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Customer Video Testimonials

Hearing words of affirmation from our customers strengthens our belief in what we do, motivates us to push our boundaries, and expand our possibilities.

We are blessed to have served clients who love our work and give us a shout out. Watch these videos to know what our clients have to say about us.

Call Center Testimonials

Call Center Services | Customer Testimonial - Flatworld Solutions

KNN Digital Media hired Flatworld Solutions as their call center partner and are extremely satisfied with our work approach, services, & timelines. View this video to learn what our valued client, Ms. Agnieszka Czechowska, has to say about her experience of working with Flatworld
Agnieszka Czechowska,
Project Manager - Belclair District

Call Center Testimonial by Lloyd Morris for FWS

Lloyd Morris, Founder/CEO - GD Financial Technology Solutions Company in US about Flatworld Solutions Customer Service and he is completely satisfied. Be one of the many happy customers
Lloyd Morris,
Founder/CEO - GD Financial

Call Center Testimonial by Mischa Dupont - FWS

Mischa Dupont, Founder/CEO at Dupont Solutions about Flatworld Solutions Customer Service. Don't just take our word for it! See what our satisfied customers from different segments have to say about their experiences.
Mischa Dupont,
Founder/CEO - Dupont Solutions

Customer Testimonial | Call Center Services - Flatworld Solutions

Happy clients make us happy. Watch this testimonial video from Tony Savage, CEO, Savage Financial Group, to learn how satisfied he feels about Flatworld Solutions' Inbound and Outbound Services. Also, know why he believes that any telecommunications company which doesn't give Flatworld a try is doing themselves a disservice.
Tony Savage,
CEO - Savage Financial Group

Call Center Services - Customer Testimonial | Flatworld Solutions

Outsourcing Call center Services to Flatworld Solutions has been the best business decision of my life", nothing makes us happier than hearing this from our esteemed clients. Watch this video testimon...
Krissy Asis,
COO - Alamo City Business

Call Center Customer Testimonial - Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been in partnership with Aditya Birla for 6+ months, providing them with customer survey support. Client is extremely pleased with our timely reporting & value-added services and plans to increase more seats in the process.
Ishan Dhara,
Lead Consumer Insights & Customer Centricity - Aditya Birla Group

Customer Testimonial | Call Center - Flatworld Solutions

View this customer testimonial video to know what makes our esteemed call center client stick with Flatworld Solutions for over seven years and recommend our call center services to his peers and colleagues.
Fredrick Mirzakhanian,
Founder - Medicare Advantage Broker

Customer Testimonial - e-Commerce Services - FWS

A small e-Commerce client was highly satisfied with Flatworld experience because we recruited and trained a small customer service team to help the client scale up and increase sales.
Mitch Knight,
Turned Yellow

Call Center Services Customer Testimonial - Flatworld Solutions

The Director of Sales Operations at Security First Corp, a US-based client, talks about how they benefited from Flatworld Solutions' cold calling services and how our call center team understood their requirements, recruited the right call center agents, and delivered results within a quick turnaround time.
Marc Nicholls,
Director of Sales Operations, Security First Corp

Mortgage Testimonials

Customer Testimonial | Mortgage Services - Flatworld Solutions

Watch this video to know from Jason Stenger, SVP, Movement Mortgage, how Flatworld Solutions helped them serve 9500 families for over 2.7 Billion in volume over the last 2 months without any hiccups, despite transitioning from being an on-site company to working remotely.
` Jason Stenger,
SVP, Movement Mortgage

Customer Testimonial | Mortgage Services - Flatworld Solutions

Rajeev Kumar, VP, Mortgage Solutions at Flatworld Solutions in conversation with Craig Ungaro, COO, AnnieMac Home Mortgage. Craig talks about how Flatworld’s Mortgage Services helped streamline their processes and increase efficiency
AnnieMac Home Mortgage

Customer Testimonial | Mortgage Solutions - Flatworld Solutions

Watch our video in which the CEO of a leading mortgage company based in Texas explains how Flatworld Solutions has helped them streamline their processes and boost revenue.
CEO, Open Mortgage LLC

Happy customers make us happy, and their success stories drive us to excel and provide better services each and every single time. They are the reason why we do, what we do. Give outsourcing a try, we would love to create a success story for you.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

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