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Partial Outsourcing - Reduces the Risks involved in Outsourcing

Partial Outsourcing

Has the risks involved in outsourcing stopped your company from leveraging the benefits that outsourcing offers? If this is the case, why not consider partial outsourcing, wherein you can reduce the risks of offshore outsourcing and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing at the same time. Partial outsourcing can help you increase your productivity, exercise control over business-critical tasks, and give you the opportunity to quickly change the outsourcing vendor in case any problem arise.

Partial IT Outsourcing Reasons

In today's competitive global economy, it makes good business sense for your company to outsource, whether completely or partially. Here are some IT outsourcing reasons to delegate your work partially to a vendor:

  • Make huge savings on the cost of labor by getting the same work done by equally skilled professionals at a low cost
  • Keep up with competitors and increase profits
  • Provide customers with round the clock services, while not stressing out existing resources
  • Reduce time to market new products and stay ahead of those who do not outsource
  • Enjoy tax breaks and accelerate your business growth
  • Excuse in-house resources for more business-critical tasks

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Outsourcing Risks and Benefits

By partially outsourcing, your company can reduce the risks involved, because the offshore vendor will be sharing some of the costs. This will help you reduce your overall cost burden. However, before you consider outsourcing, it's better to be aware of the risks and benefits involved in outsourcing. Let's have a look:

Risks in Offshoring

  • Outsourcing all your IT functions is not easy, so you have to be careful
  • You may lose control over the functions you outsource, if the vendor is not selected carefully
  • You may encounter data security issues; this is again dependent on your outsourcing vendor
  • You may get "locked in" if the vendor does not document work on your network or system

Most of these risks can be avoided if you know what to look for while choosing a vendor and how to ask the right questions.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Investing in partial outsourcing reduce risk, as you can leverage the following benefits:

  • Focus more on your core business activities
  • Save on cost and efficiency
  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • Benefit from business continuity and risk management
  • Enjoy better staffing flexibility

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How to Reduce Risk with Partial Outsourcing

With partial outsourcing, your company can successfully reduce offshore outsourcing risks, as you do not have to outsource all your business functions. Additionally, if you are not happy with the quality of work, you can change the vendor any time and recover the expense considerably.

You can keep your trade secrets, proprietary knowledge and development details on new products completely safe from the outsourcing vendor, by partially outsourcing only the non-core tasks. Moreover, it's advisable to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for all services you outsource, to protect your business from impending risks.

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With our dependable outsourcing services that are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow system, you can be sure of no offshoring risk, better productivity and increased cash flow. Get in touch now.

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