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Outsource Foreign Language Translation Services

Foreign Language Translation Services

In today's global economy and the age of World Wide Web, businesses have crossed boundaries, and are mushrooming across countries through Internet. It has become vital for organizations to make a global impact, and reach larger audience, in order to survive neck deep competition. However, it's not a piece of cake, because global trading means interacting with customers living in different countries and speaking different languages. Therefore, no matter where your prospects and clients live, if you want to foray into global markets, language is the key.

In order to convey your business message to your targeted clients, it's important to have foreign language translators who can understand, read and write different languages. Hiring a staff familiar with multiple languages is an additional overhead; that's why outsourcing foreign translation or multiple translation makes sense. Outsource2india, is a foreign language translation company that provides customized multi-lingual translation solutions for websites, market research, businesses, documents, advertisements and so on.

Outsource2india's Foreign Language Translation Process

Text to Text Process

English to Spanish/French/German or French/Spanish/German to English


Translate the English text into Spanish, German or French text


Translate the Spanish, German or French text into English text to check the accuracy of the translation

Voice to Text Process

English to Spanish/French/German or French/Spanish/German to English


Convert the English voice file into an English text file


Translate the English voice into Spanish, German or French text


Translate the Spanish, German or French voice into English text to check the accuracy of the translation

Multiple Foreign Language Experts at Outsource2india

We have a network of qualified linguists, who have experience in providing multiple language translation services for many years. Apart from language translation services, we also provide document translation services, technical translation services, medical translation services & interpretation translation services. We offer multiple-language translation services that help you translate your content into more than one foreign language, like English, Spanish, German and French. We also offer professional translation in various European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Our team of multi-language translators are expert at providing multilingual translation and can interpret all types of content into desired language.

Our professional translation services ensure that you receive high-quality translation services at competitive prices, within a quick turnaround time. You can be assured of the quality of your project, as it will be managed by a team of skilled translators, proofreaders and quality analysts. Read more about our professional language translation services:

Why Outsource2india for Translation?

We adhere to high standards of accuracy and professionalism in translation services. If you are wondering why choose O2I for translation services, find your answers below -

  • A strict code of professional ethics and business conduct
  • Complete security and confidentiality
  • Translated content suited to the cultural, technical and linguistic needs of the target market
  • Multi language translators familiar with local customs and cultural nuances of the target language
  • Professional translation keeping in mind the diction, word usage and other details of the targeted language
  • Quality analysts who validate the authenticity of our translation service
  • Cost-effective translation services
  • Expert translators who are proficient in French, Spanish, German and English
  • Capacity to follow Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Text translation process
  • Stringent quality assurance processes to ensure the accuracy of the translated text
  • Capacity to deliver accurately translated text within a quick turnaround time

If you want to outsource translation, you have reached the desired destination. Reach us if you are looking for the best multiple language translation services.

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