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Orchestra Transcription Services

Outsource Orchestra Transcription Services

Get pitch-perfect Orchestra Transcription Services at just ¢70/minute and save your time and money on training new hires on your company’s payroll

The sounds of strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass come together to form a harmonious orchestra. So what if each sound has to be transcribed? Do you have the bandwidth or resources to do it in-house? What about the cost of hiring and training new hires? When no scores are allotted to instruments separately, it can get challenging to play the instruments only by listening to the recorded material. This is where we come in.

O2I is a trusted orchestra transcription service provider and our experts translate the music into notations. Our instrument experts listen carefully and translate every note with perfection. Complexity is one of the major reasons why musicians outsource orchestra transcription services to us. In two decades, our high-quality orchestral music score transcription and orchestra arrangement services have reached media companies, music schools, orchestra groups, and individuals.

Orchestra Music Transcription Services We Offer

Our orchestra transcription services in India expands into various horizons. Some of our most prominent services are listed below -

  1. Full Orchestra Transcription

    Our professional transcriptionists will thoroughly listen to the recorded material until they can hear each instrument distinctly and separate them from each other to transcript music notes from each instrument. Apart from just having an ear for detail, we use technology to separate and identify different instrument sounds.

    Full Orchestra Transcription
  2. Solo Instrument Transcription

    Our services are not limited to providing complete orchestra transcriptions only. We also offer solo-instrument notating, and provide high-quality and detailed sheet music, accurately replicating instrument recitals.

    Solo Instrument Transcription
  3. Transposition Transcription

    Sometimes when there is a change in key while playing a melody, transposing the entire piece of music can seem impossible. O2I has a team of experts that analyze and read even the most complex and intricate musical pieces. The team is also fluent in transposition techniques in sheet music.

    Transposition Transcription
  4. String Quartet Transcription

    Our highly trained experts can easily transcript notations and are ear-trained to distinguish instruments from each other, while also maintaining their harmony and rhythm.

    String Quartet Transcription
  5. Big Band Transcriptions

    Our skills aren’t limited to full orchestral music score transcription. Our team is eloquent with the subject of Big Band Transcriptions, as they are also performing artists. This makes it easy for them to transcript recorded music from big bands.

    Big Band Transcriptions
  6. Vocal Transcriptions

    Our lead sheets for vocalists are constructed using recorded vocal performances or demo recordings. Sometimes vocalists also come to us asking to include accompaniment transcription in their project. We offer a complete set of vocal transcription services.

    Vocal Transcriptions
2-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
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Orchestra Transcription Services Process We Follow

Being a trusted orchestra transcription company, we offer you the advantage of refined processes and experience. The following stages are involved in the process -


01. File-Sharing

The client can share their music files with us through CDs or digital files shared through secure FTP or cloud storage, or any other preferred format


02. Takedown

After repeatedly listening to a piece, “playing” and “pausing” the recorded material, each note is carefully transcribed. This first step is referred to as “takedown” in the musical world


03. Engraving

The next step involves copying the entire “takedown”, i.e., the pencil transcription, into the music notation software. The final output is the musical score. This step is also known as engraving


04. Quality Check

Verification is the most important part of the process to make sure that every transcribed note is correct. We ensure this by playing and cross-checking the final transcription with the original


05. Secure Delivery

Before sending the file forward, we ask the client about the choice of format they would like us to use and transfer the files in a secure, encrypted way

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing Orchestral Transcription Services?

  • Efficient and Cost-effective

    Quick, cost-effective, and quality orchestral transcriptions are not easy to find. Our professionals work meticulously with musical pieces to transcribe orchestral melodies for our global clients.

  • High Regard to Safety and Confidentiality

    Safeguarding the client’s identity and material is paramount to us and we take all important steps, including safe transferring, access controls, and NDAs to ensure that your music remains secure.

  • ISO Certified

    Our services are ISO 9001:2015 certified and therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing we offer only high-quality services.

  • SPOC

    A single point of contact will be part of the team to supervise your project. They will be responsible for supplying resources that are required by the team.

  • Experienced Team

    At O2I, we are a team of world-class, highly trained, experienced and, most importantly, pitch-perfect musicians who take pride in their accuracy.

  • High-quality Services

    What gives us an edge over the other orchestral transcription service providers is the superior quality of transcription that we provide to our clients. Before the final work is sent out to the client, our experts do a zero-error check.

  • Faster Service

    We totally abide by the deadlines and ensure quick services. The delivery time may change in case of project complexity, we are among the fastest service providers in the market.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer robust customer support over a phone call, email, and web chat to ensure that you always get timely support from us.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

O2I transcribed close to nine hours of mock audio using a combination of technology and skill. Our team succeeded in finishing transcriptions with an accuracy of 95% within 72 hours.

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O2I Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Within 42 hours O2I transcribed nine hours of audio for a US-based client. With the success of the project, the client vowed to spread the word about their success and outsource future needs.

Read more


Not only are the transcriptions I've ordered very accurate, but the prices are extremely reasonable, the turnaround time is quick and the customer service is excellent!

Patricia. F,
Los Angeles
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Outsource Orchestra Transcription Services to O2I

With technical experience, efficiency and accuracy in orchestral music score transcription, O2I has become the first choice for global musicians, when it comes to outsourcing orchestra transcription services in India. in just 23 years, O2I has become a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified outsourcing company, that offers only quality transcription services to clients.

Our honesty, transparent approach to deliveries, complete confidentiality, refined processes, and providing services that stand at par with international quality indexes, are indelible assets for our company and have proved to be our USPs. Our team of experts has completed countless orchestra transcription projects accurately, and continue their streak to perfection, every day.

If you are looking for orchestra transcription services with timely delivery, superior quality, and competitive pricing then contact us now to get started.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

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