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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by Enhancing Their Call Center Experience

Improve Customer Satisfaction and loyalty

Is there a connection between customers' call center experience, and customer satisfaction and loyalty? If so, can companies build customer loyalty by investing more on the customer's call center experience?

If these questions trouble you, the answer you are looking for is in Affirmative.

Is It Possible?

A research was conducted to analyze whether a customer's experience in a call center has any role to play in overall customer satisfaction and his/her loyalty towards that company or its products and services. Consumers were questioned about their satisfaction levels and loyalty towards the companies, whose call center services they have experienced in the past.

The results proclaimed loud and clear that as consumers' satisfaction with the call center went up, their willingness to make another purchase and recommend that particular brand to others increased proportionately. In addition, the percentage of likelihood to switch to another provider went down.

So, according to research, it's certainly possible!

5 Ways to Enhance your Customer's Call Center Experience

Research proves that effective customer experience strategy is the key to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. This calls for an urgent need for companies, call center executives, and marketers to turn their focus on improving their contact center operations, and decide on various methods for improving customer experience.

Companies outsourcing their call center operations need to be choosier while selecting the right call center outsourcing service provider, as it directly affects customer engagement.

Whether you choose to outsource your call center operations or provide in-house contact assistance, ensure that the following parameters are maintained:

  • Never Scrimp on Call Center Quality:

    Sparing some dollars for cheap call center service is a risky proposition, as it will directly reflect on your brand image and sales

  • Provide Adequate Training:

    Flawless product knowledge, supreme responsiveness, and genuine care and empathy in every customer interaction does come with experience, but can be achieved quickly in less time with quality training. Provide best in class training to your call center executives so that they can create WOW experience on each and every call for their customers

  • Minimize Waiting Time for the Person on Call:

    Nothing irritates a person more than a call put on hold and waiting endlessly for a unresponsive call center executive. Never keep a customer on hold for more than a few minutes unless necessary, and address their concerns ASAP

  • Provide Adequate Problem Solving Measures:

    In case a customer wants to speak to a supervisor, ensure that it's done so that the problem is resolved in an efficient manner

  • Treat Your Call Center Representatives Well:

    Your call center representatives are the point-of-contact of your company for the outside world and need to project your company ethos and values seamlessly, while addressing clients' concerns. Since, they play a vital role in the success of your contact center, its important they are treated well, as it will reflect in their outlook

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Build Customer Loyalty with Superior Call Center Services from O2I

If a customer is satisfied with your call center experience, he/she will definitely come back and stay loyal to your company. If you are looking for an outsourcing company that can help you achieve all that and more, O2I is the one.

Outsource2india is a premier outsourcing company with more than 20 years of experience in providing right call center / contact management solutions. Our superior customer experience strategy, perfected by offering quality outsourcing services to more than 18488 customers across 167 countries, can help your company build long-term customer loyalty and transform your business into a revenue generating center.

Contact us to outsource your call center requirements, our customer engagement team will get back within the next 24 hours.

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