medical Billing

Provided patient Demographics and Charge Entry to A top US Medical Billing Company

Outsource2india handled the complete medical billing process for a large medical billing company based in the US, improving productivity by 30% with error rates below 2%. We processed 150 files a month with an error rate of just 2%.

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I am very impressed at the ease, quality, and the speed of the dictation service. Bernard (Sales Manager) was always professional & prompt with replying. I would highly recommend this service to my clients and colleagues. I am very happy with the quality of the dictation work & look forward to working with Outsource2india in the future.

Dr. Alan Lim,
Independent Doctor
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Outsource Back-office Support for Physicians to O2I

With 23 years of deep industry experience, we at Outsource2india, provide the best medical billing & coding services. We follow HIPAA compliant medical billing process and ensure that you receive quality back-end support service at an affordable rate. Our professionals are skilled in various specialties of healthcare back-office support. By leaving us in charge of these tasks you can focus on other functions that need your attention. We strictly adhere to the compliances and meet the deadline agreed by the client in the SLA.

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