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Outsource Medical Claims Processing Services

Outsourcing your medical claims requirements frees you of the hassles involved and lets you shift your attention to patient care. Outsource2india acts as your medical claims processor and can help you increase your revenue by handling all the activities involved in medical claims processing. We are HIPAA compliant and our claims processing and submission services fits easily into any medical billing software.

Insurance companies have a dubious distinction of rejecting most, if not all, medical claims. Healthcare claims processing is important for healthcare BPO providers in getting paid for the services provided. However, this is easier said than done. Healthcare claims processing is often a complex and tedious process. Attention to detail is important and any lapse in maintaining and filing accurate patient related data might result in rejecting your claim.

O2I's Medical Claims Processing Services

At Outsource2india we use an advanced and effective electronic medical claims processing software. This tool enables us to process claims at a faster rate with very few errors. Here are some specific features of our service -

  1. Data entry of patient demographics, referring physician, CPT and ICD Codes, and Modifiers is entered into the medical billing software
  2. Scan the documents for billing errors and correct them if needed
  3. Adjudicate client claims for accuracy
  4. Preparation of Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  5. Submit and file the claim with the insurance company
  6. Follow up on the claims with the insurance company
  7. Apprise you of the status of the claim
  8. Process denied claims and re-adjudicate them for claims submission

Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Claims Processing

Outsourcing your medical claims requirements can result in direct cost savings of up to 45%. More than this, the other benefits of outsourcing include -

  • Spend more time in your core activities such as providing medical care
  • Speed up the process of claims filing and processing and increase your revenue by more than 20%
  • Ensure greater accuracy in filing claims – greater your chances of recovering money for the claim filed
  • No need to invest in additional staff – the cost of outsourcing is far less when compared to local staff costs
  • Reduce or completely eliminate administrative overheads
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Why choose Outsource2india for Medical Claims Processing?

Outsource2india focuses on the intricate details needed with medical insurance claims processing; we also understand that more than being a vendor, we need to understand your business from a larger perspective and work towards a common goal. This attitude has helped us grow successful relationships. A few other reasons why we might be your ideal partner -

  • Strong processes followed with processing and filing claims
  • Our quality process ensures that minute bugs are screened ensuring higher success rates with claims
  • The healthcare claims processing software we use minimizes the time required for processing while also increasing the accuracy and security of sensitive patient data
  • Strict compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Periodical reports on claims statuses as well as work-progress

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