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While global CEOs had equipped themselves for force majeure calamities as well as natural disasters and were ready with their business continuity plans, no one was ever prepared for a COVID-19 situation that could lockdown 150 countries at once and not allow the workforce to reach their offices! The future business contingency plans will, therefore, focus on working from home.

Our teams are holding fort and working from the safety of their home, ready to help customers as always! Read more

Infographics on Outsourcing


Simplify Your Outsourcing Challenges VISUALLY

We combine our content and design expertise to visually present the most relevant outsourcing information in the form of interesting and easy to read infographics.

O2I Infographic
  • Outsource2india's Journey over the Years

    A small team of 4 which started developing custom software in 2002 is now serving a diversified customer base of over 18488 across 167 countries! Outsource2india's growth story is nothing less than dramatic.

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  • What, When, and How of Outsourcing

    Do you know that outsourcing started in 1900s, and India is the global outsourcing hotspot?

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Infographics on Outsourcing
  • Transforming Research Data Into Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

    Impressive PowerPoint Presentations can help you create a favorable impression on your clients. Read 6 reasons to outsource PowerPoint presentations.

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Mobile Application Timeline
  • The Mobile App Timeline

    Ever since its inception, various mobility technologies and the mobile app market has come a long way. In fact, some of the latest technologies and innovations leave us astounded by the sheer brilliance of it. Let's look at the journey of mobile apps through this timeline:

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