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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Get a clearer picture of where your business stands. Boost performance, control cost and identify new opportunities in the market with business intelligence consulting services

Are you looking for a robust business intelligence solution to help improve your performance through strategic data-driven insights? If yes, you must consider business intelligence development solutions offered by Outsource2india. We can set up the right structure of business intelligence development mechanism to help you with BI implementation, market research, strategy, forecasting, budget planning, financial analysis, reporting, tools integration, performance metrics analysis, trend analysis, customer engagement, and many more.

As a premier provider of business intelligence consulting and development services in India, we have a rock-solid track record in assisting companies with our business intelligence consulting solutions. With two decades of service expertise in data analytics, we have assisted over 1000 global companies with various BI solutions.

Business intelligence Consulting Services We Provide

Our team of data management experts makes use of several management methods to turn raw data into valuable insights. So, outsource business intelligence development services to us to leverage your business and organization's data in the best possible way. Here is a list of a few key business intelligence consulting services that we provide -

  1. Data Analytics and Data Mining

    Data Analytics and Data Mining

    For all kinds of business intelligence solutions, our team makes use of the advanced data mining software to structure your data and recognize patterns. Thus, it will cater to a data-driven approach that will assist your users to better analyze your customers' buying behavior. With our data mining services, you can analyze your online business and collate real-time information. Hence, our services will help you immensely in segregating data-driven insights to cut cost, optimize production, and evaluate customer demographics.

  2. Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop

    Big Data Analytics using Hadoop

    At O2I, we have a team of capable business intelligence consultants who are experts in Big data. Their expertise can provide you the much-needed alternative to handle the complex data. We rely extensively on Hadoop to empower you with data-driven decision making by using Big data analytics. It can unlock the vast reservoir of unorganized data. We can implement and execute data lakes to make sure that you can record invaluable insights. Our team of developers can create custom software to render the deployment of Big data systems at your organization.

  3. Business Performance Management

    Business Performance Management

    By outsourcing business intelligence consulting services, you can leverage our team's expertise in creating robust performance evaluation systems. We collaborate with IT and non-IT firms to categorize their framework of complex data and convert those into an organized mesh of structured data, which give them power on their data.

    Thus, if you are looking for custom business intelligence solutions to enhance your business performance, then, you must choose our services. We can help you create a robust support system to bring down your cost and achieve great results. Also, all the design and development of the performance tool will be taken care of by our professionals. So, you do not have to worry about anything.

  4. 360-degree Business Intelligence Consulting & Solution

    Business Intelligence Consulting

    Through our business intelligence development services, we can enable you and your employees with a powerful BI solution that will help you seamlessly navigate through the large volume of data. This will allow you to manage your data accurately and effectively and use it as graphical representations in of any form.

    Our BI solutions will enable you to use the smart feature of business intelligence, which includes access to real-time data, data storytelling, self-service options to create custom reports, and many more. Our team uses a linear approach to designate, plan, execute, and deploy all types of BI solution. You can also design ad-hoc or planned auditing to handle your data.

  5. Data Governance and BI Compliance

    Data Governance BI Compliance

    BI tools facilitate the use of consolidated data. As a premier business intelligence consulting and development company, we have the necessary capability and resource numbers to enable you to get the neck to neck with your competitors. We can help you with data governance. The BI compliance standards will enable you to handle and address all sorts of vulnerabilities and risks in a professional manner.

    With our business intelligence consulting, our team can help you achieve a technological breakthrough in terms of managing, controlling, and addressing issues related to data. Our business intelligence development services will help you evaluate data governance protocols, identify risks, and verify compliance protocols. We can develop encryption measures, plan the data access process to make sure that your company is 100% compliant with BI compliance.

Business intelligence Consulting Process We Follow

At Outsource2india, we are stringent with our business intelligence development solutions and follow the below time-tested business intelligence consulting process -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

At the start of business intelligence consulting, we will gather your exact requirements and understand your needs vis-à-vis BI deployment.

BI Implementation Plan  

02. BI Implementation Plan

Then, our team will create the roadmap for BI implementation. Once it's approved, we will decide on the technologies, programming languages, and frameworks to be used.

Schedule BI Implementation  

03. Schedule BI Implementation

Identify the most important business areas and phases. Our team will plan the implementation phases based on your organization's size and dynamics.

BI Iteration  

04. BI Iteration (Deployment)

The BI implementation will go in phases. Thus, after each phase completion, we will proceed to the data validation stage.


05. Testing

Our QA experts will use iterative methods to test data accuracy. The complete BI implementation will be thoroughly tested upon several parameters and if any issue or performance issue comes up, our team will rectify it.

Support Enhancement  

06. Enhancement and Support

At last, we will continuously monitor the BI system for improvement and upgrade.

Business intelligence Consulting Technologies We Use

For providing the industry-wide best business intelligence consulting solutions, we leverage diverse technologies, framework, and programming languages, including -

MySQL C# Python C++ Java Oracle Hadoop Tableau Power BI SQL Server

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Benefits of Outsourcing Business intelligence Consulting Services to O2I

Once you decide to outsource business intelligence development services, you can avail the following list of benefits from us -

  • 100% ISMS Compliance

    If you collaborate with is for business intelligence development solutions, you will not have to be concerned about any kinds of information-related compliance. We have a robust framework of compliance policies that enable us to manage and address IT-related risk of all sorts.

  • Modern Infrastructure Facilities

    At O2I, we take pride in our advanced infrastructure facilities. Our employees work in a safe, clean, and secure environment and have access to the latest BI tools and software.

  • Custom-priced BI Consulting

    Our business intelligence consulting pricing will be based on the type and size of your industry. If you have any budget constraints, the, you do not have to worry. We can make sure that your end requirements are met at all cost.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our business intelligence consulting solutions are best in the industry. With a capable team of over 200 data science experts, including consultants, Hadoop professionals, and BI savants, we can considerably reduce the turnaround time to suit your deployment schedule.

  • Capable BI Consultants

    Our consultants have worked across IT and non-IT industries. With two decades of extensive experience, O2I has established itself as a leading brand in the data science field and onboard only experienced, hard-working, and knowledgeable BI experts.

  • High-Quality BI Development Services

    With a high-quality BI system at your facility, you can amplify the opportunities and predict all kinds of shortcomings. Our business intelligence consulting is on-par with the international grade, thus, allowing you to report faster, create data-driven insights, data-backed decisions, etc.

  • 100% Project Security

    All the projects that we undertake are properly documented. We make use of FTPs and secure server to share files. Also, our business intelligence consulting team use VPNs to communicate.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    As one of the prominent business intelligence consulting and development company, we have an extensive network of contact support executives and virtual consultants who work across the globe. They are accessible all the time. So, you can reach to them with your query/issue and expect an immediate resolution.

  • Economies of Scale

    O2I' business intelligence development services are known for their quality, flexibility, and scalability. If you want to scale up or trim the project's pace, we can do that for you. We have the numbers and wherewithal to increase or decrease any project's development.

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O2I Developed a Processing Infrastructure and Data Storage for a Leading Bank

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Outsource Business intelligence Consulting Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a pioneer in providing high-quality business intelligence consulting solutions and a range of other data science services for customers worldwide. In the past twenty years, we have responded positively to the needs of our global customers and have accumulated sufficient expertise to provide fast business intelligence development services.

Our business intelligence consultants are the most capable and talented in the industry who can meet all your BI needs in a short time. If you want to outsource business intelligence services, then get in touch with us. Our agent will reach you with a custom quotation.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: datascience.info@outsource2india.com

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