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Outsource Animation Services

Animation Services

India is now the most sought-after destination for multimedia services, with entertainment giants like Walt Disney, IMAX, and Sony increasingly outsourcing special effects to India. India's cost-efficient, high-quality services, combined with a knowledgeable workforce fluent in English, and presence of hi-tech studios have made it a fast-growing hub.

Outsource2india (O2I) is one of India's leading studios, with expertise i2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, animatics, viral videos, illustrations, portraits, and caricatures. If you need special effects for your website, video or movie, we can design and create compelling computer graphics that meets your specifications.

Our Animation Services

Our animations reflect high production quality with the right mix of art, sound and computer graphics design, to get your message out with wit and elegance. We also emphasize on quick project turnaround, as we understand that businesses often work on tight deadlines. So we provide whiteboard animations in 8 to 10 working days, complete designing one infographic within 7 working days, and provide 2D outputs of up to 90 seconds within 15 to 20 working days. Our services include -

  1. 2D Animation

    Our expert animators create 2D characters or images by using computer adaptations of traditional techniques. Bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics are first created and then animated. To bring out the best in 2D characters or images, we use techniques such as morphing, onion-skinning, tweening, and interpolated rotoscoping. We have extensive experience in providing 2D services for movies, e-Learning courses, product demos, games, corporate presentations, website banners, animated logos, and simulations.

  2. 3D Animation

    At O2I, our skilled animators begin the 3D process by using polygons to create figures. Digital armatures are then used to bring the figures to life. We can breathe life into 3D characters and images for your movie, game, product demos, website, television program or presentation. Our animators are adept at various types of 3D animation, such as skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation, cel-shaded animation, and morph target animation.

  3. 3D Animation Rendering

    Photorealistic 3D rendering at affordable rates can be availed from Outsource2india. We have qualified animators with years of experience in 3D rendering. Having served clients who are marketers, builders, and automotive engineers we have earned our stripes with 96% rehire rates and 98% client satisfaction.

  4. Visual Effects Services

    Whether it is compositing, animation, clean up, motion tracking, or other simple or complex visual effect (VFX) services we do it all at affordable rates. When you choose us as your visual effects services provider, you need not own expensive software or full-time professionals for the task.

  5. Animation For Feature Film Services

    Our team at Outsource2india has the required skills and expertise to provide you with accurate and high-quality computer graphics for feature film services. Our team of highly experienced animators can leverage the latest tools and deliver superior quality feature film animations within quick turnaround time.

  6. Rotoscoping Services

    Your search for the best stereo rotoscoping and VFX rotoscoping services ends with us. We can perform tracking, masking, and editing to deliver high-quality results. Outsourcing rotoscoping services is simple and hassle-free. Share your requirement for a quick and free quote.

  7. Flash Animation

    Along with 2D and 3D animation, our team is also adept at creating attractive flash animations, using Adobe Flash, Swish, etc. Flash animations generally operate on low bandwidth when compared to videos, and are therefore an ideal tool for interactive website animations and other similar multimedia.

    Unlike most of the flash animations you might see on the web, our animations reflect a high production value, integrating vector-based drawings and other raster-based art for a clean, polished graphic appearance.

  8. Animatics

    We offer cost-effective animatics services, where we display a series of still images as an animated sequence, complete with time counters, sound effects, voiceovers, etc. Our services ensure you can understand the rhythm and overall progression of your story, and make any last minute changes before the final production begins.

  9. Whiteboard Animations

    Popularly known as whiteboard animations, scribe animations are ideal for training and development courses, online video marketing, and creating explainer videos. Generally captured and recorded by an illustrator while in the process of making his artwork, not only are scribe animations highly versatile and effective, but also cost-effective and have a shortened development time. Our whiteboard panel artists have worked with global clients to create influential, high quality, hand-drawn videos.

  10. TV Commercial Animation

    We have experts and technology to create animations for TV commercials so your brand message can reach masses by empathetically appealing to them through 2D and 3D animations. We create high-quality animations without breaking your budget.

  11. Character Animation

    Animating characters require special expertise that can only be done by people who not only understand what you need but also are capable of bringing their creativity to the front and center. With rich knowledge of the design tools and styles, they make sure your brand gets noticed quickly and efficiently.

  12. Stop Motion Animation Services

    We create stunning stop motion animations that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as commercials, film, music videos, or advertising, among others. Our stop motion services include design and development, character creation and storyboarding, animation, voice recording, visual FX, and compositing.

  13. Product Animation Services

    We create detailed animations of products for promotional or marketing purposes. Our services include the creation of 3D product demos, product briefing animations, animations for advertising, engineering-related animations, and machine line assembly animations, among others.

  14. Explainer Video Animation Services

    We create custom explainer video animations that help you better connect with your audience. Our services include the creation of how-to videos, animated ad films, architectural animation, medical animation, marketing animation, product animation, and corporate animation.

  15. Titling Services

    Title animations add intensity to videos and when orchestrated correctly, it excites viewers and piques their attention. Syncing the title animations correctly with the pace is essential to ensure the best results. This is what we achieve at O2I using tools. Plus, our services are affordable and suitable for those who prefer the flexibility to customize.

  16. Architectural Animation Services

    We create high-quality architectural computer graphics videos to help your potential clients to visualize the architectural layout of the project in its finished state. We add every subtle detail to enrich its content and make it appealing.

  17. Animated Feature Films Services

    The rich visuals of animated feature films draw the attention of the audience because it stimulates their senses and makes them part of the film and its script. To make a film that is powerful enough to connect with the viewers, it must be developed and edited professionally, something you can't achieve without shelling out money and lots of it. But outsourcing it to us helps you get the right results without compromising the quality or completely using up your budget.

  18. Cutout Animation Services

    We provide professional services that are sure to leave your audience enthralled. Cutout is one of the oldest techniques out there and is still a very effective means of communicating ideas and stories. Our experts are all well versed in the many different types of cutout animations and can provide you with highly personalized services.

  19. Stock Animation Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to handle all your requirements with ease. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services within a quick time.

  20. Forensic Animation Services

    We provide services for demonstrative evidence purposes. Our services will perfectly suit your requirements and input and be accurate and well presented. With our forensic animations, you can help your jurors quickly grasp what your expert witness is saying. Our forensic animations will help you with accident re-creation, building disintegration reports, assault analysis, equipment malfunction investigations, and crime recreation, among others.

  21. Music Video Animation Services

    We have over 23 years of experience in creating handcrafted, 2D animated, 3D, and 4D animations for all types of music. We will work closely with you to help you choose what best suits your music, including style, technique, and character design.

  22. Kinetic Typography Services

    O2I is a leading kinetic typography service providing company in the world with more than two decades of experience. We design marketing blurbs or create fascinating visuals with your marketing ideas through kinetic typography. We have both skilled team and capable software to flesh out results that you will be proud to showcase to the audience.

  23. Animated Storyboards

    Almost similar to Animatics, our Storyboards can help you save thousands of dollars in production costs by helping you figure out the exact sequence for the film that needs to be shot. These storyboards are especially helpful for your cinematographers since they can visualize how you want the project to be shot. Be it photorealistic or loose-lined, we offer both black and white as well as varying color styles to illustrate scene-by-scene storyboards. We can help you pre-visualize a motion picture, interactive video, electronic game, or motion graphics, amongst others.

  24. Animated illustrations

    Animated illustrations, popularly known as Animated GIFs, are lightweight in nature, and can help you put across your creative ideas or business advertisements on a variety of social media platforms. At O2I, our animators create frame-by-frame illustrations on Adobe Illustrator, which are then exported as a file format of your choice. With the help of our innovative and captivating animated illustrations, you can easily get your message across to your target audience.

  25. Specialized 2D & 3D Services

    • Computer graphics for e-Learning - At Outsource2india, we offer interactive animations for CBT/ WBT (Computer/ Web Based Training), processes, charts, games, learning videos, and CD/DVD-ROMs
    • Computer graphics for Websites - We can produce exclusive animated banners, home pages, graphics, logos, images and user interfaces for your websites to make them more attractive
    • Computer graphics for Companies - We can provide your company with animations of prototype machinery and equipment, business presentations, interiors, fly-overs, medical equipment, or walkthroughs that can provide a competitive edge to your organization
    • Computer graphics for Entertainment/ Media - We provide spellbinding 2D and 3D services for movies, television programs and advertisements

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also offer services for creating high-quality shockwave games, animated screensavers, and animated wallpapers, amongst others. Read this case study on our animation services to find out how a Middle-Eastern client was able to save more than 50% in cost by outsourcing their requirement to O2I.

Read our well-researched article to Make your Computer graphics Realistic with 8 Indigenous Animation Tips.

The Animation Process at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the final product. Our process includes -


& Script
03Voice over
06Key Frames
07Cleanup &
08Flash Rigging
& Animation
& Editing
10Final Render


/ Concept Art
Art Direction
03Voice Over
05Key Frame
06Lighting / FX /
08Final Render

Animation Software Used at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we believe in using the latest technology and infrastructure to provide our customers with superior quality services. We continually upgrade our workstations with the latest software available in the market, and make sure that our animators work with advanced applications to create perfect 2D and 3D animations, such as -

Our Related Services

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At Outsource2india, our customers are assured of high-quality services, cost-effectiveness, complete data security, and strict adherence to deadlines. Our experienced animators will work on your behalf to shift your marketing and branding campaign into high gear.

Get in touch to outsource 2D animation and 3D services to O2I. Our team will be glad to showcase our array of work, and provide you a customized solution.

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