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We are now doing over 150,000 Medical Billing transactions/month for a Healthcare Technology Company in USA.

Outsource Indexing Medical Records

Does your multi-specialty clinic or hospital have stacks of patient information stored in paper documents that are difficult to access? Our medical records indexing service gets your paper documents scanned and indexed into electronic files that can be easily accessed from your practice management or EMR software.

The US government mandate requiring maintenance of physical medical records for a minimum of 7 years has forced hospitals and healthcare clinics to store vast amounts of patient-related information. However, paper documents require a significant amount of storage space and can get cluttered, lost or misplaced over time. Since paper documents are usually stored at different locations within a hospital, they become cumbersome to retrieve and use when needed.

The best solution to this problem is scanning and indexing of medical records, as it can save both space and time. Outsourcing the indexing of medical records to Outsource2india is the best decision that you can make for your hospital, as the process is time consuming, complicated and requires the expertise of professionals.

Our indexing services

Indexing medical records refers to the process of consolidating and storing patient-related information. At Outsource2india, we can efficiently handle the indexing of many types of medical records, such as -

  • Insurance bills and information
  • Health insurance ID cards
  • Patient demographics sheets
  • EOBs
  • Clinical history
  • Medical charts
  • Patient records
  • Medical reports
  • Healthcare BPO provider notes

After the indexing process is completed, we can place your electronic records in your practice management software, or electronic medical record system, for your hospital personnel to easily access and retrieve information as and when needed.

The medical records indexing process at Outsource2india

The time-tested indexing process that we follow is fast, efficient and is HIPAA-compliant. Our process has been carefully orchestrated to maximize productivity, minimize turnaround time and increase accuracy. The following process flow depicts how indexing is handled at Outsource2india:


Batches are scanned for indexing by the client's office staff

Access medical records

Team at O2I accesses

  • Search patients using MRN, First/Last Name, SSN, etc.
  • Index patient folder appropriately
Quality check
  • Each batch is checked for indexing accuracy by the QA staff
  • Using six sigma methods, errors are tracked for correction/action
24 hours
98% Accuracy 40% Cost Reduction 300+ Customers 20+ Years Experience

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Get the Outsource2india advantage!

Here is why you need to partner with Outsource2india:

  1. Qualified indexing team:

    We have an experienced team of indexing experts who have great experience in medical billing and document indexing. You can rest assured that each of your documents will be scanned and appropriately indexed into digital records. When you partner with us, we will assign a dedicated Project Manager and a team to handle your work.

  2. Affordable services:

    Our indexing services are extremely affordable. By outsourcing to us, your hospital or clinic can save more than half of its current operating cost of conducting indexing in-house.

  3. Experience:

    We have over 20 years of extensive experience in meeting the indexing requirements of hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, healthcare centers and doctor groups across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

  4. Six Sigma:

    We have employed Six Sigma methodologies in our processes to provide hospitals with precise, competent and reliable indexing services.

  5. 24X7 indexing services:

    With our team working around the clock all week long, your hospital staff can save on precious time and effort and concentrate on patient care.

  6. Accuracy:

    We assure 99.9% accuracy and consistency in your medical records, as our team goes through the details of each scanned record and then appropriately indexes them to the EMR at your hospital.

  7. Access information within seconds:

    During the indexing process, our team will assign a special identification number to each of your patient's records. This will enable you to retrieve medical records within seconds, from your EMR or practice management software.

You and your physicians can concentrate on providing better patient care, while Outsource2india handles the scanning, indexing and compiling of your hospital's medical records.

Outsource now!

Join over 11190 satisfied customers who have partnered with us. As your business partner, we will work as a part of your team to help your hospital achieve your business goals, apart from helping you save on time and cost. Get all your medical records compiled, organized, indexed and collated into a single location today! Contact us now.

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