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Outsource Adobe Photoshop Services

Adobe Photoshop Services

At Outsource2india (O2I), we aid individuals, photographers, photo studios, startups, SMEs, large corporates and more, looking to offshore Adobe Photoshop services. A global outsourcing provider, we aid with any Photoshop requirement regardless of the size or volume of images.

We can assist with cropping, detail addition/ removal, image size adjustment, contrast/color adjustment, editing, manipulation, background removal etc., opt for our services. Our Adobe Photoshop services are carried out at a delivery center in India through skilled and trained resources and print-on-demand (POD) technologies.

Outsource2india's Adobe Photoshop Services

When you partner with O2I you can obtain print-ready files, mitigate the costs, and effort involved in an in-house team, and more. Our creative design team has successfully provided 1.2 million+ designs and aided 19,000+ global clients.

Seamless workflow processes, robust infrastructure, licensed software, and 100 percent data security govern our outsourcing processes.

At O2I, we ensure SLA agreements are adhered to (99 percent) and provide high-quality output in short delivery periods. Our Adobe Photoshop services include the following -

  • Clipping Path

    We create hand drawn clipping paths (vectors), using Adobe Photoshop and also provide multiple clipping paths for color correction and photo retouching.

  • Photoshop Background Removal

    We remove backgrounds from images, resize, and change any background into a white background or transparent background ensuring marketplace image compliance for Amazon, eBay, etc.

  • Color Correction

    We correct excess/less color, white balance, brightness, shadows, highlights, hues and contrast, color temperature, saturation, etc.

  • Photo Restoration

    We use the clone stamp tool, brush tool, pen tool, etc. to remove dust, scratches, spots, and blemishes and more.

  • Rotating, Straightening

    We align, rotate in 90 degrees and fine-tuning the rotation angle.

  • Raster to Vector

    We draw each image and trace to reproduce it as an illustrator vector file or a predefined user format like TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, EPS, AI, PSD. Read more about our Raster to Vector Conversion services Using Photoshop.

  • Image Cropping

    We clip/crop photos from their original size according to client specifications and borders or objects removed.

  • Watermark Addition

    At O2I, image editors use watermark placement or logos on every product image to prevent the unauthorized use of images.

  • Noise Reduction

    We handle unclear, grainy and blurred images, by reducing noise and grains, transforming them into images that captivate potential customers.

  • Beauty and Skin Enhancement

    We add shadows, eliminate skin blemishes, spots, lens glare, scratches, smooth fabric wrinkles, and more.

  • Masking

    We offer natural layer masking, transparency masking, and alpha channel masking techniques to create a lifelike feel. We also include shadows for a three-dimensional effect.

  • Background Replacement

    We remove existing backgrounds and convert any background into a white, transparent or any solid color background - perfect for online e-commerce sales.

  • Photoshop Photo Compositing

    We are specialists in several other Photoshop services that includes Photoshop Photo Compositing services. Our team of image editors/artists can composite photos and use elements from different pictures to merge them in an awe-inspiring way.

O2I's Adobe Photoshop Services Workflow

At O2I, our trained resources follow distinct processes that include the following steps -


01. Briefing

O2I receives a briefing from the client on design requirements.


02. Upload

Customer uploads sample files to a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox, etc.

Task Allocation and Design  

03. Task Allocation and Design

Designs allocated to O2I's design resources and design executed

Quality Check  

04. Quality Check

Quality Control specialists conduct Quality Checks


05. Approval

Post quality checks, low-resolution designs sent for approval to the client


06. Edits

Client corrections and edits carried out (if any)

Final Files  

07. Final Files

Final approved files uploaded to a secure FTP for client download

Benefits of Outsourcing Adobe Photoshop Services to O2I

When you partner with O2I for Adobe Photoshop, you gain benefits including but not limited to the below -

  • Trained Resources - Our resources are proficient in clipping path, masking, background removal, transparent background, lighting, and contrast adjustments, etc.
  • Multiple Output Formats - We provide outputs in various formats including RAW, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, BMP, GIF, and PSD.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop features - Our skilled resources are well versed in Adobe Photoshop CS6 features such as Layer Tweaking, Smart Filters, Content Aware Patch Tool, Enhanced Vanishing Point, Lighting Effects, Refine Edge Tools, the Pen Tool, Enhanced Camera Raw Dialogue, Crop Tool, etc.
  • Secure Processes - Outsource to English speaking professionals, work in your time zone, avail multi-lingual expertise, get 24/6 support.

Choose O2I for Adobe Photoshop services

If you require Adobe Photoshop services, contact us, tell us your requirement and receive a free quote in one business day.

Outsource2india has been in the outsourcing arena for more than two decades. Our outsourcing services include Data Management, Translation, KPO and more. Regardless of your industry vertical or requirement, we can help you gain a competitive edge, at the most affordable costs.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: image.info@outsource2india.com

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