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20 Cold Calling Techniques to Help You win in 2020

20 Cold Calling Techniques to Help You Win in 2020

Follow these top 20 cold calling tips and techniques to boost leads and business conversions within a short period of time

Have you been struggling to get more leads for your business through cold calling? Is your call center team unable to crack the secret code and convert the cold calls into paying clients? Cold calling has evolved over the years and still continues to be one of the most effective ways of getting quality leads for businesses across the globe.

So, what is it that is reducing the number of leads obtained from cold calling? Many people say that cold calling is dead, but the fact is that there are many businesses across the globe depend on cold calling techniques to get leads for their organization. It is important to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the industry, which enables them to provide clients with high-quality services. To make things easier, we have listed the to cold calling techniques which will help you stay ahead of your competitors in 2020.

20 Latest Cold Calling Techniques and Tips for 2020

Staying updated with the latest updates in the cold calling domain and leveraging the latest call center tools and technologies don't always prove to be fruitful. It is important to have a team who is well-versed with the latest trends and who know how to handle modern customers over a cold call.

Here are some of the tips and techniques for cold calling which must be followed in 2020 which will ensure that you will maximize conversions and boost revenues -

  1. Make a Great First Impression

    Make a Great First Impression

    Ensure that you make a very good first impression. If you fumble in the beginning, you may not get a second chance. Practice the first opening statement several times before you perfect it.

  2. Personalize Your Proposal

    Personalize Your Proposal

    Building a relationship is of utmost importance in cold calling. Be prepared with all the possible details about the client and assure them that you can help them.

  3. Call at the Right Time

    Call at the Right Time

    Keep a track of time at the client's end and ensure that you call at the right time. In cold calling, the ideal time to call would be before or after lunchtime.

  4. Organize Call Lists

    Organize Call Lists

    Ensure that have the call lists organized in a strategic manner. Spend your peak calling time of the most valuable prospects when they are most likely to answer your calls.

  5. Use an Email Tool

    Use an Email Tool

    Ensure that you are well prepared before making the call with all the necessary tool and also use an email tool which you can leverage to follow-up after the call.

  6. Keep a Track of Leads Efficiently

    Keep a Track of Leads Efficiently

    Ideally, you should be using an efficient and intelligent cold calling software which keeps track of all the details. This also ensures that you know the exact date and time which will work.

  7. Be Confident

    Be Confident

    It is important that you are highly confident about the services and products offered by you. One should not be shy or embarrassed and at the same time should not be overconfident.

  8. Mix It Up

    Mix It Up

    If you keep calling the client on the same day at the same time, it may not work in your favor. It is advisable to mix it up by calling on different days and times.

  9. Make Important Notes

    Make Important Notes

    If you are using a CRM which is integrated with your cold calling software, it becomes simpler to take down notes as and when you are speaking to the client in real-time.

  10. Leverage Open-ended Questions

    Leverage Open-ended Questions

    Always be in habit of asking the client open-ended questions rather than yes/no answer type questions. This will force to keep the conversation going and just don't take a no for an answer.

  11. Practice Your Scripts

    Practice Your Scripts

    Having a great script is highly critical for a cold calling project. It is important that you practice your scripts several times over before making the call. Ensure that you don't sound scripted.

  12. Set Short-term Goals

    Set Short-term Goals

    Cold calls don't always convert in the first call. Aim to build a long-term relationship with the client and set short-term goals for each call.

  13. Listen to the Client

    Listen to the Client

    It is a very good practice to listen to what the client has to say. Have a conversation and make them feel valued rather than just putting forward your points.

  14. Use Dialer Software

    Use Dialer Software

    The dialer software avoids the hassle for the cold calling agent to key in the number every time, by automatically dialing the number. This saves a lot of time which can be spent on conversing with the client.

  15. Leave Powerful Voicemails

    Leave Powerful Voicemails

    Most of the cold calls go to voicemail. Keep a powerful message for the client but at the same time, it should be short and sweet, relevant, and interesting.

  16. Have a Local Number

    Have a Local Number

    When a client sees a local number calling, they are more likely to answer them. Ensure that you have a local number while cold calling your prospective clients.

  17. Keep a Track of Companies

    Keep a Track of Companies

    Always keep yourself updated about the companies you are about to call. Having news items such as funding, product launches, etc. can be a good opportunity to start a conversation.

  18. Talk About Benefits Instead of Features

    Talk About Benefits Instead of Features

    The clients are most likely in favor of hearing what are the benefits of your services/products to them rather than the features. Talk more about the benefits.

  19. Invest in Software

    Invest in Software

    Investing in good cold calling technologies is the key to success. Having benefits such as auto dialing, local numbers, CRM integration, etc. can be highly beneficial and efficient while handling the cold calling.

  20. Be Ready for Rejections

    Be Ready for Rejections

    Even after following the best tips for cold calling, the chances of converting are pretty slim. But rejections should not be a concern for stress. Instead, be positive and confident and approach the prospects who are more likely to convert.

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