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Outsource Pharmacy Business Services

Pharmacy Business Services

Even though the healthcare sector is booming, pharmacy business is still overlooked by the concerned professionals and is treated as an ancillary service. Nothing could be further away from the truth, as pharmacy business management is very important to the success of the whole healthcare system. Today, even as more than 50% of the pharmacy business is run by a small number of major retail organizations, pharmacy business faces considerable challenges due to globalization and rising costs.

Outsource2india offers value-driven pharmacy business services that cater to all pharmaceutical and medicine process management, or any other mission critical pharmacy business needs of our clients. We bring in our versatile domain knowledge, 20 years of experience, and our in-depth subject matter expertise to the table, thereby allowing us to offer scalable and time-critical pharmacy services as a one-stop solution.

Our Pharmacy Business Management Service Offerings

At O2I, we understand that unlike large companies which employ entire departments to take care of their pharmacy business, small and medium-sized pharmacies cannot afford to support and train employees to perform such tasks. As a result, our pharmacy business service is geared towards not only helping you optimize the workflow of your pharmacy, but also benefit from our world-class experience.

Our services include -

  1. Pharmacy Management Services

    With a deep understanding of the entire, end-to-end prescription management cycle, O2I offers you timely prescription processing services within quick turnaround times. Our service experts understand your pharmacy management processes in detail; including, run times, cut offs, expectations, and cycles, assuring the best possible service delivery that maximizes your service bottom-line. Read more.

  2. Pharmacy Billing Services

    Pharmacy billing is an important task, since it helps to reconcile received payments as per the invoices / bills raised, while ensuring that the amount paid by the insurance company and the co-payee equals the billed amount. Right from patient verification to payment posting, our pharmacists have handled countless pharmacy billing projects and have developed a standardized workflow mechanism which is in tune with your pharmacy billing requirements and will help you to increase your service excellence while ramping-up productivity. Read more.

  3. Document Management Services

    Majority of the pharmacies in the US alone still rely on paper-based documents when it comes to running their day-to-day operations. Now, due to stricter government regulations and rising costs, efficient document management is the need of the hour for pharmacies. At O2I, we can not only help pharmacy businesses transit to newer facilities, but also understand all the complexities involved, be it documentation, data integration, PIS conversion, process metrics, etc. As a part of our administration and support services we create a well-defined work plan that keeps your daily workflow seamless and effective, while helping you to smoothly implement a paperless document management system. Read more.

  4. Mail Order Pharmacy Services

    Mail order pharmacies are significantly popular with customers because of the ease with which they can receive their ongoing medications. For pharmacy businesses as well, this method allows them to automate certain tasks and lower the pressure on their pharmacists.

    O2I understands what makes mail order pharmacy get you the desired results - process efficiency and faster system delivery. You can now save operational costs and focus on other critical aspects of your pharmacy business with our efficient mail order pharmacy solution. Read more.

6 Reasons to Outsource Pharmacy Business to Outsource2india

Outsource2india offers superlative services and world-class customer experience to its clients. We are able to achieve this feat due to the able support of our team of experienced LTC specialized experts, pharmacy consultants and pharmacists, who undergo continuous trainings to stay abreast with the latest developments in the field of pharmacy.

  1. Presence of a skilled service team which includes licensed pharmacists and trained resources (who deal with various categories of drug codes), quality assurance teams, teams well-versed with HIPAA compliance and Medicare part D, and teams capable of working under any pharmacy information system
  2. LTC specialized subject matter experts and a professional resources trained in pharmacy information systems (PIS) like Helix, Frameworks, QS1, CIPS, HBS, etc., with expertise in dealing with various tools and formats such as CoverMyMeds, DocuTrack, Payor Rules, Facility Census, and more
  3. Global delivery excellence model that helps us offer great operational reliability with the help of multiple centers of Excellence present in both India and abroad. We operate 24x7 while making sure all your requirements are properly met
  4. Highly scalable services, capable of handling small to large volumes of pharmaceutical stocks and workflows
  5. 20 years of experience and unmatched capability to deliver service excellence in all pharmacy business plan services
  6. Vast expertise in pharmacy business related services including the medical coding business, and developing and delivering complete pharmacy business plans as per your needs
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Our Team of Professionals

At O2I, we empower first-time pharmacy owners as well as seasoned professionals to shift from a heavy, transaction-based manual pharmacy business to a high-performance and dynamic operational plan. Our key differentiators include a team of high-performance individuals, including -

  • Subject Matter Experts: Our professionals are not only proficient in their own line of work, but help you achieve your goals faster by aligning our pharmacy services to your exact requirements
  • Top Performance Managers: Pharmacy business needs project managers who can react on their feet and have the requisite knowledge and experience in multiple niche fields. Our dedicated project managers liaise with your team to ensure all services are delivered as per your expectations, and all initiatives have a visible impact on your bottom-line
  • Quality Assurance Analysts: Our QA analysts monitor the progress of the project on a monthly basis in order to ensure we are constantly fulfilling our promise of making your business function better, smarter, and easier, all the while saving you significant costs

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality Pharmacy Business Services

At O2I, we understand that owning a pharmacy business has its own set of challenges. From team building to staffing, streamlining processes, following industry regulations, pharmacy owners have a lot on their plate, and that is where we step in.

O2I is the pioneer in offering pharmacy business services in India, and can help you increase your business returns with specialized pharmacy business and medical coding business services. Just get in touch with our team to revamp your pharmacy business today.

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