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Case Study on Daily News Briefs Analysis

Daily News Briefs Analysis

Read this case study and find out how Outsource2india conducted a media analysis on daily news briefs. Outsource2india also carried out the research and preparation of concise news reports covering over 11 industry sectors, across six emerging financial markets.

The Customer

Our customer was a leading UK based service provider of select business information and was looking to outsource the research and preparation of concise news reports covering over 11 industry sectors.

The Requirement

The assignment involved a press reportage analysis and also included researching and abstracting daily business news reports and articles from emerging markets such as, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The scope of the project spanned across 11 industry sectors.

Each report was to offer a crisp, strategic insight into the corporate developments in each of the 11 industry sectors. The report was targeted at senior management executives to aid them in better decision making.

The Challenge

Each news abstraction piece had to be researched and written covering the 11 industry sectors across a wide geographic area. Since the customer had a particular format that needed to be followed, some amount of training had to be given to our team of research analysts.

The Solution

To start off, we implemented a rigorous training module that lasted 2 weeks, for all our web researchers and analysts, based on the guideline manuals that were sent to us by the customer.

We started work on the project, by conducting web research, sourcing out information and downloading relevant business news pieces that fit within the identified parameters. This was done on a daily basis.

Next, each business news article was abstracted according to the customer's specific guidelines. We asked the customer for feedback and incorporated the feedback during the training module itself.

The Outsource2india team consisting of project managers, qualified journalists and management graduates saw the entire project to a successful completion.

The Results

The project was completed successfully. Phase 2 of the project is currently being conceptualized, with a plan to cover a wider geographic area and additional industry sectors. The second phase could involve the abstraction of financial news articles in addition to business news.

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