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Database Selling Services

Database Selling Services

Database selling is a form of direct marketing that uses already generated customer databases, and is aimed at generating targeted communications for facilitating promotion of a product or service. Outsource2india's targeted email appending services and database selling services help you update and match databases with the relevant email ids of potential customers. We initially provide a thorough analysis of the database, and then structure it through our data appending services. Verified for errors and cleansed, we run the target database through several quality checks before we finally share it with our clients.

Our databases are comprehensive and feature all the necessary details such as name, address, email, contact number, transaction history, business-specific data, etc. With negligible overheads and sure chances get good returns, our database selling service is a win-win offer.

Our Database Selling Services

With global competition in business growing by the day, it becomes absolutely necessary to target the right potential clients on time, so as to achieve your targeted business goals. We provide reliable and specific data cleaned from the most trustworthy sources and verified for accuracy and credence.

We enable our clients to track a marketing campaign in real-time, allowing critical analysis of each campaign and elimination of hitches or blocks. Avoiding redundancy and reaching out quickly to potential customers turn out to be the differentiating factor of our services, which further include -

  1. Email Appending Services

    Our experts enhance the value of your marketing database by appending both business and consumer emails. Emails still remain one of the fastest, and most cost-effective means of direct marketing, and with the help of our appending services, we can guarantee a match rate of more than 60% against our large database, thereby ensuring a better reach for our clients, while lowering the cost per contact.

  2. Custom List Building

    Our specialized custom list building services ensure steady access to a regularly updated prospect database for all your marketing needs, and as per your requirements. With access to contact details of senior business managers, and operational executives, our list building and list appending services provide you a prospect list filled with genuine, high-profile contacts as compared to most of our competitors.

  3. Data Appending Services

    In certain cases, you might have access to a prospect database with a large number of names, but incomplete data such as missing email IDs, telephone numbers, etc. Our data append services ensure you gain a better understanding of who your client is by not only gathering the contact details for the same, but also including separate details which could help your marketing to push targeted advertising to them.

  4. Data Validation Services

    A marketing list has a shelf like too, and cannot be relied upon for too long unless it is regularly updated. Frequent attrition, relocations, switchovers, etc. can result in a prospect list becoming irrelevant in a very short time. At O2I, we perform both automated and manual validation for your files so as to ensure all the contacts are updated regularly, without fail.

  5. Email Database Management

    This set of services is targeted towards businesses who have a large amount of prospect marketing list data and need expert help with managing the same. Our end-to-end email database and list management services ensure complete accuracy, and hygiene of your marketing data. As part of our services, we provide data validation, data cleansing, data de-duplication, bounce processing, data upload, and accessibility, etc.

Along with the above-mentioned services, we also offer dedicated services for the following -

  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Database Creation and Management Services
  • Direct Mail Follow-up Services
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Telesales and Customer Acquisition

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Benefits of Outsourcing Database Selling Services to O2I

We have a team of experienced data miners who take care of gathering up-to-date data, validating the data, and putting them together to be presented in the required format, as per your unique requirements. By matching your email addresses to your customized direct mail list, we help accelerate your email marketing campaign and our mailing list creation services, with cutting-edge technology and superior quality, guarantee appropriate and effective data that is customer-specific and within the boundaries of information security. By using our database selling services, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Increased brand reputation and goodwill
  • Reduction in spam reports
  • Accurate client statistics
  • Maximum utility of time and bandwidth
  • A widely distributed collection of databases with demographics and other data as per your requirement
  • Efficient and high-quality database backup and data recovery

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Are you looking to create a database of prospective clients but not sure how to begin? Are you unsure how outsourcing your outbound call center services would help? Getting bogged down by terms like list creation, appending emails, etc.? Worry no more. Outsource your requirements to us and get access to professional database creation and database selling services which actually make a difference!

Get started now! Outsource Database Selling Services and Database Management Services and avail a whole suite of attractive features only we can offer!

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