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Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Social media platforms have taken the world by storm in the last decade and are proving to be one of the most powerful and effective channels for customer support. Whether it is queries, complaints, compliments, etc., social media is being used by a maximum number of people to connect with companies. Despite being well-versed with social media marketing, sometimes companies overlook the basics when it comes to social media customer service.

It is important to have an effective social media customer support strategy in place. It is an opportunity for companies to build strong customer relationships and increase revenue. Outsource2india is a leading company in India providing social media customer service and helping global clients to set up a complete social media client support system and effectively manage all their social media channels.

Services We Offer

We understand that customer support is a daunting task. Having been in the customer support domain for almost two decades now, we have the required knowledge and expertise to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures. We have a skilled young team which is well-versed with the latest social media tools and technologies and backed by some experienced industry specialists who have a sound technical background.

Some of the key offerings we provide include -

  1. Setting Up Social Media Channels

    Setting Up Social Media Channels
    • Review which platforms are being used most actively by the customers and leverage them to handle queries
    • Set up the group page or social media handles with required details
    • Provide contact details on the social media pages
    • Publish posts and send welcome messages to the new users
  2. Group Management

    Group Management
    • Publish relevant posts on all social media channels on a regular basis
    • Monitor all the responses, comments, and feedback
    • Sort out the information with customer service representatives
    • Appreciate feedback given by the customers
    • Track different social media metrics
    • Create and share social media reports on a regular basis
  3. Content Management

    Content Management
    • Create trending content for all channels
    • Design and create images and videos to post on social media channels
    • Write relevant content within 140 characters for twitter
  4. Strategy Management

    Strategy Management
    • Coordinate with different departments to create a social media strategy
    • Schedule posts for a time slot when customers are most active
    • Research on the trending topics and create relevant posts
    • Use different social media tools to make posts more effective
    • Use social media tracking tools to analyze the data
    • Use data to take informed business decisions
  5. Building Customer Relations

    Building Customer Relations
    • Respond to client queries and complaints in a polite manner
    • Learn about different people and their cultures and respond accordingly
    • Nurture relationships with customers
    • Gauge sentiments with social media tool insights
  6. Brand Building

    Brand Building
    • Enhance brand image by promoting company values
    • Use brand name on all posts, images, and videos
    • Interact with customers to gain general feedback

Social Media Platforms & Tools We Support

We have the resources, skills, and bandwidth to provide support on all social media channels. We can also work on any of your internal social channels and personalized social media platforms. Some of the key social media channels we provide support for include, but not limited to -

Apart from the regular social media channels we also provide have the capability to handle any of the social media management tools for your company. Some of them include -

Why Do You Need a Social Media Customer Service Strategy?

According to a recent survey, it was estimated that around 67% of the global companies use social media for customer services. Companies which master their social media customer service can benefit in different ways -

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty

    Companies can gain immense customer loyalty if they provide the best customer support. Customers are three times more likely to recommend a brand to someone if they have a good customer support experience. It is also seen that most of the clients stop doing business if they have a bad client support experience.

  • Formidable Brand Reputation

    Social media channels are responsible for influencing people to buy any product or service most of the times. Addressing to complaint and queries can lead to building great client relationships. This will result in building brand reputation and getting positive responses from your customers.

  • Increased Revenue Growth

    It is natural that companies providing active social media client support will do much better than companies which do not. It is seen that companies which provide social media customer support grow at an annual rate of 7.5% as compared to others which grow at about an average of 2.9%. Providing a good experience to the clients will definitely see a positive growth in the company's revenue.

Our Call Center Portfolio

7 Reasons to Hire Us for Social Media Customer Service

Being in the customer services industry for almost two decades has made us capable of handling audience from any region or culture. We specialize at handling high-volume social media interactions and provide customers with a great experience. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  1. High Data Security

    Though social media is a public platform, we are aware that some conversations should be handled with utmost privacy, and our team identifies and respects posts which demand confidential handling. You can be assured that all the sensitive data you share with us is completely confidential and secure

  2. Affordable Rates

    We provide the best-quality social media customer service at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the services

  3. Young & Creative Team

    We have a team of young and energetic social media specialists who are well-aware of the nuances of the latest social media channels and have the capability to build an instant rapport with the clients. They are ably supported by our experienced customer services veterans who handle the technical aspects of the queries and ensure a fruitful resolution

  4. Latest Technologies

    We make use of some of the latest social media tools and technologies including Hootsuite, EveryPost, Buffer, etc.

  5. Multitasking

    Our team is trained to handle several social media channels simultaneously and interact with different customers in a polite manner

  6. Multilingual Agents

    Our team is multilingual and trained to interact in multiple languages. They are provided cultural training and are capable of conversing with customers from different countries and efficiently address their concerns

  7. Enhanced Client Experience

    We believe that polite and timely customer service can soothe irate customers and turn them into happy clients. Our experienced, jovial, and customer-friendly call center executives make sure that your client's concerns are earnestly handled and resolved to provide the best client experience

Planning to set up a call center,but not sure what it takes?


Outsource Social Media Customer Service to Us

Outsource2india has been providing the best social customer service and a host of other call center services to global clients. Our team of young and dynamic social media specialists is trained to handle different tools and technologies and provide the best customer support. We have the required expertise to handle all your social media client support requirements at affordable prices. By outsourcing social media customer support to us you can benefit from efficient and effective customer support services through social media.

If you are looking for reliable, effective, and cost-effective social media client support service provider, then look no further. Outsource social media customer service to us. Get in touch with us today!

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