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Case Studies on Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Company gets Panorama Stitching Services from O2I

Top Real Estate Company Gets Panorama Stitching Services from Outsource2india

As a part of Panorama stitching services, O2I's team did stitching, mismatch correction, correcting nadin, dimensions, brightness, sharpness, and rendering the final output in JPEG formats. The client was satisfied with our precision cropping and saved 60 percent of the costs and applauded our prompt delivery times.

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Image Editing & Video Creation for 3D Real Space Visualization Client

Global Leader in 3D Real Space Visualizing Avails O2I's Image Editing and Video Creation Services

A leading 3D real space visualizing client approached us with a requirement of image editing and video creation. Our team of photo editors provided the services in no time at an highly affordable cost.

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Provided Design Manipulation for Swimming Coaching Company

World's #1 Baby and Toddler Swimming Coaching Company Outsources Design Manipulation Services to O2I

A leading baby and toddler swimming coaching company were looking for a partner who could provide them with image manipulation services. Outsource2india's team of image editors provided the services at an highly affordable cost.

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Real Estate Drone Video Editing Services

Real Estate Drone Video Editing for European Client

Learn how we worked with a European real estate company to edit drone-captured real estate photographs in a short time frame and with 98% accuracy. We also added in music tracks, removed unwanted footage, and added specific texts to ensure all client requirements were met with aplomb.

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Photo Editing Services

Case Study for Sports and Outdoor Photography - O2I

Learn how our outsourced solution provided the impetus to our client to serve their customers better by providing affordability and quality in services, while streamlining its own operations with the help of our high-quality, cost-effective and time-bound image editing solution.

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Photo Editing Services

Image Enhancement and Photo Editing Services for a U.K. – based Photo Studio

Our image enhancement and photo editing services were availed by a photo studio in the U.K. We succeeded in adapting to the customer’s style of working and delivering the work as per the customer’s requirements. We process 200 to 400 high quality images every week for the customer.

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Photo Editing Services

Image processing case study

We provided image processing services to a company that owns 13 studios across Norway. By using our services, the customer benefited from huge cost savings. The company highly appreciated our professional and timely services.

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Photo Editing Services

Automobile Image Clipping Case Study

We provided high quality and professional image clipping services to UK's largest auto seller. With the help of our timely services, he was able to achieve a target of 5000 images in a month, and now outsources most of his image editing needs to us.

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Imaging Services

0.3 KM Long Photo Stitching

We worked on a photo stitching project for a Norway based Photography and Design Company. We had to stitch an image which was more than 0.3 kilometer long and consisted of about 300 individual images. The project was delivered to the client within 60 days.

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Case Study on HDR Image Editing

Case Study on HDR Image Editing for a Video Production Services Company

Outsource2india provided HDR image editing services for over 80,000 raw images and photographs of hotels and other properties to a US based video production services company with 95% accuracy in just 20 days.

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Case Study on 360 Degree Virtual Tour Creation

360-degree Virtual Tour Creation by Stitching Drone Footage

Read how Outsource2india used PTGui and Autopano Giga software to create 360-degree panorama and virtual tour by stitching raw drone footage.

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