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Data Science Consulting Services

Outsource Data Science Consulting Services

Turn around your business and cap losses with O2I's data science consulting. Our data science consultants will help you make smarter decisions to increase your business efficiency

Are you among companies that face hurdles in incorporating AI and ML to analyze Big Data? You could be disadvantaged for not leveraging predictive analytics and automation technology especially when Big Data is predicted to reach 44 Zettabytes by 2020. If so, turn to Big Data consulting from Outsource2india and get empowered with game-changing technology and the ability to harness the Big Data with ML and AI. With our data science consulting, you can make smart business decisions and drive revenue for your business.

Data science firms like Outsource2india are responsible for empowering businesses to collect and utilize Big Data in meaningful ways. Our Big Data lakes solutions and consulting will help you multiply sales, speed to market, quality, and efficiency. On the other hand, you can cleverly lower the cost and accelerate innovation with our data science consulting.

Data Science Consulting Services We Offer

If you are unsure how to handle data from Data Lakes, it's a smart choice to approach firms like us. We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to pioneer ways to improve R&D and project workflows. Our data scientists will optimize the consumption and analysis of business intelligence without the one-size-fits-all approach. Outsourcing Data Science consulting services can help you avail the following -

  1. AI-driven Digital Transformation Services

    AI-driven Digital Transformation Services

    We enable companies to embark on digital transformations to counter any possibility of disruption from competitors or the "Uberization" of their business. We help companies accelerate their innovation and experiment with new digital products, services, and capabilities to supplement their existing offerings or to help them slide into new markets.

  2. Predictive Analytics & Data Science Consulting

    Predictive Analytics & Data Science Consulting

    O2I provides data science consultants who bring their expertise to the table to help your organization meet its project development goals. Our scientific advisory leverages ML technologies, data mining strategies, and business cases to align your workflow for better decision-making and revenue growth. We provide expertise to analyze the Big Data using analytics engine, machine vision, NLP and data warehousing.

  3. Data Strategy Enhancement

    Data Strategy Enhancement

    If you need growth hacking strategies sans the effort in hiring full-time data scientists we have you covered. Outsource2india offers 360-degree support to help you evaluate your business and identify potential areas that contribute to the growth. We use Data Science and Predictive Analytics to take a holistic look at your business. This would help us determine ways to design scalable models that are highly cost-efficient.

  4. Custom Business Intelligence Tools

    Custom Business Intelligence Tools

    When it comes to business intelligence we are among the best Data Science firms. We provide Business Intelligence consulting and development without denting your wallet. Unlike the one-size-fits-all business intelligence tools that are available on a subscription basis, we offer dedicated professionals who make use of our in-house AI technologies to individualize the data and provide custom dashboards. We also enable you to collect Big Data, make predictive analysis, and ensure compliance with governance. Additionally, we create custom tools that are designed with your requirements in focus. Our custom BI tools can let you set and meet business goals by smartly utilizing business intelligence. To do so, we learn about your data sources and the frequency of data refresh before consolidating the data into a single source.

  5. Security and Information Management

    Security and Information Management

    Our services can be extended to information management areas of your company. We will monitor the compliance (business requirement, regulatory, and legal), manage information assets, as well as recommend improvements to enhance the security of your information management framework.

  6. Data Mining Software Development

    Data Mining Software Development

    At O2I, we provide data mining software development services which include the development of databases, and data processing systems. In this way, if you have data-mining challenges, it will be taken care of by our custom software. We follow agile and prescriptive methods to design systems that are comprehensive and feature-rich to tackle nearly all data mining challenges.

  7. Data Science Advisory

    Data Science Advisory

    We can fill the gap in leadership with scientific advisory services. We provide Data Science training for corporates, universities, R&D facilities, and private equities. Being the best among Data Science firms, we practice and preach the finest practices in technology adoption. Our consultants can train your team on emerging technologies as well as provide CTO services to improve the product lifecycle.

Data Science Consulting Process We Follow

When you outsource your requirement to O2I, we will advise the scope of work with clarity before inking the service contract. We will ensure complete transparency in the pricing by going the extra mile to explain how we charge for the service. We are different from other companies because our process is as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will work with you to determine your needs. Our team will understand what you require and request workflow process to understand patterns


02. Data Processing

The data will be acquired from you and the problem will be determined through further research. We will investigate the problem and process the data to formulate a solution


03. Data Cleansing

If the database includes unstructured datasets it will be cleansed to filter valuable data that is essential for improvement and restructuring of your business process


04. Data Evaluation and Modeling

The cleansed data is evaluated by pattern recognition, deep learning, and AI to design productive workflow models to enhance your existing process


05. Insight Development

Results are exported after analysis and processing. The exported data is converted into high-quality insights for further analysis and perusal


06. Actionable Outcome

The exported data be used to enhance your workflow and productivity. We will provide further assistance to help you measure the outcome

Industries We Serve

 Retail Management
 e-commerce Sites
 Data Centers
 Customer Analytics

Why Outsource Data Science Consulting to Outsource2india?

Data Science consulting services in India have reached a competitive equilibrium that it has become difficult to distinguish the best providers from mediocre ones. To set ourselves apart we have been going to great lengths to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety of your project by adopting the best practices. We do much more than easing your concerns about the service cost. Therefore outsourcing Data Science consulting services to O2I is a must if you want to avail the following advantages -

  • ISO Certifed Service Providers

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified data science consultant with 23 years of experience in working with the best technologies. Our technology adoption is swift and we have evolved with the trending technology to keep ourselves a step ahead of the change.

  • 100% Data Security

    You can count on us to handle your data with care. Our team has signed the non-disclosure agreement making them fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 regulations. Our project team is also legally bound to avoid accidental or deliberate disclosure of your confidential data. This gives better accountability to your project.

  • High-quality Services

    Our service levels are scrutinized by a separate team of quality analysts. We always take extra measures to avoid concerns from the clients. We will closely work with you to clarify your doubts so that the outcome of our service gives you 100% satisfaction.

  • Scalable Data Science Consulting Service

    If you prefer scalable solutions from Outsource2india is a great choice because it lets you have access to services that can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your actual needs. This lets you save cost and time in a big way.

  • Affordable Solution

    We always aim to keep our services affordable so that you can get the service customized to your exact needs. Our rates are highly competitive because we have a solution for both short-term or long-term requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our turnaround time is faster than most of the competitors because we have over 3000 data science professionals a spectrum of skill level and the bandwidth to deal with simultaneous projects.

  • SPOC

    We have dedicated project managers who will be immediately assigned to each approved project. The SPOC will stay in touch with you and resolve your concerns without making you wait. If you need quick updates or clarification from the project team, our SPOC will be the first line of contact to communicate your queries.

  • Full-time Data Science Consultants

    We have an in-house team of 1000+ data science consultants who have the right qualification needed to deal with your project. Our experience of our team ranges from 5 to 15 years in a spectrum of technologies. They possess knowledge of the latest ML and AI technologies and frameworks to fulfill your needs.

  • High-quality Infrastructure

    We have a sophisticated technology and security infrastructure that gives our team the ability to perform above your expectations. The technology we possess enabled us to ensure the optimum service levels so that your project is dealt with in the best manner.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Get round-the-clock support anytime, anywhere by choosing us as your service partner. We have multiple contact centers spanned across 4 continents to hear your concerns and provide resolution in the shortest time. Our team will carefully understand your concerns and respond appropriately to quell your concern.

Client Case Studies

Case Study on Document Processing Automation Platform Development

Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

A reputed banking client was provided with the Big Data platform which was developed by us to automate document processing. The client was delighted with the performance and service levels.

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Case Study on Data Storage Creation and Processing Infrastructure

Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

We designed and developed a centralized data processing and storage infrastructure for a reputed bank based in India. The system was implemented quickly in spec with the client's need.

Read more

Outsource Data Science Consulting Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading company with delivery centers spanned across 4 continents. We have served data science services to our valuable clients for the last 23 years. Our team includes the best minds from Ivy League institutes. We also have data scientists who have close to a decade of experience in data science projects. O2I takes pride in offering scalable and affordable services to small and big organizations. We have been empowering businesses to leverage small and big data to drive their growth.

Get in touch with us if you have data science needs and we will help you customize the service to bring you the best results.

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