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Outsource Mail Order Pharmacy Services

As per the reports, the online medication refill orders grew by a whopping 9 million during 2007-2011.

With more and more customers taking the online route for shopping - be it groceries or real estate, the retail prescription refill services industry is not far behind, and is experiencing a surge in the placements of online orders. Some of the factors contributing to the growth of the Health Mail Order Services include:

  • Convenience of placing refilling medication orders over the phone
  • User-friendly mobile apps and websites allowing users to avoid the painful travel through gridlocks
  • No extra shipping charges
  • Easy and safe payment options

Mail order pharmacy services are highly desirable and recommend, as these offer cost efficient way to receive prescribed pharmaceutical requirements at your doorsteps, such as 90 day supply prescription, over the counter or OTC drugs, or any other special medical items. In order to meet this new demand, and fulfill their existing commitments efficiently, traditional pharmacies have started to outsource mail-order pharmacies to a third-party provider like O2I, having the logistics to handle bulk mail orders efficiently, so that they themselves can concentrate more on the research aspects.

Mail Order Pharmacy Services Offered by Outsource2india

Outsource2india houses a dynamic group of professionals with expertise in areas such as logistics, supply chain management, pharmacy management, administration, and healthcare operations management. O2I ventured into outsourced mail-order pharmacy business over a decade back, and offers a wide range of services, including:

Refills Management:

Refilling is the primary job in mail order pharmacy. Our trained and experienced resources can handle this job with high level of diligence and attention to detail. Retail prescription refill orders for new patients or new prescriptions are also carefully handled by our diligent team. Our experienced and certified Pharmacists carefully check new prescriptions for any changes in the refill orders, and update the patient records in their databases ASAP, to ensure accuracy in future refill orders.


Each document (such as prescriptions, medical reports, etc.) we receive from the client is scanned, classified, and properly managed by our team. In order to protect the privacy of medical documents submitted by the clients and make the process of scanning and preserving documents faster, we make use the latest technologies like optical character recognition and bar code readers.

Timely Authorization:

To avoid any possible delays in the dispatch of medicines, we approach physicians well in advance for authorization, and send the concerned medical documents for approvals timely. Finally, we follow-up on these documents regularly to make sure we deliver the medicines on time.

Billing Process Management:

Medical billing is one of the most important and highly crucial aspects of mail order services. Our billing practices are accurate, as we follow a very stringent policy to avoid any financial discrepancies. We keep our customers updated time to time about our billing policies. We also provide reminders on payments and follow-up with patients whenever billing date falls due. Additionally, all these functions of billing department are done electronically to maintain complete accuracy.

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Why Outsource2india for Mail Order Pharmacy Services?

Outsourcing mail order pharmacy services or retail prescription refill orders to outsource2india is a win-win situation for pharmacies as well as their customers.

Benefits to our Partners - Our partners, the traditional pharmacies, and the healthcare institutions gain a lot by outsourcing their mail order services to O2I. Few of the advantages are:

  • Pharmacies can devote spare time to improve their core competency areas
  • Avail cost-effective solutions, 24/7 customer service, and shortest turnaround that helps you deliver the supplies to your patients on time
  • We have the experts who can get the job done at reasonable rates, and also our team is licensed and has all the legal qualification to work in the pharmaceutical field
  • HIPAA Compliance

Benefits to Customers - Your patients can avail multiple benefits from our services:

  • No need to travel to the pharmacy to get prescription refills
  • No need to apply for authorizations
  • No need to worry about medicine shortage or refills
  • Safe and easy payments
  • On-time delivery of medicine refills
  • Flexibility to avail 90 day medication supply delivered through mail

Outsource Mail-order Pharmacy to O2I

Mail order Pharmacy services form Outsource2india are the best in terms of cost-efficiency, customer support, and timely deliveries. Our long list of satisfied and repeat clients speaks of our performance and dedication to our services.

Get in touch with us, to revamp your mail-order pharmacy needs, and make a difference to the way your pharmacy business functions!

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