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Data Science Case Studies from Outsource2india

Data science is an emerging technology which includes knowledge and working expertise in machine learning algorithms, AI, Cognitive computing, Predictive analytics, etc. Choosing the right company which can provide advanced data science services in India is difficult, as there are only a handful of reliable providers. Outsourcing data science services is therefore a critical decision which can define your business growth.

At outsource2india, we are at the forefront of industry-leading technologies and have been offering customized solutions in Data science to global audience.

Our data science case studies or success stories stand as a tangible proof of the efficiency, expertise, and professionalism of our data science outsourcing services.

Designed Plugin Using Predictive Algorithm

Outsource2india Designed a Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL for a US Restaurant Chain using Predictive Algorithm

A leading US-based restaurant chain was looking for a data science service provider who could provide them with a plugin which would convert NoSQL to SQL using predictive algorithms. Our team provided the services within a quick time.

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High Value Transaction Parties Identification for a Bank

O2I Identified High Value Transaction Parties for a Bank

A leading banking group was looking for a data science service provider who could provide them with the information of high value transaction parties and approach them as potential clients. Our team of experts provided the client with the required information and helped them to identify their potential clients.

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Document Processing Automation Platform Development

O2I Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

A leading banking organization was looking for a service provider who could develop a big data-based platform which would help them to automate the document processing. Our team of data science experts developed the platform incorporating all the requirements of the client.

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Open Source Analytics Workbench Creation

O2I Architected an Open Source Analytics Workbench for a Bank

A leading banking organization was looking for a reliable data science service provider who could create an open source analytics workbench by making use of their in-house structured and unstructured data. Our team provided them with the required services within a quick time.

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Data Storage Creation and Processing Infrastructure

O2I Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

A leading Indian banking group was looking for a data science partner who could help them create a centralized data processing and storage infrastructure. Our team at O2I developed the required infrastructure within a quick turnaround time.

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Helped US Mortgage Company by Automating LQI Process

O2I helped a Mortgage Company in the US by Automating Loan Quality Investment (LQI) Process

A top mortgage company in the US contacted Outsource2india for automating loan quality investment (LQI) process. After studying the requirements in detail, we assigned an expert team consisting of engineers and big data scientists who successfully modelled a solution through Cognitive Process Automation. Our solutions enhanced the transaction accuracy, and rate of work while simultaneously lowering the processing time and manual FTE.

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Route Optimization to Dairy Supplier to Streamline Product Delivery

O2I's Route Optimization Services Helped a Leading Dairy Supplier in the Middle East Streamline Their Product Delivery

Route optimizations services by Outsource2india leveraged machine learning techniques to group different regions based on proximity and created the best possible sequence plans to help a leading Middle Eastern dairy supplier achieve streamlined delivery and optimized routes.

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Dynamic Data Collection for Logistics Firm

O2I Helped a Logistics and Security Services Company Dynamically Collect Telemetry Data from Vehicles

Outsource2india captured data in real time, stored it in the big data, and analyzed it using machine learning techniques to optimize routes and raise timely alerts against potential frauds, thereby helping the Logistics firm get real time visibility into their delivery and dispatch.

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Our data science services have created global success stories.

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