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Outsource Storyboard Services

Storyboard Services

No matter how big or small your project or film is, a storyboard can help you narrate your story in the most effective way. Storyboard services visually unfold the story of your business, ensuring it's narrated in the most effective way possible. Besides, using storyboards will also help you to quickly identify early mistakes in the process.

This helps you to save huge on your valuable time, money, and resources. With rising staff salaries, having a team in-house for storyboard creation will only add up to your overhead and infrastructural burdens. Therefore, outsourcing storyboard solutions to India can be a perfect solution to this problem. At Outsource2india, we offer top-quality creative storyboard services to global clients.

What do Storyboard Services Cover?

Storyboards are used to sequentially plan a video project and visually narrate your project or film panel by panel. Many people ask "what is the use of storyboard", "what is storyboard Pro" and "what is animated storyboard"? Storyboards are powerful tools to accurately visualize and outline a film; while Storyboard Pro is a leading storyboarding software, an animated storyboard will have 2D and/or 3D illustrations.

What Are the Storyboard Services Offered by Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is storyboarding company offering a variety of storyboard services including animated storyboard services, black and white storyboards, etc. to global clients. When you decide to outsource storyboard creation to O2I, you don't have to worry about the following questions, as we take care of them all:

  • How do you create a storyboard?
  • What does a storyboard contain?
  • Why is storyboard important?
  • What is storyboard technique?
  • What are the components of storyboard?

Once you choose us you can be assured of top-quality services from expert storyboard artists. Some of the major film and storyboard services we offer include the following -

  1. Video Game Storyboard Services

    Video Game Storyboard ServicesOur expert storyboard creators can bring their creativity to your project to ensure that you get high-quality storyboard services without spending thousands of dollars and payroll hassles on new hires.

  2. Cartoon Storyboard Services

    Cartoon Storyboard ServicesDesigning cartoon storyboard can be a complex process where expert knowledge and tools are a necessity to get the correct results. We, at Outsource2india, deliver high-quality storyboard solutions that can be customized to your preference without breaking the bank.

  3. Storyboard Animatic Services

    Storyboard Animatic Services Come to us with your project or concept and we will transform them into visually stimulating results through storyboard animatic services. Our artists and editors will work with care to create storyboard animation using top-end software.

  4. Character Designing Services

    Character Designing Services Our expert character design artists will consider the background and correctly design all the characters in your project. This helps you to standardize the gestures, poses, and appearances of the animated characters.

  5. Animatics

    AnimaticsWe edit multiple storyboards simultaneously and create continuity boards referred to as animatics with perfect timing, temporary dialogues, and sound. So by outsourcing storyboard services to us, you can avail clear animatic movies, which are easy to follow and can be successfully pitched to the clients or producers.

  6. Motion Graphics

    Motion GraphicsAlso known as an animated graphics, as motion graphics is a type of storyboard services we leverage elements from print comic books and combine it with animation. We also incorporate sound effects, voice acting, and animation into the original artwork.

  7. Character Creation

    Character Creation ServicesWhether you need animated characters or mascots for a wide range of applications like video games, cartoon videos, and other business purposes, we have skills and technology to flesh out your envisioned characters. So don’t wait, outsource character creation services and get high-quality characters designed by experts.

  8. eLearning Storyboard Services

    eLearning Storyboard ServicesWe provide high-quality and comprehensive eLearning storyboard services that allow you to present your eLearning content in a unique and informative way. With our eLearning storyboard services, you can sequence instructions and show how different elements relate and fit together. You can also create a clear plan for project management and ensure that you, your team members, and clients are all on the same page.

  9. Photomatic Storyboard Services

    Photomatic Storyboard ServicesWhen you outsource Photomatic storyboard services to us, our team tests the effectiveness of your storyboards with sound effects and voiceovers before filming, arrange them, edit them, and add the necessary elements at rates starting at just $10/hour.

  10. Illustration Storyboard Services

    Illustration Storyboard ServicesOur storyboard illustration services are backed by 21 years of experience in providing a wide range of professional illustrations, storyboards, animations, and videos, among others. Our storyboard experts are highly experienced and skilled in developing our client’s visual ideas, right from drawing, painting, and sketching for all types of storyboards.

  11. Digimatics

    DigimaticsThis involves replacing the sketches with the digital images, strung together to provide a sense of motion and timing. We have helped clients in advertising with digimatics to clearly visualize different ad campaigns and commercials. The digimatics we offer help filmmakers to experiment in the early stage or on the fly and swiftly make the necessary modifications.

  12. 3D Previz

    3D PrevizOur Previz services are technical and are carried out in 3D. We help the production team, including the producer and director of a commercial such as a film or a TV show to realistically envision and systematically layout the scenes. Once you outsource storyboarding to us, we provide Previz designs that serve as a blueprint, which can be used on the sets.

  13. Storyboards for Creative Direction

    Creative DirectionWe have a team of art directors, copywriters, and designers who develop your unclear ideas into fully blown storyboards, which can be used in production. This helps you to save enormous time and money.

  14. Color Storyboards

    Color StoryboardsOur storyboard experts are also capable of creating color storyboards, using different color tones. We carefully add suitable color tones that enhance the details of the characters.

  15. Concept Panels

    Concept PanelsWe also have the required skills to create concept panels, which are better finished and tighter illustrations in black and white or in color. Our professionals create such panels for commercial spots and/or client pitches, which require better images for selling the idea. We create impressive concept panels that astonish your clients.

  16. Continuity Boards

    Continuity BoardsOur storyboard artists are equipped to help you to document all the important poses for a particular dialogue and animation with the help of continuity boards. Our continuity boards also created to provide you with a detailed account of camera positions. We create over 100 storyboard panels for a single script page to clearly describe an action.

  17. Thumbnail Sketches

    Thumbnail SketchesWe quickly develop thumbnails, which are rough versions of storyboards, using minimum details. Our thumbnail sketches make a perfect option for you if you do not require a "finished" look. By opting for this you can save money by using thumbnail sketches for the pitch.

Storyboarding Tools We Leverage

As storyboards require good-quality tools to provide the best possible visuals, we leverage the latest and the best storyboarding tools, which include -

articulate STORYLINE Autodesk SketchBook Express Cinemek FRAME FORGE MOVIE STORM  ShotPro StoryBoard Quick StoryBoard Artist Storyboard Pro Studio Binder

How Will Outsourcing Storyboard Services Benefit Me?

Being a fast-paced industry, video production requires clear guidelines at every stage for coherent delivery and efficient resource and time management. Considering the nature of storyboarding, which is detailed, time-consuming, and not a core activity for filmmakers, outsourcing this helps to improve the output quality and reduce the shooting time. Following are some of the major paybacks of outsourcing storyboard services -

  • Get access to seasoned artists with proven skills to plan shots, draw panels, demonstrate action, and illustrate the narrative
  • Get remarkable output that is strictly based on the script even with limited input
  • Leverage multiple storyboard software based on your storyboarding requirements, without investing in any of it
  • Get high-quality, low-cost storyboards for entertainment and advertising projects from top international talented storyboard artists with wider experience for a fraction of the cost
  • Develop storyboards that help in identifying and rectifying the errors quickly, thereby helping you in reducing the time to market

Why Should I Outsource Storyboard Services to Outsource2india?

At Outsource2india, we have a team of the best storyboard artists who leverage our world-class infrastructure to provide you with the best services possible. Although top-quality storyboards that are well designed are the definite advantage of partnering with us, outsourcing storyboard services to us assures the following benefits, which are hard to ignore -

  • Affordable Storyboard Services

    Based on your workload, we either provide hourly contracts or full-time equivalents (FTE) and you will be billed depending on your project complexity and the resources used. This makes our services highly affordable

  • Save Huge on Time and Efforts

    As storyboard creation is tedious and requires advanced tools and skilled resources, outsourcing it to us gives you access to both of these and also leaves you with the time to focus on other important tasks

  • Professional Services

    Professional storyboard artists at outsource2india are well-experienced and are trained to leverage the latest and advanced storyboarding tools to create storyboards, which help you to clearly envision the entire shot

  • Unmatched Storyboard Quality

    With world-class infrastructure, we have the required skills and resources to provide top-quality services that precisely cater to your needs, by leveraging the most preferred storyboard creation tools

  • Skilled and Competent Resources

    Our creative professionals are extremely talented and highly competent. No storyboarding project is too complex or too simple for our experts. They will clearly understand your requirements and provide you with the best services possible

  • Swift Turnaround Time

    As the time zone difference serves as an advantage, we are capable of creating storyboards as quickly as you want. We will work on your project and finish it while you sleep

Choose Outsource2india for Elegant and Creative Storyboards

Outsource2india is an outsourcing company offering a gamut of creative design services, including video editing and film services. Being in the industry for over 22 years, we provide top-quality storyboard services that correctly sequence the characters and events, which come to life in your plot. Once you partner with us we provide sequentially illustrated storyboards within a short time. Other services we offer include movie editing, YouTube video editing, explainer video creation, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for quick and innovative storyboard services in India, then you have come to the right place. Please feel free to reach us and discuss your requirements with our professionals today.

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