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According to a survey on Search Analytics by www.rosenfeldmedia.com, a good majority of responses say that they are not able to do Search Analytics because of lack of easy and popular tools.

There is a lack of specific tools in the market to help you with Search Analytics, but the common Web Analytics tools can help you to a certain extent. The selection of tools is dependent on how the Search Analytics has been implemented on your website. This article deals with the tools available in the market and the data available from these tools.

1. Web Trends

This popular Web Analytics tools can be configured to give information specific to Search Analytics. It provides information like keywords that were searched for on your website, referrer sites who sent those visitors to your website, organizations from where the specific searches came and also Search analytics conversions.

2. Clicktracks

Search Analytics using Clicktracks optimizer is done by configuring either the url parameter or cookie. It gives us the list of keywords and the visits that each keyword brought.

3. Google analytics

Google has made it easy for its users to implement Search Analytics by offering its users the power to combine the Google Mini’s internal search capabilities with the reporting of Google Analytics.

4. Nabler's custom-built web analytics tool

This is a customizable tool that could be altered according to the site search capability that you already have in your website. This tool also has the capability to analyze the results page that is displayed for internal site searches. This additional feature of the software allows extensive internal site search analysis. Of course, the site search also has to be modified so as to facilitate this advanced internal site search analysis.

To find out more about these tools and to outsource you Search Analytics services to us, contact Outsource2india now and we will help you pick the right tool.

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