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Fraud Detection Software Development

Fraud Detection Software Development

Living in a digital era with currencies and information in digital formats, electronic exchange of both currency and data is an undeniable reality of businesses today. Personal and company-related data, critical fiscal, online transactions and other sensitive information are out on the Internet every moment. With mischievous elements and hackers in constant search of low-hanging fruits, it is important for businesses to safeguard their organizations against account hacking, data breaching, identity thefts, online frauds and other similar threats.

Opting for customized fraud detection software solutions can ensure security for your online business. At Outsource2india, we develop efficient fraud analytics software solutions. Our fraud detection software solutions will help you protect your web applications, online databases, and websites from critical online security frauds and threats. We help you secure your transactions, accounts, and online business from internet frauds and identity thefts. With our secure, affordable intelligence platforms you can quickly detect probable security threats.

Our Services - Fraud Detection Software Development

Today, fraud analytics is extensively used by businesses across the world to detect fraud at the nascent stages. Our fraud analysis software will analyze every point of user interaction on a website. This gives you with a complete picture of a potential fraudulent behavior, if any. Besides, our solutions can be rapidly deployed into complex environments without the need for an invasive integration. Our fraud analysis software development services include the following:

  1. Development of Rule-Based Engines

    Our fraud analysis software platforms featuring customized, rule-based engines are designed to help non-programmers add or change business logic in the system. We can develop such engines for both existing and new fraud detection software to detect fraud well in advance.

  2. Software Certification

    Every organization should get its software certified. Some of the major certifications modules we can help you with include:

    • PA-DSS certification and compliance
    • EMV certification
    • PCI-DSS certification and compliance
  3. Payment Authorization and Tokenization

    Tokenization is implemented to replace credit card and ACH numbers with a string or a random number. When a request for payment authorization is made only the token with the transaction verification code can be returned to the merchant. We help businesses secure the entire process by developing such unique tokenization protocol.

  4. System Integration

    You might have existing software, which needs to be upgraded with the new features. We can integrate software for detecting fraud with the new components. Our system integration services include:

    • EMV integration
    • Fraud data mining system integration
    • Credit check module integration
    • Fraud management system integration
    • Fraud pattern recognition system integration
  5. Development of Fraud Detection Software

    We develop top-quality software to detect fraud for businesses worldwide. Some of the key software components we develop include:

    • Fraud data analysis program
    • Development of anti-money laundering
    • Development of access security management features
    • Development of custom fraud parameters
  6. Data Encryption Protocol Development

    Data encryption translates data into a different code or form, which can only be accessed by certain individuals having the security code. We help you develop data encryption protocols, which safeguard the data transmitted or received from any type of external threat. We provide Point-to-Point (P2P) and End-to-End (E2E) encryption implementation services.

  7. Development of Know Your Customer Portal

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is a portal that is predominantly used by financial institutions, such as insurance companies and banks. We develop and integrate KYC portals with your background verification portals.

If the above-mentioned services have not got your concerns covered, then we also offer customized fraud analysis software development and can create other similar fraud software solutions as per your precise needs. After all, we know that no two enterprises are alike. Our custom software services offer quality fraud detection analytics for various platforms including mobile applications.

Tools We Leverage

Our developers have the expertise to efficiently cater to fraud detection needs of businesses in various industry sectors. This multi-disciplinary industry experience helps us provide top-quality fraud analysis software development services. Having an extensive industry experience of around two decades, we ensure that the solutions we deliver meet global software development standards. We leverage the following technologies to develop fraud detection software for all our clients:

  • Programming - Java, PHP, ASP.NET, and AJAX, to name a few
  • Frameworks Used - CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Zend, etc.
  • Open Source - Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, WordPress, etc.
  • Database - MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.

Why is Fraud Analysis Software Important?

Fraud detection is the key to analyze and prevent enterprise-wide fraud. Implementing the right technology is the first step to combating possible frauds. Some of the major benefits of investing in specific fraud detection software systems include:

  1. Early tracking of all the vulnerable points that serve as a loophole for fraudsters
  2. Efficiently safeguarding various types of organizational data including security, operational and financial
  3. Detect and prevent possible loss incurred by fraudulent purchases
  4. Protection of IT assets by choosing the right fraud detection software
  5. instill a sense of reliability in your organization by safeguarding your system from fraud business practices

Digitization has put every business at a risk of being exploited by fraudsters. However, reviewing the available fraud detection software and choosing the one that precisely caters to your business will ensure superior security.

Why Choose Us for Customized Software Development?

We have all the necessary processes, systems and tools in place to provide defect-free and quality software solutions that precisely cater to various business requirements.

  1. Process-Oriented Development Approach

    Our software development is highly process oriented. This approach minimizes the risks associated with software development and also reduces the development time. Instead of providing mere software solutions, we strongly focus on fulfilling your business goals.

  2. Skilled Resources

    We have some of the software professionals who carry extensive industry knowledge. Our resources will understand the business requirements of the clients and provide best possible fraud analytics and develop fraud prevention software that serves their purpose.

  3. Software Quality Assurance

    At O2I, we adhere to the latest and updated international quality standards for quality assurance. In order to ensure that our software solutions and products are of highest quality, we are compliant with industry best standards and follow a strict quality control process.

  4. Quick and Precise Software Solutions

    Having highly experienced developers and robust infrastructure in place, we provide apt and efficient fraud detection software development solutions in extremely short time. We understand that most of the businesses work under tight deadlines. For this reason, we offer high-quality software solutions as quickly as possible.

  5. Unmatched Project Security and Privacy

    Your privacy and security are our priority in any of the project we undertake. Therefore, we maintain utmost application confidentiality and integrity at every step of our software development. Our professionals take measures to substantially improve security, without hindering the project schedule.

We provide superior software solutions, which go through stringent quality assurance testing. Furthermore, to avoid unforeseen defects, errors or project delays, all the quality processes are put early in place in the project life cycle.

Automate Fraud Detection to Safeguard your Business

Being a comprehensive fraud detection software development service provider, by choosing us you can forgo the hassles of managing technological bottlenecks or handling multiple vendors. We help you authenticate your users, identify fraud, and validate your devices to manage high-risk accounts and other applications. Our developers will not rest until all the fraud is kept out of your business.

Our revolutionary service-oriented architecture approach creates a flexible IT architecture. This approach helps up is providing dynamic software solutions, which are consistent, flexible and platform neutral. You can also avail free trial and testing of the software developed by our team. If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us right away. We look forward to helping you.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: datascience.info@outsource2india.com

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