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CATI Interviewing for Market Research

CATI Interviewing

O2I offers next-generation CATI interviewing solutions at a 75,000 sft EHS OSHA compliant facility. Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software integrated with a completely automated, predictive dialer-enhanced telephone center with Rapid Dial assures four times the productivity of manual dialing for accurate and reliable Data Collection for Marketing Research. Our unique distributed dialer technology enables efficient call management and compliance management.

Any technology is only as good as the results it offers. Our CATI Interviewing techniques enables better customer interaction, customer acquisition and customer care, giving you valuable customer feedback that will help you stay competitive.

We capture 100% of the customer experience, with IP based voice and screen capture based on customer sign-off and authentication only. This enables intelligent call management and knowledge management while guaranteeing comprehensive information security with our industry standard BS17799-compliant system.

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Features of our CATI Interviewing system

  • Distributed Dialer Architecture
  • Tightly integrated with Cisco Voice solution
  • High Availability - 99.95%
  • End-to-end IP solution - scalable, flexible
  • Enterprise-wide, real-time and historical data, web-based reporting
  • Inbound Voice solution based on Cisco IPCC
  • Outbound Voice Services - real time dashboards allow on-the-spot decision-making
  • Analysis based on intelligent tagging
  • Ability to data mine
  • WitnessT application suite for contact capture and quality monitoring
  • Agent-specific reporting templates
  • World-wide access and playback
  • Whisper coaching & chat services, pointed guidance
  • Call Transfer with seamless transfer of voice and data to third parties

The open software architecture for CATI interviewing allows for the consolidation of timely and accurate information across the enterprise from the carrier networks, IP contact centers, traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) automatic call distributors (ACDs), interactive voice response (IVR) systems, databases, desktop applications, local and remote agents, and other resources. This single reporting solution virtually eliminates the need for manual data consolidation or custom programming historically associated with enterprise reporting.

The system collects contact and customer data throughout the life of each interaction-from the carrier network, through IVRs, ACDs, and other applications, as well as from agent-to-agent or site-to-site transfers-until the contact terminates.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Advantages of our CATI Interviewing Services

Whether it is for mixed-mode or stand-alone projects, O2I's 1100-seat facility offers centralized project management, quality, flexibility, scalability and advanced technology for leading-edge customer interaction services. We have the capability to ramp up to 2,500 agent seats in a 24x7 two/three shift operation. Two ILPCs (International Private Leased Circuits), an undersea line and wireless local loop connect us to the US (East and West Coast) and UK for highly reliable data transfer. A perpetual enterprise-wide licence with WitnessT ensures optimized operations through the WitnessT eQuality Suite, to provide customers with consistent, high-quality service experiences. Call monitoring tools provide ability to perform rigorous analysis for a complete customer experience.

Key features of the WitnessT system platform

Voice & Screen Capture

  • 100% customer interaction capture capability
  • Capture and Access based on customer sign off and authentication only
  • Both side energy envelope display
  • Web based replay
  • Extensive Tagging of data (Agent ID, Disposition, Time, Date, Duration, etc.)
  • Query based search option
  • Option to download the file

Quality System

  • Multiple Selection plan for Quality System
  • Multiple Scoring plans
  • Capability to change selection plans online

Graphical Reports

  • Analysis based on intelligent tagging
  • Ability to data mine
  • Responsiveness for Customer escalations

The O2I Training Process

At Outsource2india, we invest in training for new agents where emphasis is placed on a robust process that takes the guesswork out of agent performance, especially for CATI interviewing processes. Our tried-and tested training process has compressed the floor-readiness time for new agents to 4 weeks.

Agents are given training in grammar and conversational English, accent training, culture sensitization and listening skills, while being exposed to industry and product knowledge. They are then given process/sales training and certification.

Our facility is fully equipped with 3 training rooms, a conference room and a Telco grade data center. It offers 8 levels of redundancy for total connectivity, 4 levels of power back-up, FM 200 fire protection and prevention.

Employee Retention and Performance Improvement at Outsource2india

Our Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) identifies the strengths and specific action points of improvement for each employee followed by focused coaching to deliver desired results. This approach has helped us achieve performance above industry benchmarks and an Employee Satisfaction (ESAT) rating of over 4.0.

Skill enhancement training and continuous learning ensures that our agents update their skills and deliver peak performance based on the needs of the project they are assigned to. We follow a skills-based routing process where qualified interviewers are only assigned and routed projects for which they have been trained and certified.

Performers are recognized and rewarded on meeting Key Result Areas ( KRAs). Career progression is encouraged at various levels from Agent to Process Engineer.

Coaches and the process engineering team enjoy incentives based on team / program performance. All other functional teams can earn up to 50% of their salary as annual bonus based on meeting KRAs. Outsource2india recognizes specific skill-sets, e.g. agents are certified for process knowledge, telephone etiquette and designated as mentors.

Transition Process - from supervised to independent calls

We follow a transition process from supervised to independent calls for CATI Interviewing, to ensure that our agents meet Target SLAs by the end of 3 weeks.

The agent takes live calls for 50% of the day and the time spent by the Team Coach in training and feedback is progressively decreased until the agent takes live calls for 75% of the day. Training and feedback continues to be provided by the Team Coach who also handles escalations.

The Outsource2india Differentiators

O2I is a next-generation BPO company with the key differentiators of

  • Global best practices
  • Accelerated time to benefit
  • Faster payback period
  • Domain and process expertise
  • Transparency and 100% visibility into all processes in real time

What will O2I do with my data?

We understand that this is a universal and legitimate customer concern. Here's our way of addressing it.

We offer 100 % transparency. The way we work ensures that all metrics are available on an online system accessible to our managers. The system updates every 15 minutes. Through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) we give our customers complete access to this data through the internet. So you can keep your finger on the pulse of the survey and the market research data in near real-time.

Get O2I's CATI Interviewing technology to work for you.

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