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Call Center Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

Call Center Technology Trends 2017

The call center operations spend was estimated to be around USD 300-350 billion, which has maintained a steady growth of about 5%. This number clearly is just too big to be ignored. More and more companies are opting for call center services and competing to provide superior customer service and a great experience to their clients.

The newer innovations in the field of call center technologies can help companies make customer interactions friendlier, cheaper and easier. It is important that companies stay updated with latest developments in the industry and implement them in their processes and reap the benefits of the same. In this article, we have listed the key trends in call center technology which will dominate in 2017 and beyond.

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7 Top Call Center Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Technologies used in call center operations have been constantly changing and becoming better with every passing day. Companies need to understand these changes to make use of these in their business processes. Keeping up with the latest trends in the market will help companies serve their clients better and provide them with the best customer experience. Some of the top call center trends in 2017 and beyond are listed here -

  1. Multi-channel Communication

    Multi-channel CommunicationIt is a well-known fact that almost 95% of the customers use more than one channel to communicate with companies, and this trend is here to stay. Today clients can communicate using multiple methods such as web, mail, chat, phone, e-mail, text, etc. Companies need to provide multiple channels for clients to communicate in the coming year as well, and make customer interaction more convenient for them.

  2. Rise of Self-Service

    Rise of Self-ServiceIn recent times, it is seen that customers want to help themselves rather than call up a company call center to resolve their issues. But due to the poor user experience on the company website, clients are forced to call customer center for assistance. Customer's preference for automated self-service has doubled in the past year and this trend will continue to grow in the coming year and beyond.

  3. Increase in Social Media Usage

    Increase in Social Media UsageMore and more companies are moving towards communication through social media channels. Customers tend to voice their displeasure over social media channels and companies will have to address these issues on priority with utmost sincerity in the coming year. Companies need to create a well-crafted social media strategy in 2017 and focus on creating personalized experiences and customer satisfaction.

  4. Power of Big Data

    Power of Big DataCustomers these days expect their services and experiences to be customized based on their needs. They expect to receive customer experience and promotions based on their age, location, buying preferences, etc. All this data is easily available today from social media platforms and customer experiences can be tailored accordingly. Big data is going to be one of the major factors which will shape the future of call center industry.

  5. Mobile Usage to Peak

    Mobile Usage to PeakMobile customer care will see a huge rise in the coming years, especially in the e-commerce business. The number of people using their smartphones to make purchases has certainly multiplied manifold in recent times and continue to increase exponentially in 2017 and beyond. The massive increase in mobile users will need a more integrated mobile client support experience.

  6. Cloud Contact Center

    Cloud Contact CenterThe cloud contact center is estimated to become one of the top platforms of choice for businesses across the globe by the end of 2017. Most of the company call centers have already started moving towards to cloud-based solutions. More than half of the top Global 1000 companies have started using the cloud to store some of their highly sensitive data. The main reasons for this shift being reduced cost, ease of deployment, scalability, and ease of operations.

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  7. Video Chat Usage to Increase

    Video Chat Usage to IncreaseThough the usage of video chat is very less right now, this trend has seen a gradual growth in the recent past. It is expected that these numbers will certainly increase in the future. Some of the major e-commerce giants like Amazon have already implemented video customer support in some parts. Video chat is proving to be one of the fastest and most affordable ways of customer support in the years to come, and is here to stay.

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Some of the companies may have already experienced these call center industry trends and started taking certain measures towards these upcoming changes. But it is important to understand that innovations and technologies are advancing with each passing day and it is worth reconsidering the recent changes and upcoming call center trends which can help you to take your service levels even higher.

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