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Fashion and Apparel Management Software Development

Outsource Fashion Management Software Development

Outsource fashion management software development if you prefer faster completion of projects over insourcing. Your project can be outsourced to us at just $15/ hour

The software has a big role to play in the fashion industry. If you think you need one to design concepts and mock-ups to increase productivity simply outsource fashion management software development. Besides, fashion management software is used across diverse sectors of the fashion industry from placing orders with suppliers to managing stock and inventory and from generating reports to real-time information on sales and market reaction to the latest launches.

Outsource2India has over 21 years of experience in apparel software development. As an Apparel management software development providing company, we have, over the years helped many big and small fashion houses develop specific software aimed at providing a holistic view of business processes. Our solutions have particularly helped our clients to gain competitive differentiators by achieving faster speed to market and insight throughout all steps of design and delivery.

Apparel Management Software Development Services We Offer

We have extensive experience in developing different types of software for the fashion industry. From solutions to look after product lifecycle management to materials purchasing, from sales pipeline management to materials orders, from product orders to business intelligence, from analytical solutions to the dashboard, we have developed a solution for all. We offer a range of software services for the fashion industry. Some of these include -

  1. Web Apps

    Web Apps

    We have developed a wide range of fashion web apps for our clients. Our web apps have helped our clients enhance the productivity of all the departments. Besides, it has helped come out with new designs and concepts and hit the market quickly.

  2. Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Fashion companies have leveraged our mobile app services to develop specific fashion apps for both android and iOS platforms. We have developed fashion apps for men, women, kids, and accessories. Our mobile apps have helped our clients to reach out to a larger audience and improve their brand presence.

  3. Custom Software

    Custom Software

    Fashion brands have a need for specific applications to improve their internal processes. We have also built advanced software such as shirt customization software or suit customization software to make companies gain an edge over competitors.

  4. UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design

    Being a top software development company for fashion and apparel industry, we have assisted several fashion brands to develop the best UI/UX for their needs. From conceptualization to user experience design, from front-end development to graphics, we take care of all the experiential & visual aspects of fashion products.

  5. Data Science Solutions

    Data Science Solutions

    Our data science solutions for the fashion industry have helped our clients pull out valuable actionable insights, from multiple sources of accumulated data. With our solutions, clients have been able to read into data generated from sales, personal preferences, material supply etc.

  6. Software Security

    Software Security

    We have catered to the software security needs of several fashion companies. Our cyber-security team has developed a range of security solutions to keep important company assets safe from viruses, malicious attacks and thefts.

  7. Dashboard Development

    Dashboard Development

    Our dashboard solutions for apparel companies have helped our clients visualize and understand data in an easy way and friendly way. Our dashboards come enabled with one-click data imports, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, and automatic chart suggestions. All these features make data visualization engaging.

    Besides these, we have even assisted apparel companies with back-end development, API development, embedded systems development, cloud computing etc.

Our App Development Process for Fashion and Apparel Industry

We have a well-developed process to develop the best technology solutions for the fashion and apparel industry. Our process entails the following steps -


01. Initial Discussions

Different fashion companies have different requirements. Knowing the requirements helps you build the best software for their use. This is the first stage of the process in which we sit with you to understand your needs. After comprehending your requirements, we plan about the features that would make you specific to your needs.


02. Blueprint

Once the features of your software are finalized, we develop a blueprint and share it with you for your suggestions. Based on your suggestions and feasibility of the suggestions, we tweak the blueprint to further meet your needs. The objective of this exercise is to deliver exactly what you want.


03. Development

During this phase, the finalized blueprint is passed on to a handpicked team of app developers under a team lead with prior experience in developing fashion apps. We set milestones during the development stage to ensure the app meets deadlines as well standards are met at each phase of development.


04. Testing

We validate the development with testing throughout the development phase and once the app is fully developed. We bank on both manual and automated testing to ensure the app is fully functional and performance is seamless.


05. Delivery

Once the app is okayed through testing, we deliver the app to you or deploy the customized software at your end. We hand-hold your end users in using the software.


06. Support & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the app/software is always up and running. Our support services are round the clock.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Apparel Software Development to O2I?

We have developed an extensive range of apparel software solutions for our clients. From developing solutions for implementing creative vision in diverse product ranges to solutions that help in assisting designers self-manage own creative process, from solutions to ensure efficient communication and process flow between design, development, and marketing to solutions for visualizing ideas for products and ranges with great expertise, we have helped our clients gain advantage over competitors. While there are many reasons for outsourcing apparel software development some of the main reasons are -

  • Knowledgeable Developers

    We deliver solutions with the help of tech-savvy software engineers having in-depth knowledge of frameworks and platforms used for software development services. Our software developers for fashion and apparel industry have built different types of custom web, desktop-based software, and mobile app solutions for clients.

  • High-quality Apps

    We design your app keeping your user needs in mind. As a result, we find it easy to develop an app that meets the goals of speed, simplicity, and friendliness. The key distinguishing factor of a good fashion app is visual appeal. Keeping this in mind we ensure all our apps are inviting and stunning and have an intuitive interface. Our apps will take your users all the engagement layers in an easy and effortless manner.

  • Costs and Time Savings

    While we guarantee each of these, we also ensure our software meets your budgetary constraints. Having developed software for fashion companies of all sizes we strike a perfect balance between costs and features, with quality being a constant. Also, we bank on our mature development process and global operating model to meet deadlines.

  • Experience

    We have over 21 years of experience in developing fashion software. During these two decades, we have developed software for sales, production and buying teams of a fashion company. Our solutions have helped our clients penetrate the market with such ease that we have become their trust choice for all software needs.

  • Smooth Performance

    The performance of your software has a big impact on keeping your users hooked on to your app. To that effect, we guarantee performance with the help of the quality of the program code. At every stage of software development, we take care of issues like code mistakes and defects that slow down the performance of the software. With top-notch performance assured, your users will find your app of obvious and immediate value.

  • Future-ready Apps

    We believe in building future-ready software for our clients. So, at the onset, we plan to future proof it for both the short term and long-term future. For instance, when it comes to fashion mobile app development, we make it future proof by standardizing the management of the app portfolio and integrate security policies at the initial stage of the app life cycle. As a result, modernizing the security policies with time becomes easy thereby making the app future-ready.

  • Robust Security

    We fortify applications by employing all critical app security practices for your customers’ security. One common security feature of all our fashion app includes a secure login and re-authentication for important actions. Besides this, we encrypt all data and even use additional layers to avoid broken cryptography. In most cases, we even use SSL with chain verification necessary.

  • Highly Reliable Software

    We build software for manageability, portability, and reliability. In most cases, our clients have implemented our software on three or more different hardware configurations. Besides meeting these key requirements, we also strive towards building software that is reusable and scalable.

  • Round the Clock Support

    We operate from 8 global centers which is why we can provide 24x7 support services to all our clients' requirements. This ensures emergency requirements like a slowdown in performance or security breach are instantly addressed.

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Outsource Fashion Management Software Development to O2I


We've been trying to put together a functional website since I began my practice in April of 2012. I am happy to say we finally hired the team at Outsource2india, and they've worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service!

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Outsource2India has served many fashion clients from different industries. While on the one hand, we have 21 years of experience on the other, we have a highly qualified team of developers who work on various platforms to provide flawless fashion software solutions to our clients. Our range of services for our clients includes diverse requirements with equally diverse specificities. Our team understands how to formulates constructive tactics to improve the quality of the solutions so that it is liked by the end-user immediately. At the same time, we develop solutions to ensure they completely align with your company objectives.

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